CMP Whitelist Suggestion

As the title says, I am making a suggestion that CMP become a whitelisted role. CMP is a roll that is vital to gameplay because they are both a role model to new marines, teach other MPs, and have the fate of marines in their hands. Here I will list why I think that CMP should become a whitelisted role. I will briefly go over a few reason why I suggest this, and appreciate any and all feedback.

Mandatory Obedience

Under Military Law, the CMP cannot break ML, or they will be charged with NOD. But the problem here is that nobody can arrest the CMP without first contacting Provost, with the exception of the CO, which is another whitelisted role that is not always filled.


The CMP has an absurd amount of power over the ship for a non-whitelisted role. They are above the XO in ML, and have the final say unless there is a Provost officer or a CO aboard the ship, which is not always guaranteed. This can cause for situations where the CMP is essentially a dictator, and can arrest people for whatever they want with the only option of freedom for the prisoner is an appeal, which are not even done correctly a majority of the time, even by some COs.


Another major aspect of the CMP is being able to RP and meet certain standards. There are many MPs, and a few CMPs who do not meet said standards, and instead treat the role as if it is just a role that they can mess around with and do whatever they please without consequence. Which is one of the main reasons I am suggesting a whitelist, as it will not only deter people that just want to use the role to arrest anyone they want, but it will also set a standard for people to follow if they want to become a CMP.

Responsibility and Prevention

Finally, I want to talk about responsibility. The job of the CMP isn’t to ruin people’s fun in a match and arrest them for every little thing that they do wrong, like some CMPs do. Instead, I believe that the job of the CMP is to prevent marines from comitting major crimes. Under ML it even says “Military Police may, at their discretion, ignore Minor Crimes unless they are ordered to enforce one.” This is something that I believe is overlooked, and ignored by many. As, when people play CMP they feel like, and do have power over everyone else aboard the ship. This in turn causes for them to arrest people for minor things, because they power trip.

Lastly, I just want the MP department to become something that isn’t just “Arrest every marine because we have all the power”. I want it to become something more, and to enable for more RP shipside. While yes, making CMP a whitelisted role may be seen by some as a poor decision, I think it would overall improve both CM, shipside RP, and cause for there to be less rule-breaks. At the very least, I just think there should be something in place to prevent people from abusing CMP, be it some sort of written form, or a strike system.

I am open to discuss, and I would love to hear feedback or other suggestions.

Imma stop you right there, morrow has constantly said no more whitelists along with other past developers and others

It anit happening


While a good idea, the culture of the community is still one that shits on MP’s simply for being MP’s and not because of anything they have done.

As such it’s not simply a matter of the CMP being a role model or ensuring the MP’s aren’t overzealous with arrests. There will always be times when members simply want to fuck with the MP’s during briefing or wherever. And in such cases if you try to arrest them with many people about, others will have the same idea and try to obstruct you in making any arrests.

So really, I believe it’s a culture shift we need, not more whitelists.

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the culture of the community is still one that shits on MP’s simply for being MP’s and not because of anything they have done.
TBH this is the biggest reason I came here.

If a CO goes rogue, they could derail the whole op and instakill anyone they wanted.

If a synth goes rogue, they could potentially kill a ton of marines or Xenos with an insane amount of tools and effeciency.

If a pred goes rogue, very little will stop them short of either the other two predators or an asleep.

These are some of the main reasons besides RP that these roles are whitelisted.

You could give the CMP a JUSTICE Exosuit with quad SADAR launchers on it’s shoulders, and the thing would still be dismantled for walking too close to Delta prep. They really just don’t need that much hubbub or attention.

We all know who would apply for this in a heartbeat.


I know Beck would. But to be quite honest, I do not think they are a very good CMP. They arrest for every minor infraction. They are a Mod Wannabe, so they use CMP to try and be one. This is exactly what I DON’T want to happen.


I actually support this. I drafted up something for it a long time ago but I haven’t published it yet for review.

I don’t think they should get any special game mechanics. But I think the CMP should get the power similar to that of a district attorney and be able to do stuff like offer plea deals and alter sentence timers to a degree.

No means no

A few MPs already have issues struggling not abusing power. Why would they be granted even more power. Just recently we saw a MP malice law put in cause of all the incidents

It would be ruined by a few for the rest. They know who they are

I can’t see a way how this would preserve server enjoyment

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We had a Warden a week or two ago now, might have been Beck actually. There was a prisoner in the yard causing an issue such as harming themselves. The Warden (Beck?) got involved and left both the doors to his office open, one leading out into the main Brig area and the other which connects to the yard. There was a pistol on the floor in his office. The prisoner ran inside and grabbed it and then killed themselves with it.

I called for the CMP to relieve them of their duties, upon which the Warden stated that they did it on purpose thinking they could soak up the bullets. Probably not true but the attempted excuse was almost worse than simply being incompetent. After the CMP tried to have their equipment taken, the Warden flashbanged them and then went rogue for the rest of the round.

clap clap clap

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I can still support ideas.

We both know that was not me. Please don’t make up random rumors about me and stage them with my name.

Holy shit you’re even managing to go back and forth on something that isn’t a pr

No means no

As I said, I don’t know who it was and never said for a certainty it was Beck. But I know they were referred to as, OOC, being a well known robust main MP player who usually goes CMP.

Yeah no more new whitelists lol, sentiment is understandable but it’s just not in the cards

The answer is probably no, none of the heads or maintainer managers support it.

If you feel like you are always being mentioned when people talk about bad MP players, well I got bad news.

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We don’t revolve the server on the worst behaving players, giving CMP’s ‘more power in the hands of shifters’ wouldn’t happen if it’s a whitelist. Drama passes me like a water in a river, but I haven’t heard of massive scandals including whitelist abuse in… ever while playing on the server. except a bit where two high ranking members of staff would spawn in as preds and gib people but I heard that years after the fact and had no idea if that’s true or not

A CMP whitelist could be cool, but with the ‘no more whitelists’ stance the chances of a CMP whitelist are nearly zero. I enjoy CMP, really a way for MP’s to be useful shipside and groundside would be extremely helpful in improving MP relations.