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Much with any new changes to the CM server and community, it is inevitable a discussion will be held over how things were better before any such alterations were made.

This thread I hope shall act as that place for old and new members to come together to remember such things. Be it the loss of our tank all those years ago, back when we didn’t all look like power rangers, when a CO was a Captain and our squad leaders were Staff Sergeants. Not all changes are bad, like allowing the DS to land at both LZ’s. (God only knows why it took so long to get there.)

Any nostaligia for the good old days welcome from back when you first joined, not only game changes and our new forums.

  • The first medal I ever gave, and it seems the guy I gave it to (Aden Cooper) made CO and left the community about 6 months ago…

  • Back when I tried to hold an actual pizza party for the marines as CL when they won the 3 hour round. (It was not rare for rounds to go on that long and even go on for 4 hours) I made 21 pizzas by hand, even bribing marines to get me more ingredients. No one came.

Obligatory “Back in my day.”


I’d like to thank Bill Carson for giving me my first ever medal for walking barefoot over 30 shards of glass and exploding.


Thank you for creating this. It is good to look back on where CM was. Now we can argue which year was best. The nostalgia is real. Excellent work.

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Remember when they tried to solve the line at requisitions by creating an individual squad req manned by the SL

SLs started just dumping the machines and mps started arresting people for littering.

My favorite memory of this time was when an unfortunate Bravo marine came into Delta squad prep and ordered SL ducky to vend him something. When Ducky ignored him he called ducky the Nslur.
Delta had to be flashbanged multiple times to stop beating the mangled remains of the Bravo. He was supermurdered.


Oh god the fucking squad req line, so much goddamn pain. Just getting an engie to hack it all cause me and the spec can’t be fucked.

We are going back to the past with this one. SQUAD LEADER COWBOY CHECKERS, COLONIAL MARINE HERO - YouTube

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Old ranks were more fun. SL being Staff Sergeant was cool and CO being Captain just felt right.

Old DEFCON made IO gameplay much more valuable and satisfying, and when you got a nuke off it was clear that you personally got the marine minor. Now we’re just happy to have the role at all.

B18 Grenadier was just the fuckin wall. SADAR was still called SADAR, who the fuck is an M5 RPG? Not this marine.

The tank, holy shit the tank. I’ve watched that Allied Armor video so man goddamn times and it gets me every time.

But tbh its isn’t the changes, not even the pre-MOBA gameplay I miss, and I think the same is true for most of us. It’s the people. Nicholas Pershing, Alberto Staffer, Dismas Hind, Cha Wook. And of course the really big names, Carson, Dinkle, and the hero of all SL mains, Rigga. I miss them far more than anything mechanical.

Oh and the old ugly M44 sprites and bullet casings lol.



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Tex is and was a god damn legend. I miss that man. I had the pleasure to play a round with him.

Delta solved racism with maximum violence.

lmao I recall that. I woke up late that round in delta and walked into the prep room only to see the MPs flash-banging the hell outta us.

I liked how Colonial Marines generally had more tactics back in the day. Maybe it was fewer memes, or a tighter community, or less feature bloat: but it felts like rounds were a series of big plays: Charlie establishing power then forming a killer flank, false retreats to bring Xenos between an OB and the better-defended actual cade line, and marines getting caught-up in the same chokepoint with a Prae and hivelord while the Queen brought everyone else directly to the LZ.

Getting your ass beat because the operation played right into a clever trap always felt better than because nobody played Req that round or half the players b-lined for caves and died withing fifteen minutes of dropping.


The removal of Defcon levels is vandalism, however rounds simply don’t go on as long as they did, so we don’t have the means of really getting to a nuke without admin intervention.

I remember when the squad vendors didn’t automatically dress you. My first round consisted of an MP dressing me, putting a gun in my hand, and placing me on the ALAMO telling everyone else on it to “Keep that marine alive.” Got lost, found a lone marine at a single cade choke point, and subsequently got my ass handed to me when they broke through because I didn’t hold my gun with two hands.

Oh yes, and back when a last stand meant something at lifeboats, we had the self destruct core that you defended for about 15 or 30 minutes while the pylons or whatever they were inserted 1 by 1. Very satisfying if you could hold on long enough, though it was a rarity.

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Bring back Queen charge plz.

Nothing will ever compare to the absolute comedy of the lone surviving Queen wiping out 30+ marines during hijack in a single charge because old Almayer maintenance tunnels had a lot of very long single tile tunnels.

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We would be honoured, if you would join us.


I still remember my first round of CM going to briefing and being drawn in by the immersion. The 80% xeno winrate during the hugger era made you feel like you were fighting a hopeless battle and made those marine majors feel so much more satisfying. I still remember a round with an old delta SL named Xur when marines were pushed back to FOB and all hope looked lost but we ended up killing the queen and turning things around and pushing for a win. There are some things I miss about old CM and there are some things I really dont. CM boomers rise up.

Also bring back old m41 sound that shit slapped.


I would always give speeches before any drop during briefing, even managing to get all squads into a marching formation behind me on the way to the DS.

It was a stretch even back then, but now even more so, many people simply do not have the patience because they’ve been lulled into a sense that we’re here to fight, and damn the RP.


It’s a great place, but it’s dead because it’s too old…

Ya-ha-ha, you found us. Welcome, please enjoy a complimentary CM meme.


Remember that bullets and shrapnel would have to be surgically removed. So you would leave medical and take pain and damage because your doctor forgot.

Remember as a doctor not being able to tell if a marine had a bullet or a larva in them because both read as foreign bodies.

Heres a really old one… WAYYYY back… captured hosts used to be able to break out of their nests… so each one was nested seperately. However the game USED to have a mechanic where larva would hatch faster for each hugged host that could “see” others (the original use of the clear resin)
Drones would perfect nests in star, circle, and other patterns to increase the host density to make them pop faster… while stlll remaining seperate in case of an escape