Best WL and why?

  • Synthetic
  • Commanding Officer
  • Predator
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Don’t vote for your own WL, also remember: you’re right everyone else is wrong

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Synthetics tend to be overall very competent at the game and tend to stick to their schtick at all times.

Commanders just do their job so there’s not much to say, I think they should tone down the more ‘pointman PFC but golden armour’ strategies, but I am not a CO WL (yet) so what do I know?

Predator is nice for the roleplay and duels but 90% of the time the Xenos will call you slurs and Marines will ignore it. Also I feel Predators need a complete rework of the concept into a more general faction akin to Xenos.

Nagasaki chens rotten fungus infested toenail has more personality than the synthetics.


I’d say predator cause from what you see in the player reports, you can murder marines AND benos without the council caring.

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Trick question. None of them. All of the whitelists are pointless (Looking at you CO) or unfun/stupid to interact with (Looking at you hyperspeed pred cloaking and synth durability while they beat your stupid ass to death with a telescopic baton)

Working Joe supremacy. We should get rid of synths except for Joes.


pred WL has a bunch of crazy stories, years back there was a pred app where his story was an galactic wide cooking competition
a few COs are awesome and have good roleplay because they stray from the “im the guy in charge” roleplay path that most COs subscribe to, which is just very boring
synths are cool because they can RP and fix your bones at the same time, xenos hate synths because they are incapable of roleplay and cannot instant turbo kill them

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Preds work as an enemy to marines, as the marine does enough damage to the pred with an M41A to be able to kill it. However, preds don’t work against xenoes, since they are ment to both tank a marine full auting them, and then doing enough damage to go through their armour.

So all in all preds can be fun for marines, since they both get a “fair” fight and even if they die, they just get sent back to a medic with soem fracs. But they are a blight to xenoes since its never a fair duel, they can attack unprovoced and even set you as a hunted target, and then get to perma you and send you to the larva queue.

Whole lot of no WL holders in the thread rn…. :herbert:


Synthetic, they don’t ruin rounds.

Fuck your rules, Synth is best

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comparing whitelists is like comparing apples and oranges
all whitelistees are literally from the same playerbase - with there being exceptional players just as there are shitty players holding them
the difference between those malding about whitelists and those who hold them is that the latter could focus for an afternoon or two to write an application


CO without question. There is something romantic and majestic about being the captain of a ship in the sea of the stars.

Synth is a close second. I do not care for the predator WL. I find it boring.

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Talking about COs strictly

It’s always good to comment from an outside perspective about what could be done for the WL

But it’s one thing to backseat and comment, and one thing to play the WL and see it’s hard to please everyone. I’m not saying there’s not valuable feed back, but with what’s been provided. Like lmao what do you want done. Give solutions instead of just composing and yapping

My goal going into every round is interact with everyone I can, survivors, the command team, SLs, PFCs, OTs. It’s a lot of people and it’s hard to please everyone. Most uncool people are very loud that they don’t like COs and think it should be played in a specific way. (Even though they played for maybe two months tops). Luckily I have John Kilgore to call them soy boys

Being an interesting CO in this current rotation of CM is hard. You have some players that will absolutely screech if you don’t sweat to win, than other players that think they know more than you (but won’t play any command cause they suck in reality). Seriously I’ve seen PFCs get mad cause some xeno melted their super epic modified MK2 and now they can’t frag a hugger. Then you have the players that want a super serious HRP CO 24/7, but then they get called boring. It’s hard to please everyone and a lot of us do try hard too, but sometimes doesn’t work out

A lot of what COs do doesn’t affect you straight up but it does. Making sure basic departments are handled, the op can even function, and etc. it’s a lot of behind the curtains stuff that not a lot of people see but has to be done

I still love playing CO for one reason, cause the community and I get to interact with all of you (even if some of you are losers and can’t bench more than 225). In my opinion the best way to play CO is just to make sure you can give everyone the best experience you can regardless of the yappers and command haters

Also lmao the dudes who have a personal grudge of all COs

It’s just a game why you so mad


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Synthetics make for good intial RP impressions for marines, my first pred impression of RP was getting killed right out of my prep room and being thrown down the req lift when xenos were boarding


Commander’s are fine, just stop being a point man and charging through open resin doors. You know who you are.


I’m not taking advice from a DWL CO

If you want to give me advice come in the CO Chat

Oh wait… :yawning_face:


don’t tempt me to get my XO hours back up

also, I’ve been a Colonel more times than most Commanders, so take that

Tough question. Really tough. I voted for pred because I think it’s the most RP focused WL, even if this sounds counterintuitive. But bear with me:

Synth is mostly nothing but a walking surgery table, not to mention this is the least risky role. You literally cannot perma. Most xenos cannot really do anything to you, you always can disengage. Everything of RP value is lost to the fact synths have to utilize their skills basically 24/7. And I don’t even want to talk about the amount of snowflake features synth lobby added to the game over time. So yeah, I think synth WL is the worst.

CO is way better than synth. You are just a human, you can die just like everyone else (although you going to have the meat shield to protect yourself). As a CO you have to communicate even if it’s just notorious “,abcd Charge!!!”, so basically this alone makes it 10x times more RP focused role than the synth. I do hate CO though for its OP gear. M46C is probably the strongest gun in the game. It’s has at least 2x better DPS than Mk1, so yes, this kinda annoys me. Also, as already noticed by many, CO WL has become kinda dull over last years. Really fun standing out COs are a rare breed.

So this leaves us with Pred. It’s arguably the most RP focused role, because you literally has nothing else to do most of the time. I don’t know how preds didn’t die out of boredom yet. Anyway, even though preds got all kinds of OP gear, they cannot use it in most cases. They are still pretty strong by stats and regular weapons, but it is kinda negated by the fact they have to sprite click, which makes pred very hard to play, so this is kinda respectful. And if you die you are going to be made fun of, so stakes are high. And dying happens a lot, because it’s robustos and AHK users (given if AHK users don’t play pred themselves at the time) who hunts pred most of the time. There is a certain amount of slime and suicide bombing, but overall Pred WL is the least bad, which makes it the best WL.