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I remember making that meme on reddit way back when.

The prodigal son returns.

This is why we cant have nice things abuse of jank

Did they get rid of the ability to use your knife to stab the xeno from the inside while capped? I forget.

I think, you can still reverse chestburst from a xeno, but it probaly won’t do much as you are hugged + nested within fifteen seconds.

still could about a month ago, machete pocket pouch was the way (or L4A bayonet). Counter regurgitate stunlock knife drop by: draw, slash, sheath, wait, repeat

This is so true. Except Charlie has degenerated.

Oh, I have idea, CMI moment… time to return that thing!

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Oh… memories…
I remembered mutators, defcons, marine armor/clothes damage, xeno armor damage, perfectly balanced features… funny things.

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'Member back in 2019 when MTs had to actually repair the ships generators? I 'member.

'Member when there was very little “hugbox” features? I 'Member.

'Member SD, I 'Member

'Member Survs being practical special forces? I 'Member

'Member having to go shipside for medical taking you out of the constant TDM? I 'Member


Oh I Member GIFs | Tenor


Sunday, Monday Happy Days!

Memories… oh, those days, reminders of them… It’s so sad that so many good things have been deleted and very much changed… But how nice when you’re a coder and can bring back all the fixes and make your own interesting ones. I personally don’t understand why SD was removed and don’t want to move it back, there was a 1 line bug fix and defcons… eh… sadness… mutators, why is it sometimes easier for the devs to remove? if no one takes care of the fixes/nerfs, you don’t have to remove them right away…