Bone Gel Nerf

You now only got 20 uses to bone gel before needing to refill it on a fancy machine found only on the Almayer. That means groundside doctors are now even more screwed, and you gotta depend on the most boring role of CM (Transport Pilot) to not be taking a nap so you can go to the ship and fix your two fractures in less than 15 minutes. Also the fancy machine ate one of the Blood Vendors on medbay.
I don’t know how to extend my seething any further, maybe add one of those fancy machines to every map medbay? Because im sure their blood gel would also be limited, also giving more incentive to actually secure the medbay.


get bone gel from colony surgical trays (ask an IO to grab one, they’re going to colony medbay either way).
now you have 2 bone gels (1 you brought from shipside, one from colony)
use up shipside one, send to alamo, coordinate with shipside docs to get it refilled
get it sent down while you use colony gel in the meantime, repeat.

The PR is a mild inconvenience at most as long as alamo is cycling and the pilot officer understands how to walk over to medbay and ask the doctors to refill the bone gel.

Also this thread should be a PR feedback, and not discussion, but whatever.

I honestly don’t care to be honest, if medical had patch notes it would actually be like 30 nerfs to like 2 buffs or something so any doctor main is kinda use to this nonsense. I think the last significant buff medical received was Meralyne being added in.

It taking two sheets of metal to repair a bone with a screw driver is just hilariously though, should be at maximum 1. You’re telling me to fix a single hand we need to use half a metal barricade or 2/3 of a metal girder worth of material to repair a limb? Making the fucking terminator over here.


Yeah this just seems like a minor annoyance forcing someone probably a Nurse or DCC to just ferry bone gel up and down whilst the Ground surgeon raids more trays to take 2-3 inititally?

With the variety of competance in Ground Surgery I’m sure this will eventually resualt in someones chest just being left open because they don’t know about the metal/screwdriver thing.

For the most part though I don’t see how this really affects the balance of ground doctors. Competant Docs are still gonna be competant. They’re just gonna complain about sending refills of the Gel on the the Alamo Cycles and moan when it’s on auto.


It isn’t even merged yet, man, hold off on getting angry until it is.

I feel this is yet another slap in the face to lowpop players. Its a shame you can’t balance these things for different populations.

“The PR is a mild inconvenience”

It is, right up until you have no bone gel and the metal is all fused into the FOB. At that point groundside surgery is non-existent.

God forbid we get a surgeon who literally steals an entire req crate’s worth of metal just to fix two PVT’s with full body fractures. This will happen.

Considering the varying degrees of competence of the average players I strongly suspect we’ll end up with more rounds than you’d expect of no groundside medical existing and everyone will have to return to 2017 with shipside only surgery.

I think the only people who will like the change are Synthetics, since they would now have a genuine reason to not play as a Surgery Bot Simulator and tell Marines to go to the Almayer to fix their boo-boo.

2 metal per fracture right?

so an average of 2-4 fracture per marine, expand that to 5-10 marines at any given moment needing fractures fixed, then expand that again for how long rounds go - pretty much a full stack of metal just for fixing people and you can just imagine the shitshow of doctors fighting engineers grabbing their metal stacks to build the fob with because why would that be used for mending bones??

I don’t think the people who came up with this unnecessary nerf put absolutely ANY thought into how it will actually play out, let alone whether it’s even necessary (no).

More unfun balance changes that solve no problems, only create them. I’m very much of the opinion we’ve overnerfed marines on the medical side of things, with fractures and damage starting to get ridiculous.


Also this thread should be a PR feedback, and not discussion, but whatever.

Us lowly peons can’t start threads in the PR forum and none of the people making PR’s ever bother to provide a feedback thread. We’re also not allowed to provide feedback on git, so it’s either the discussion forum here (where people can easily look over and see what everyone’s contributions to the discussion are) or the discord black hole that sees everything in hard to follow discussion chains which get ignored and forgotten three days later anyway.

I have to be honest, CM’s devs and staff are abjectly hostile to feedback and transparency.


This PR seems to nerf something that was never OP or too strong, and punishes players for doing their job well.


what’s worse is devs and staff know it, push these shit PRs into test merges, and let decent PRs languish.


My issue is that I feel the changes will continue to push Marines towards even more defensive oriented gameplay, mainly in FOB camping or not pushing out.

It is incredibly easy to suffer fractures in this game. Three rogue AP bullets are enough to break your chest. Three slashes to your feet or hands are enough to risk losing the limb let alone you are suffering a near guaranteed fracture. Etc, etc.

What is the end goal with these changes? To make Marines take a leg fracture, get told by a Doctor they won’t fix it, so your choice is either a return flight to the Almayer that could take 5 to 30 minutes to get your leg fixed or you have to live with the fracture? Thus with a slowdown you are now more vulnerable to further fractures or internal bleeding. At this point more Marines will just sit in the FOB and wait and the injuries will mount up so badly that it will become impossible for Marines to counter push when most of the Marine force is afflicted with a permanent injury.

I think the Medical rework thread a month ago was very good at pointing out and outlining how any medical change that makes shipside more relevant would have to result in a mostly net neutral result for marines.

(Attrition is a massive, massive factor in marine capabilities.
One leg/foot frac = A once robust marine can no longer chase effectively and thus secure kills.
Multiple fracs = Extremely hard to escape, will need to re-apply splints every time you take damage, will get IB, free cap.
20 uses per bone gel… That’s about what, 7 marines worth?)

That is, any nerf to groundside medical should be compensated with a buff.


This is a valid point.


I strongly dislike this change.


A couple nitpicks (from the perspective of a shipside doc):

  • The gel refiller uses the medical busy icon, which is inconsistent with other do-afters (receiving-aid floating crosses instead of a spinning wheel icon)
  • The refiller takes just long enough to be annoying to do between surgeries with multiple bone breaks, but you can’t just leave the gel on the machine and do post-op care on your patient.
  • The gel itself displays percentages instead of uses left, which is inconsistent with other limited-use medical items (see splints/ATKs/ABKs). It’d be nice if it was also in blue like the pill bottles, but I’m not sure what CM’s standard for appended information on item descs is these days
  • The percentage display uses quotation marks, which is a bit inconsistent with other numbers displayed in descriptions (guns, for example)
  • The placement of the gel refiller makes my medbay less symmetrical

Same. Especially since closing an unfractured ribcage after organ repair uses gel/metal, meaning a chest frac with damaged chest organs for a single marine will use 10%/4 sheets alone.


Please submit PR feedback here: PR Feedback

That is where your voices will be most heard by those who have the power and authority to enact change.

I guess, the PR feedback form will just lead to the person who bothers filling out that form letting the PR author know that a tiny bit of the community doesn’t like the PR in question (I don’t wanna insult anyone here, but if you open PRs like this one, you probaly don’t care about a part of the community not agreeing with it?) instead of different players discussing if it’s good/bad/not important at all. After all, that nerf affects more or less everyone playing CM instead of just the few people filling out that form, so it’s only fair to allow everyone to discuss the change with others and gather other opinions instead of sending a private message to /dev/null/ whoever receives these forms.


Good take man.


Figured I’d use this since it’s an existing thread, and I don’t know where that form goes. Is it for making new threads, or does it just put the fields somewhere else?


The PR forum either needs to automatically post new PR’s so people can discuss them, or you guys need to let people make posts about any new PR’s in the PR forum without gatekeeping.

If you are ignoring feedback like this thread, simply because it’s not in the ‘right spot’ I’m sorry but that’s outright hostility to the playerbase. I really can’t mince my words on this you are outright saying you do not WANT people to give feedback to any changes made and will refuse to listen to players just because they didn’t dot an i or dash a t.

And that’s before even getting to the utter lack of transparency in regards to the feedback form, which is not public in any form or fashion. We don’t know if anyone reads it, we don’t know if there’s any back and forth discussion or changes.

IMO this is more like what good PR feedback should look like: Feedback on new XM51 shotgun since PR feedback forum isn't used for anything - #27 by BasilHerb

Here we have a bunch of players offering their thoughts on the PR, and the PR author taking that into consideration and making changes. This is what every PR should be like, this is what actually communicating with the community looks like. What I see from a number of staff and devs for CM instead, is nothing but dictation - Either like what we do or get lost. Here’s the trash bin you can submit your feedback to so you know we listen to what you have to say.