Jayla's Paperwork for Fresh Nurse and Researchers

I hope these documents will help people learn faster in the medical area, opening for more experienced doctors and researchers to improve them.

  1. For new nurses:
Code for Pre-Medical 101


[large]Weyland-Yutani Corporation[/large]

Official Weyland-Yutani Document

[h2]Pre-Medical 101[/h2]
Guidance for those still in med school.
Written by Jayla Smith & Melody Unga Wang.

[h3]What this is?[/h3][/center]
Many fresh nurses wanted to qualify themselves to become HC, Doc, and Researcher.
Here are some suggestions and links for you to improve yourself quickly. Check them on the nearest Computer!

[h3]1. Quick summarize[/h3][small]
Dress yourself up
Get an Essential medical set, a lifesaver belt, and a Pressurized reagent canister (revival Mix).
If possible, get or make a bottle of IA(Imidazoline and Alkysine). It can cure people who can’t see or hear, SAVING TIME for surgery.
Fix a man with Bleeding, 4 basic types Damage, Frac(ture)
Remember, NEVER double-team another Corpsman’s patient unless you know what you are doing! Call it out before you pill a person who’s being treated right now. OD(overdose) IS NOT FUN!

  1. Scan the target with the Health Analyzer
  2. Select the Body part at the bottom-right Human icon to ensure you fix the right place. Cure the bleeding with the Advanced Burn Kit
  3. Use pills in the lifesaver belt to cure the colorful damage number on the scanner screen. Notice the color of the Pill bottle, it matches the damage type in the human body.
  4. Use Splints to settle Frac.
    Enmergency Surgical treatment(Level 1 for nurse)
    !Make sure you are in the help intention (press number 1) and the Surgical Icon on the top left is GreenLighted!

If someone falls on the ground unconscious or even he is dead?
If the analyzer shows SSD or No soul, it means they are still sleepy. This is the side effect of using Hyposleeper for a long time. Sattle them to bed.
If the analyzer shows “Patient is deceased!” in red at the top, it means he is dead. Start Reviving Non-Breathing Patients(let a marine CPR if possible)

  1. People only can revive while the sum damage is less than 200. (if you use revive mix, ignore the oxygen damage) Otherwise, proceed with wound surgery by Surgical Lines. (Lines only can fix half of all the damage in one limb)
  2. Remove his armor by dragging his icon to yourself nearby, select his armor and proceed with it.
  3. Remove the handles from the defibrillator and apply them to the dead body. While the defibrillator is charging in 7s, Revive Mix and other meds are in.
  4. Cure them until they stabilize.

If someone’s Oxygen damage increases after D+ in and has high blood?
Probably Organ damage, give him a pill of Pr to stabilize his Organd to persist until Surgical treatment.

If someone has IB?
Boot knife twice, Surgical Line twice
(Open the incision, Move muscles, Mend the artery, Close the incision)

If you or someone else gets fragments in the body?
Yourself: Hold a knife and use it with “z” to help yourself remove
Others: Hold a knife and click at others to help them

Marines being hugged by Aliean are in the Blue Stasis Bag, which will slow down the transformation and IB, Call the CMO or a Doc by medical radio[T:M] to start a larva removal Surgery.

How to cure OD?
Small little OD guide
Use the dialysis device to remove extra chem in blood and body.

How to set up a cyro tube?
Basic Medbay Guide
Get Clonexadone from the supply line, put it in the big green tube and power it on

Small Tips
Remove Splints
Yourself: In Objective, Remove Your Splints
Others: At the bottom where you remove their armor

Improvised tools slow but desperate time needs desperate action
Boot knives can cut incisions, retract incisions, cut skull/ribs, cut muscle, cut bone, and act as PICT substitutes.

If the ship is in Red Alert and preparing for escape?
Grab a rolling bed and any extra surgical plate. Go to the holding place that CO commends.

[h3]2. How do I dress up like HC?[/h3][small]
Check the Health Conceptualization and Healing Process part in the following link.
Comprehensive Corpsman Guide
[h3]3. Damage type wiki, fix others or yourself quickly.[/h3][small]
Guide to Medicine - CM-SS13 - Wiki
[h3]4. Chem Line wiki, the way to become a Researcher.[/h3][small]
IA= 120u Dy + 80u Carbon + 80u Hygdrgon, + 40u Chlorine + 40u Nitrogen
BM = 160u Bicaridine + 40u Water + 40u Carbon
KD = 160u Ke + 40u Oxygen + 40u Phosphorus
TC= 60u In + 60u Dy
UNGA Drink in tank = 120u of Tc, BM, KD, Ox
Chemistry - CM-SS13 - Wiki

[h3]5. Different levels of Surgery wiki, the way to become a Doc.[/h3][small]
Using Bone Gel twice is a good habit while fixing Fracs.
As FOB Doc, knowing how to use Improvised tools do Surgery is important, you never know when you will lose all of your tools.
Be sure to stand in a spot where you won’t be pushed around. Any movement will violently fail the surgery step you are currently performing. It is recommended for field surgeons to bring a folding chair for this exact reason.
Surgery - CM-SS13 - Wiki
Nurses need to ask for a medical dummy for Level 2 Surgery Practice.

  1. For new researchers:
    What paper looks like in the game:

Code for Researcher 101


[large]Weyland-Yutani Corporation[/large]

Official Weyland-Yutani Document

[h2]Researcher 101[/h2]

Guidance for those who are fresh to Research Lab.
Written by Jayla Smith & Melody Unga Wang.

[h3]What this is?[/h3][/center]
Many fresh researcher employees don’t know how to use the machine provided by WY company to create new medications that might be useful to the Marines. So here are 7 categories of personal suggestions to help them make some real progress.

[h3]1. Research Target [/h3][small]
What should I do?
Researchers need more research points to make a powerful new Chemical(which will shorted as Chem in the later article) in the Synthesis Simulator Machine. It could be a new Stimulant(which will shorted as Stim in the later article) for marine health, a powerful boom for OT, or a new type of lifeform. (If low on points and need stims now, use Catecholamine Plasma from Runner as MST stim)

How to get more points?
Prepare 30u new Chem in a vial in ChemMaster3000 and Scan it in the X-ray Scanner.
[In the IC, View research objectives will show new Chems need to be scanned]
(Remember, a clean lab is what good researchers should do. Put scanned Chems in Smart Fridge, and put documents in the chest near to it)
Drag Crops into the cotainment.
Level up the database. Each Level will give you extra points(except 5x)

How to get new Chems?
Your day starts with a research target paper about the new Chem in your jacket(CMO also has one, don’t forget to ask about it). Check the handbook on the computer nearby and try to make it. (Chemistry - CM-SS13 - Wiki, Researcher - CM-SS13 - Wiki, Research: The researching by kivts)
Use an IV Drop or Syringe to drown blood from crops and scan it in via form.
Between the time you finish the start Chem (20 min) and samples and crops from IO(20 min after first Drop). You can start with mutating plants to get new Chems.

How to be a “Farmer”?
Firstly, you need to get a fast-grown seed
Put grass seed and a blank disk into the Lysis-isolation Centrifuge. Grind the seed and get Vigorous Disk out.
Put Vigorous Disk and target seed in Bioballistic delivery system. Add the Vigorous gene to it once and eject the seed.
Boom, you got the seed. Grow it and save a seed copy in the chest with the Seed extractor.
Secondly, you need to mutate it
Pour 120u UM(Unstable Mutagen) into a single tray with the target seed, waiting for the seed to grow. Check its product later and be optimistic that you will eventually get some new Chem.

[h3]2. Synthesis Stims [/h3][small]
Let’s make some Stim with Synthesis Simulator
[We usually use 5u OD level to wash away unwanted Chem in Stim and amplify specific properties like MST. An MST Level 1 Stim with 60u OD amplified to Level 6 with 30u usually costs fewer points to make a Stim Have Level 6 MST with 30u.
!Let the CMO publish the new Stim first before giving it to the marine!

Internal Medicine Category
General (one of three)
OMN(cure all = thwei)
HGN(fix body+organ)
TRF(turn brute and burn into toxin)+ATX(fix toxin)
HMG[POTENCY<3] (blood generation)
HSC(Stop bleed)
OMB(blood retention)
BNM(fix frac)
HDN(prevent frac, potential cancer)
NST (reduce stun)
MST (speed)
HTR(create by PST+HLG[Li and space drug])[Language 101 that allows you to understand any language]
BST(+1to all other Level)
REG(Never OD)
OMB(slow down metabolism of this chem)
APS[remove lava at high but cause burn damage](Broke, don’t use now)
DFB(create by MST+CDP, touch, POTENCY>7 cure)[people awake with blood over 50%]
CSL(Reduces critical damage stun duration)
NRC(revive time)(Slows humans and Xenos)
CUR(Lv2 stop zombie transformation,Lv4 Vaccine)[You will never get it in zombie event]
DSR (Severs the hivemind connection, makes them unable to talk in the hivemind)

Stim Combo
Queen Slayer: MSR, NST (HDN, HSC, HGN)

Pesticides: HMR(no heal), CRS([POTENCY>7]Melt Armor), NRC(slow)[DSR(Tcommon off), TOX(clean weed)]

Dropship Upgrade (Only one of two works, CRL is better)
One pure via in matrix and crew it. Hand it to the PO and tell them what it does.
CRL(Crystallization)=increase view (level1 will reduce vision)
PTS(Photosensitive)=night vision
[h3]3. Xenology[/h3]
Anti-neurotoxin=1u Neurotoxin +1u Dylovene
Royal Plasma=1u Egg Plasma +1u Dark Acid Blood
[You can find CIP 1 in it. Relate it with another Chem that has a Level 1 property, replace the target Chem Level 1 property with CIP1, amplify it to CIP2]
Operation David:
!Get permission from CMO/CO/CMP/CL before you make one Greeno!
To make a Greeno, you need to inject an infected monkey[hugged or egg plasma, need to be ALIVE] with CIP2(Caure of OD or you will SCREW IT). You can ask IO to try to get an egg. [Get a monkey by unwrapping a monkey cube, putting it on the ground, spraying it with water]
Don’t forget to give your pet a name!
If you get Thwei, try to have XMB with CIP2 in the same Chem to get PCI2. You will get a Predalien and mess up this round.

[h3]4. Other useful or tricky Chems[/h3][small]
Chem Mix
Sleen = Oxycodone and lime Souto
Soporific(sleep,reduces pain)=4u Sugar+1u Chloral Hydrate(3u Chlorine+1u Ethanol+1u Water)
Paroxetine(LSD)=1u Mindbreaker Toxin(1u Silicon+1u Hydrogen+1u Dylovene)+1u Oxygen+1u Inaprovaline
Thwei = OT grinder will extract it from crystals, even if used

Unstable Mutagen=1u Radium+1u Phosphorus+1u Chlorine
Gold, uranium, silver: grind sheets from OT or find it in mutated plants (mutated glow berries for uranium and golden apples for gold specifically)
Capsaicin: grind chili peppers
Condensed Capsaicin= 2u Capsaicin Oil+5u Phoron(Catalyst)[ask MP for it from wall pepper spray dispenser]
Frost oil: mutated chilis
Hot sauce: 1:2 capsaicin to black pepper or get from the mess hall
Macho sauce: concentrated capsaicin and Souto Classic

Cyanide: mutated apples
Psilocybin: Reishi
Amatoxin: fly amanita/destroying angel, mutated mushrooms
Nicotine: grind cigs/cigars
Ultrazine/Neuraline: mutated plants at random

Clonexadone =1u Cryoxadone+1u Sodium+1u Phoron+5u Phoron(Catalyst)
Epinephrine= 1u Carbon+1u Nitrogen+1u Oxygen
IA= 60u Dy + 80u Carbon + 80u Hygdrgon, 60u Dy + 80u Chlorine + 80u Nitrogen
BM = 160u Bicaridine + 40u Water + 40u Carbon
KD = 160u Ke + 40u Oxygen + 40u Phosphorus
TC= 60u In + 60u Dy
Default UNGA Drink= 120u of Tc, BM, KD, Ox
Still alive(bottle)= Ox + In + Pr (Tc + Bi + Ki)

[h3]5. Chem for OT[/h3]
!If the paper says the Chem is unstable, don’t add 30u of material at a time, it will cause a fire or explode! Suggest 5u a time!
Poly(tric Acid)=1u Sulphuric Acid+1u Chlorine+1u Potassium
Ammo(nia)=3u Hydrogen+1u Nitrogen
Methane=4u Hydrogen+1u Carbon
Creates Metal foam= 1u Foaming Agent(1u Lithium+1u Hydrogen)+ 1u polytrinic acid+3u iron
Smoke= 1u phosphorous+1u potassium+1u sugar
CLF3 CRS8TXC6OXI9 = (!Water must be equal to the final amount of the Chem to stabilize it !) 1u Chlorine+3u Fluorine
Napalm OXI6FUL7FLW1 = (!Water must be equal to the final amount of the Chem to stabilize it !) 1u Phoron+1u Aluminium+1u Sulphuric Acid
High-Combustion Napalm = 1u CLF3 + 1u Napalm

[h3]6. Chem for Kitchen[/h3]
The Doctor’s Delight=1u Lime Juice+1u Tomato Juice+1u Orange Juice+1u Cream+1u Tricordrazine
Hippie’s Delight=1u Psilocybin+1u Gargleblaster
Demons Blood=1u Rum+1u Space Mountain Wind+1u Dr. Gibb+1u Blood
Monkey’s Delight=1 Flour+1 Monkey Cube+1 Banana+1u Salt+1u Pepper
Meat=Clonexadone + blood
Kabob=1 Metal Rods+1 Meat
Ambrosia Deus= UM + vulgaris in tray
[Foods are container]

[h3]7. Other Suggest.[/h3]
DDI is a powerful Chem even in a small number of units, it will turn mammals into Xenos.
Arm yourself up with a Spray Bottle and kill some bugs with it. Pyro MAJOR!

  1. Paper for Permission of Grennos:
    REP - Potentially Friendly Alien Lifeform

  2. Research Report:

Chem Gas


[large]Weyland-Yutani Corporation[/large]

Official Weyland-Yutani Document

[h2]Research Report[/h2]
Case: Chem Gas[/center]

Facility: USS Almayer [field]
Date: 11/25/2186

Expand research on the possibility of smoke grenades releasing chemicals in addition to food.

In this experiment, 3 main types of tests were prepared:

Gas Color
Test 1
30u EP in M15 nade
1 conscious monkey, and 1 conscious human
Test 2
30u Sop in M15 nade
2 conscious monkeys, 1 unconscious monkey

Gas size
Test 3
80u gas product in Bucket with 5u ingter
40u Sop, Ep in Bucket
2 conscious monkeys, 1 Ep OD death monkey
Test 4
40u Sop, Ep in Bucket
80u gas product in Bucket with 120u ingter
1 conscious monkey, 1 Ep OD death monkey
Test 5
40u Sop, Ep in Bucket
80u gas product in Bucket with 120u ingter
test at hallway
2 conscious monkeys

Gas interaction with the body
Test 6
40u Sop, Ep, CLF3, Napalm in Bucket
30u gas former each
1 conscious monkey, 1 unconscious monkey, 1 Ep OD death monkey, 1 shooting death monkey, 1 unrevivable monk crop, 1 unrevivable human crop
Test 7
90u UNGA(15u each chem)
30u gas former each
in M15 made, test at the brief
1 conscious monkey, and 1 conscious human
Test 8
360u UNGA(60u each chem)
40u gas former each
1 conscious monkey, and 1 conscious human
test at the brief
Test 9
30u gas former each
30u D+, Iron, Ep, Nutrition each
2 conscious monkey, and 2 conscious human(one stand, one lay down)
Test 10
30u Iron+30u gas former each & 30u gas former each + 30u Iron
2 conscious humans, 1 SSD

Gas color
It depends on the element in it, Gasmask is a functional protection
Test 1
White 5x5 rhombus shape gas spread out
35uEp and 24u Sop in monkey Blood, 12u sop in human blood
Gas can replace the Syringe and multiply the Chems
Biohelmet can’t prevent chem in gas
Test 2
Purple square shape gas spread out
15u Sop, Ep in every Monkey Blood
Gas may reduce half the dose of chem to work on multi-target
Gasmask can prevent chem in gas

Gas size
It depends on the amount of igniter you put in. The bigger the gas block is, the more chem you inhale.
Test 3
White 3x3 rhombus shape gas spread out
At the center: 40u per inhale, total 320u in blood(5 inhale)
At the edge: 3u per inhale
high levels of Toxin will cause multiple organ failure
Test 4
White 6x6 rhombus-shaped gas spread out and formed 2 3x3 clouds out of the containment.
40u Sop, Ep in every Monkey Blood
Test 5
3x3 white circle shape gas evenly distributed in the hallway
40u Sop, Ep in every Monkey Blood

Gas interaction with the body
Test 6
Purple 5x5 rhombus shape gas spread out, with some clouds are Orange(CLF3)
Gas delivers Chems in mammal crops and they only get 1x of all the Chems in the bucket.
Sop&Ep(OD) and napalm are not consumed in crops, these Chem are consumed after the monkey is revived.
Chems like CLF3 with OXI over 9 will be consumed immediately(Fire imminent).
Test 7
Orange 5x5 white rhombus shape gas spread out
monkey inhales 1/15 each time, total 5u (5 times)
human inhales 0.5/15 each time, total 2.5u
Test 8
Orange 6x6 white rhombus shape gas spread out
monkey inhales 4/60 each time, total 20u (5 times)
human inhales 1/60 each time, total 5u
Test 9
White 5x5 white rhombus shape gas spread out
monkey inhales 1/30 each time, total 20u (5 times)
human inhales 0.8/30 each time, total 2.4u (3 times)
The amount of each chem is different in different people, so Chems generates randomly in the cloud.
Test 10
Purple 5x5 white rhombus shape gas spread out
human inhales 0.8~2.5 each time, total 5.6~7.5 (3 times)
Med Chem ignites earlier than the gas formed in the container will create more Chems in gas.
SSD humans didn’t inhale

This is a new way for Chemist to deploy Chems massively with a little dose without synergies. For example, UNGA in M15 Nade is a quick heal for marines in Bolier’s toxin cloud.

Research conducted by:
Jayla Smith & Melody Unga Wang

Special Thanks to:
TobiNerd the CMO
Marcela ‘Blaze’ DeLa Vega(OT)
Purple hair HC
All researcher mates and CMOs
All the monkycubes

Reference paper:
CM-SS13 Food Gas - Pastebin.com

Weyland-Yutani Corp.

Chem Gas Reference Paper: Research and Paper Archives (cm-ss13.com), CM-SS13 Food Gas - Pastebin.com

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    What paper looks like in the game:
    Code for paper in the game:
    CM-SS13 Researcher 101

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