CastorTroy23 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Segrain

CastorTroy23 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Segrain

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Eric Overstreet

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Enforcement Action Taken

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I joined the round as a corpsman, and after getting most of my bearings, I moved to the chem line to ask for custom chemical mixes to use on the field. I ask for nitrogen-water, a mix used to turn tramadol into paracetamol as a way to neutralize overdoses. The person attending the request was Segrain’s character, Gwendolen ‘Fair’ Folk, and after giving me a blank stare and walking away as a response to my request, I was admin PM’d and noted for asking for nitrogen-water under the accusation of it being metagaming/fail RP/powergaming.

I play medical roles a lot, really, and I had been regularly using NW for a long time prior to this, not to mention its renown and usage by other players. Yet, this is the first time I ever get in trouble for it - and it seems absurd, as no chemistry is done. It’s just feeding a pill as treatment, no different from giving people bicaridine for brute or kelotane for burn. The only ‘chemistry’ I could see in it is pouring vinegar into baking soda to make a middle school science fair volcano experiment.
This is also information that is freely available in the wiki.

I would also like to add I don’t think it’s in very good faith to handle something you were personally involved in.



To give an update to this, it’s currently being discussed/debated by management. While knowing the name and use of drugs is fine, the point of contention is knowing chem mixes for said drugs. We do (and have) action people who try to tell doctors how to do surgery on them which lands in the realm of metagaming and this might fall under that, but as I said, it’s still being discussed. Specifically to what degree what jobs might know about chemistry and how far that should be allowed to go.


I see, but if I may pitch in, the concoction goes by no other name other than ‘Nitrogen Water’. I used the name that was provided to me in the Wiki.


For what its worth I agree with you. I think asking for NW or really any of the other drugs is perfectly fine as a corpsman and, dare I say almost required when you go to the chem line to get any of the round start drugs. This mostly comes down to telling the chem worker how much of what ingredient to make said drugs. (NW perhaps being the least egregious of all of them). Given that your note specifically is only about knowing the drugs exist, I doubt it’ll stick. The current debate is solely about who knows how to make said drugs, rather than just what they do.


Aight here’s how this will go:

First and foremost, I’ll be ACCEPTING this SR. I agree that the note as placed is too much. Combat Corpsmen will 100% know what drugs do what in someones system and so asking for specific drugs is not outside the scope of what a combat medic might know. The note has been removed, I’ll chat up Biolock to have a conversation with Segrain both in terms of this issue as well as someone handling their own tickets. (In Segrain’s immediate defense, if they’re the only staff available sometimes you have to take it, but still, its something to be aware of)

Secondly, I think some updates to the metagaming rule is in order. Telling people how to do their jobs is a bit beyond what would be considered IC knowledge. So if your character doesnt have the Chem skill, they likely would not know what exact mixes in what amounts would be needed to make certain drugs (even if you know what said drugs are and what they do.)

So, much as how people should not be walking doctors through what tools to use for specific surgeries, we’ll also be asking players who are playing a character that doesnt have Chem skill to not inform others how to make specific drugs, which circumvents their lack of Chem skill.

No further action will be taken here, and the note removed.


Added report:approved and removed report:needverdict