CM Old Peoples Home

I get why they got rid of escaping from nests, but I think hive building was fucking peak during that time.

So many memories.

Cloning… I remember building cloning machines in that tiny room beside hanger.

New Sprite Update causing hivelord ‘walk’ sprite to be fully invisible

Ghosts could LOOC things

Staff had to return you to lobby to change your name

The Atmos system barely worked, borking itself leading to a round reset, not only that but also being able to install kill aliens if you messed with atmos.

Old lifepods didn’t function, it was pretty much three long hallways

Evac pods on lower ship didn’t launch because it would screw up atmos

Bullets could be shot in a straight line in front and one tile above and below you

^ → Bullet
O → Bullet

Hugger combat relied on req sending helmets to prevent hugs (m10 combat helmet could withstand a single hug before being replaced)

Iron Bears would pretend to be friendly then try and take the ship

Death squad was Apesuited commandos

CLF and UPP didn’t have exist

Staff would change the ground map and for a week you would play that map. No votes at the end of rounds

CO was a unwhitlisted listed role
(No BE, but sometimes noobs would get in. Never had a MAJOR problem with unwhitlisted CO surprisingly)

80/20 winrate sucked ass. Last stands are cool but only when they happen organically

Engineering on each map was required to be held, otherwise no power for anyone

Rounds would last 3 hours or so on average

Abrams from normal SS13 we’re still in code and could be placed on people

Equipment was from lockers instead of prep windows. Some dick would steal a extra pair of gloves or something so every person would then be forced to search other lockers for it resulting in shortages of equipment

Squad req lasted a bit, SL’s would vend the squad some equipment


There are also the people of that era that were great. Xur gave me my nickname :slight_smile:


I joined at the tail end of Engi Bell use and APC. Now losing Qc, blood/iron changes, “RTO” title change, and the flip flop on having the autodocs I see that the cogs of change do crush.


can we fucking remove grenade restrictions? I miss req being accidentally blown up by PVT baldo or someone misclicking the grenade causing a panic


Sadly this was put in place because trolls would join and blow up stuff you cant rebuild (generators, cic consol, etc) then rejoin and throw more

I do miss it though


Why can we no longer strap C4 to ourselves?


these trolls rarely exist.
You cant already fight back easily if you get caught off guard by someone shooting you fast.
Also can just code the computers so they are actually fixable.

IIRC we only got this grenade restriction because of jakk blowing up briefing or that one time when there was a grenade griefer shipside.


Man I remember a few months ago when the Briefing room was split into four rooms for each squad. No spot for the CO or XO to give orders so I don’t know what the idea was behind that. No one used it, hanger was used during that whole time. Didn’t last long before it was changed back.


We didn’t even have the hangar briefing markers years ago. I never really understand why people try to have briefing there. Most people are trying to stack chairs, barely anyone comes because it’s so close to the DS they just go and sit in there, and it’s small.


But because it’s that small and cosy, the marines can’t escape when the MPs start shooting teargas.

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The MP’s can’t escape if they get caught in the middle of all the marines.


Who cares:
MPs shoot with teargas at marines during briefing
Marines form a lynchmob
Suddenly all marines drop unconscious
MOOC: Do not harm the MPs, or I start handing out bans!


I remember my second or third time playing CM I accidently armed a grenade during briefing or something and ran into maint and blew myself up because I didn’t know what the hell to do with it.


:rofl: The man took his own life rather than cause harm to his comrades, Semper Fi Marine.


A true hero of the corps.


A true hero, yes. Did you get banned because of that?

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'Member when we were afraid that Disney, the new owners of the Alien franchise, would come after us for using the Weyland Yutani branding for the company? We had to call it Weston Yamada. God what a stupid time.


This is still kinda true! You will notice the wiki uses the ‘courrupted’ sprite packs because no lawyer is going to play the game to learn the server is using normal xeno sprites. Or mentions of ‘The Company’ and stuff.


what ever happened to ponchos?

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Ah, that’s why the wiki has these strange sprites, I always wondered why nobody just copied the ingame ones.