Clothing items for Marines

Just an idea why not add ponchos and over coats to optional clothing times were they can be applied to uniforms and go over armors it would fit the setting considering the marines are based off of Vietnam era U.S. marines and you could give them passive buffs in inclement weather like if it storms marines might have better weapon handling because they are dry from the coat or poncho but the just look cool so add em i guess



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The CO vender had the trench coat for a while, it was remove due to conflicts with how the vender handled the display of the clothes or categories or something.

In any case, the main reason why ponchos are not an option unless for specific maps often boils down to how much of the character is hidden.

Example of what i mean; In the past, a few xenomorph mains complained about the ponchos for covering too much of the marine’s equipment. Saying along the lines: “If I knew he had a shotgun, then I wouldnt’ve charged in” or something similar to that tune. So I am told anyway. In this it became a massive drama point and it ended up getting removed for a good while. Only recent maps like chance’s claim brought it back, and with synth’s snowflake vender also having it as an option.

Try not to become TGMC speedrun any%: Failed.

Jokes aside, TGMC has a bunch of coats. You have one cloak item wich you can change the color and sprite of. In general TGMC is a dream in terms of character customasation… for armor and shit. The setup outside the game is honestly behind CM. Maybe even less hairstyles then CM, honestly not sure.
But yeah, the coats are an item you can attach to the armor. Like patches, medals and all that. Pretty fun, but dont fit CM at all on that level. Still a very ligth mil rp version of it would be nice. Make it an item for character setup, should be fine.

But i find the explenation that in the days of yor xeno mains cryd “But i couldnt see what gun they had because coat, coat is too OP.” Wich is the most hilarious shit i have ever heard. The top of the sweatiest xeno mains seething because there strat of analysing the 10 fucking pixels the marine has didnt work. Pixels you cant see if the marine is looking in certain directions. And on a marine that is most of the time in cluster of other marines, moving and shuffeling between them. Respect if you can viably use that as a strategy but Good god. I know its important to balance after the top competetive players but not to this extent. If this is true, this is the same level of pandering ryze got from riot back when he was good in pro. Jesus christ.

Edit: I know its an actual strategie to see what weapon the marine is holding and its important to do that… But if the coat is so big that it hides that. Thats not a problem that coats dont work, thats a spriting problem. Im talking about weapons the marine would have on there hips. The thing that the coat would cover.

honestly it would be cool to have a full body rain cover. One that can be applied on top of armor like the stethoscope on the lab coat. It would make sense for many maps to have one

just have the weapons displayed on the outside of the poncho i guess or just git good

The main issue was that you couldn’t tell what armor a marine is using or what gun they’re holding, and while some here have already voiced that they think it’s “not a problem” and “just xeno cope” (paraphrasing), I’m not here to argue about the legitimacy of it, I think that if it’s possible code wise (I have absolutely no idea if it is) they should make it not show up for xenos, so you can notice that somebody is wearing heavy armor and has an M39, and instantly run in because there’s no way in hell a robust player would be using that.

yeah… i went a bit on a rant there, sorry about that. You rigth.