CallMeArty - Player Report: Zyad, Rules 1, 2, and 3.

CallMeArty - Player Report: Ahmed Ibn Khaldun, Rules 1, 2, and 3.

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Jyotiraditya ‘Sap’ Navjot

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Ahmed Ibn Khaldun

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rules 1, 2, and 3.

Description of the incident:

While I was doing Overwatch in the identified round, Ahmed Ibn Khaldun the CMO - who was also on Overwatch - started shouting about ‘Jamaicans killing people’. For context: they had been making useless callouts throughout the round, which resulted in unnecessary confusion and bad intel to marines for about an hour where marines frequently lost comms, leaders, barricades, and cohesion.

I responded angrily to them, telling them to ‘shut the fuck up about that Jamaican stuff and focus on the mission’, both infuriated that one of the highest-ranked people on the ship was using such an LRP term and broadcasting it over comms, and that they were focused on that instead of trying to un-screw the offense against the Xenomorphs.

In broken English and full of typos, they called me ‘sensitive’, and told me to shut the fuck up in kind.

Upset, and heated, I walked across the CIC and punched them in the face, asking ‘how’s that for sensitive’?

They responded by sexually harassing my character. When I called MPs over the matter, they stated that they should have killed me over the matter, again in broken English and ridiculous typos. Later, they went on a sexist tirade when I corrected the fact that they couldn’t even factor my (female) character’s gender into the equation.

Overall, my issue isn’t that they were a jackass, or retaliated to my insults or punches (if he punched or arrested me in response, it would have been earned and expected): my issue is that someone in a command role needlessly clogged communications, brought sexual harassment and sexism into a game about shooting aliens, and used dumb slang for predators you’d expect out of Delta PFCs as the Chief Medical Officer of the ship. It was obnoxious, it was unnecessary, and it was frankly embarrassing to watch someone in such an important role play like a drunken fratboy.


My initial insult
The sexual harassment
The LRP Comments about Predators
The overboard Threats about what they ‘should’ have done when punched pt I
The overboard Threats about what they ‘should’ have done when punched pt II
The sexist comments

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Keep things in this report on topic, it’s not a place to settle a rivalry with other players.

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Looking at the screenshots I’m not gonna bother a staff to pull the logs, they match what I looked up.

Regardless of rank, the in-character slang, is slang. There’s nothing against anyone using the nick names regardless of rank. I used to call the xenos “Cucarachas” and “Shit eaters” as a CO.

However, ingame insults are one thing, but I agree that the misogynistic comments are unacceptable.

Player is getting a 24 hour ban for crossing the line in RP.

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