CastorTroy23 - Commanding Officer Application

Commanding Officer Application - CastorTroy23

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


What is your timezone in UTC?


Player Name You Use Most?

Eric Overstreet

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?


If so, why?


Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?

Very. I like to think I’ve learned a lot from some CO whitelistees. I admit I don’t know Marine Law by heart. Would also like to specify I have 89 hours as Staff Officer.

Hours in XO:


Hours in SL:


Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?

On the surface, an obviously logical allocation of resources : his aging body can not ruck at the same pace it did thirty years prior. Deep down, though, the man leads his own personal crusade against the corporations, à la Zeno’s Conscience, constantly trying to find a balance between his disdain for corporate greed and the inability to act against their demands : commanding a ship seemed like the way to make a change.

How did your character attain the position of CO?

Joining the USCMC fresh out of high school for no reason other than to serve his country, Isaiah Colt was thrown into the Core Conflict as a measly enlisted marine. Out of the corporate war he came a fully-fledged second lieutenant – one blatantly bitter towards the companies – thanks to his leadership in the field.

Resentful of the humiliating defeat the two superpowers had to endure from a handful of corporations and their market product, Isaiah became disillusioned with the United Americas: that, however, did not stop him from continuing to serve his country in various theaters and conflicts of varying geopolitical importance, meeting one Wallace Kelly Haar in a hospital during operation Arcturian Shield. Participating in the Dog War on what one could consider a no-name, rear echelon ship, he only saw proper action in Tientsin, on the USS Lord Jim, with Haar.

With each conflict, a promotion - and after the dreadful nuking of Tientsin, he was bound to peacekeeping operations and nondescript bug hunts on his own ship, the USS Falk.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?

I would only pardon when doing so would benefit the integrity of the operation. Even so, the recipient of the pardon would have to show regret and intent of not committing it again.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.

I would pardon a specialist charged with aiding and abetting pre-drop to save one of their squaddies. Nothing too egregious: moving into MPs, shaking the perpetrator up, some shoving.

I would pardon a comtech taking the initiative in preparing a pre-drop FOB crate and breaking & entering/stealing while lacking (competent) requisitions or engineering personnel.

I would NOT pardon a capital crime.

I would NOT pardon an awesome hell chungus beast marine breaking windows for fun.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?

As it stands, I see Colt as one not to perform battlefield executions unless a life is threatened or where an arrest on the field isn’t possible or is an enormous headache - though it’s simply on the drawing board.

If the MPs are there to handle it, then I have better things to do.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.

I would use Battlefield Execution when someone is shoving, spamming smoke grenades, or generally being LRP and heavily disrupting briefing.

I would use Battlefield Execution when someone calls my character the hard R.

I would use Battlefield Execution when I am being murdered.

I would use Battlefield Execution when a marine keeps disobeying direct orders given to them, where disobeying these orders may negatively impact the operation.

I would NOT use Battlefield Execution because john pvt is standing in the way of a 1 tile choke trying to kill the aliens and blocking me in the process.

I would NOT use Battlefield Execution because of a blatant, singular misfire shipside or groundside. It’s just a misinput.


figured the application would have a ‘is there anything more you wanna say’ section but no

wanted to give a shout out to and thank Soomis for teaching me a great deal of what i know about command and Tophat for helping me orient myself with this character and his backstory. thank you to all those who got me interested in the Aliens universe and lore and who still try to make the ingame setting credible, both CO WL holders and not, including some who lost it. you all know who you are


Yo, do you have any alt characters you’ve been playing command on?

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an amazing person who motivated me to apply for pred, synth and just play the game in general
a great roleplay who always interacts with everyone
a very mechanically robust player
a nice person and open to criticism
taught me pred too and whitelist quirks in general

hi, yes. while I haven’t been playing command as often to keep me fresh for the command marathon, I have an alt called Riley Page who i made for playing SO some while ago. i played XO with Baek Song-gyeong some days ago and skinwalked a little bit

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+1ing this because of your mechanical ability and effort that went into the whitelist. If you think about the face of CM, “Eric Overstreet” is definitely one of those names and I’ve had countless great experiences with you. I know your ability to lead is sound, you do it countless times on the ground and can make quick decisions.

I want to see you (NOT LEAD, BUT) Command more, lock in… and god speed soldier.

loved the story btw

Edit: had pleasant rounds with em in CIC both groundside and shipside, and it’s safe to say my opinion wont be changing


Spear is a very competent CIC and Groundside command player, incredible RPer when involved and all around cool guy. +1


Pretty easy +1


Hey! I’ve had some pretty positive and fun RP interactions with you recently, I like Overstreet as a character and you seem like a decent player.

Do you have a specific character you plan on playing CIC with while the app is up? It’d be helpful to get a chance to observe you as I don’t think I’ve seen you in the CIC before.

Do you have an MP character? Please post hours, I’m wondering how your playtimes look on the military law side of things.

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Could you do the Council a quick favour and post your playtimes? It seems most if not all of us have never seen you in CIC at all in any recent time, making us concerned about your actual commitment to this application.

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Easy +1. Having only been back a couple weeks, Overstreet is one of the standout characters/people who went out of their way to help me not just feel like another faceless marine walking around without anyone to really talk to. He always elevates the rounds he’s in whenever I get the chance to talk to him.

I don’t really know or care about their mechanical ability, competence, or general game sense, since it’s more their good personality I’m interested in vouching for, but from what I’ve seen those all appear to be well above average as well.

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He is actually a really good CiC player, and competent in the things he does. He can also roleplay as evident of his yautja whitelist and synth whitelists as well. I have several memorable moments with him, and thus I shall give my +1.

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hi! i intend on playing my XO on Riley Page or Eric Overstreet. if i intend on changing it, i’ll make sure to dm you about it

i technically have a character for MP stuff, but i don’t exactly play him often. my activity on him is very sporadic
i believe i’m familiar with arrest procedure, appeals and delegation; however i’d be more than happy to answer any questions about ML here or in DMs, and will gladly learn if lacking


i have never touched the warden role, sorry…

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of course!


i can assure you i’m committed to this application. i simply have been busy between the time this application has gone up and now, not to mention my timezone; however, starting today, i’ll be able to play XO. thank you for your patience!

edit : i also have these queen hours, if they count? :sweat_smile:
i like to think i understand how xenos work, if it proves any further competence

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Awesome player who knows their way around the game mechanically and in a roleplay sense. I’ve played with their alt characters in the CIC and can vouch for their ability to not be awful at SO. I’ve also seen them play SL (which they do frequently) and can vouch for their ability to lead on a marine-to-marine basis (especially in Bravo).

That said, they’re one of the most HRP people I know in comparison to a majority of marines I’ve seen, RP their WL chars very well, and are able to represent them distinctively roleplay wise. I would +5 if I could but they’ll have to make do with a +1 for now.


Shouldn’t be given it because xenos are shit right now and Eric with a gamer gun is too much for them.

in interest of honesty though, i see all the wholesome things right but when i first joined CM he said words that would get you banned called me a retard for my constant FF on him when he was almost killing xenos and i was cucking him out of kills, 10/10 should be given the WL for being a real human bean unlike all the other metagaming boring grief XO/COs we have.

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I witnessed spear playing XO before and during his app, i believe he will make a good addition to CO WL, he is competent RPer and actually knows his way around CIC and other departments as any commander should. +1


Hellloooo! I don’t have any real concerns regarding how well you’ll play in the role if you are given it, without a single question in my mind, swear to you

But I have to admit, your initial application has a few holes (such as not putting alt characters that you’ve played recently on the app.) Previous applicants have been ‘killed’ for much less errors, and considering that your activity on the character that you are applying for (Eric Overstreet) hasnt been seen in the CIC lately, it’s kind of a shaky start.

We didn’t know you were playing alts until you pointed it out later in the comments section causing some confusion between the COs looking at the app, because we were like, ‘where the hell has he been’ LOL. This may be a deal breaker for some people; I just ask that you respect their opinions on the application process because it’s just as important as the gameplay itself. I mean you’ve got two whitelists; it was a little funny , you gotta admit, not seeing the alts listed especially then applying for CO with a character that hasn’t been seen in CIC as of recent. Sounds like a nitpick I get it, but you gotta have a good application to make up for lack of exposure prior to any application, especially if you are betting on getting vetted in

Anyways, that beside the point, I can personally vouch for how effective Eric can be on the field. Z e r o questions. Dude even gets meta’d by prime+ queens because of how dangerous he is lol

But I gotta throw some q’s at ya, tis only fair

How would you, if you were CO, handle an XO who is being detrimental to the operation? For example, an XO who is denying evacuation and/or giving contradicting orders? Would you consider BE?

How would you, if you were CO, handle a mutiny brewing towards you? And also how would handle a mutiny brewing towards XO?

Again, best of luck, it seems like you got this tbh


i apologize for the misunderstanding, the application just asked me to put my most renowned character, so i put Eric. i’ve been playing on Riley Page since one day after the application

thank you for the questions,

How would you, if you were CO, handle an XO who is being detrimental to the operation? For example, an XO who is denying evacuation and/or giving contradicting orders? Would you consider BE?

i believe this would depend on multiple factors. depending on the availability and efficiency of MPs or nonlethal alternatives, and how dire the situation is groundside (as in how many people hesitating would indirectly kill). if a non-immediate/non-lethal alternative isn’t favored, then yes, i would definitely BE the XO, on both denying an ordered evacuation and/or contradicting orders.
if he’s merely suggesting we hold instead of denying an ordered evacuation, that would simply depend if the FOB can be held or not. there are times where marines are hysterical or people attempt to meta-evac when it’s totally holdable (and winnable).

How would you, if you were CO, handle a mutiny brewing towards you? And also how would handle a mutiny brewing towards XO?

see the odds, first: how competent and numerous the MP department is, as well as who’s vocal about their possible intent to mutiny and who’s intent on supporting command. get the MPs proper gear, get them to CIC, lock it down; possibly establish some patrol team to nip those suspected of being a part of the mutiny in the bud. if it does happen, would most definitely BE the mutineers to set an example

the second part seems like a trick question. the mutiny’s always towards the acting commander, not someone subordinate to them

Yeah no problem, the whole renowned character thing might have to be something council looks at later. Just know that there are people who don’t know your alts whereas your friends might!

As for your answers, I think they are solid and have very good reasoning behind them, and I don’t peg you for the kind of person to go apeshit with BE

The second one, no not a trick question, mutinies happen more often than you think towards the XO even while CO is alive- This could be an XO launching evac too early while CO is there in CIC, or an XO ordering bad and terrible arrests to begin with, trust me it happens

Anyways, theres a bit of a talk happening right now concerning application standards, and while I personally do not have a single bit issue with your ingame performance, you may later on find some differing opinions on the quality of the app.

To be completely honest with you, if you were not so heavily vetted with two whitelists under the belt, I would have slapped the biggest -1 on this application. The rest of your answers are correct, but really bare minimum, but I get it, it isn’t an application to an ivy league school or anything like that. I just, I don’t know, expected way more detail on an application that you technically don’t have any time limit on to submit, especially for someone who has two whitelists. Now hang on, before anyone thinks this is a personal attack, its not; its just theres been this recent thing where we’ve denied apps that ‘look’ like this and a whole separate convo occured; I get the whole vetting in thing, but idk it tends to be prone to bias.

IDK, do you think this is the best you could’ve done on the app?

But you know I don’t intend to be a gatekeeper, because your experience with the server is pretty lengthy and tbh I dont think you’ve committed a major infraction as of recent anyways. I know your pardon and BE answers are technically correct but I really do feel that with your level of experience, you could have fleshed it out way more- you got to have seen some real shit, playing a lot longer than most people here