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Commanding Officer Application - Cobraman

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Player Name You Use Most?

Aden McClymonds

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:


Have you been banned in the last 3 months?


If so, why?


Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?

I am familiar with both XO and SO positions. I have played a bit of CMO. I have a good amount of experience with being Queen is that is considered a command role. I actually played CO before it was a whitelisted role, back in the old days when you had squads lined up at req for assignments.

Hours in XO:


Hours in SL:


Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?

Aden McClymonds did not have any great love for the USMC, or vice versa, hate for the people he was helping kill. He simply really loved being an officer. He enjoyed working with people, and people seemed to enjoy working with him. For Aden, it was simply the natural career path of an interstellar marine officer.

How did your character attain the position of CO?

Aden McClymonds was not a lot like the other COs he met. He had no great acts of heroism, except the normal extraordinary act which were part of the job. Instead, Aden was simply reliable. As a career officer, he needed to promote. After a particularly hot headed CO wanted to nuke a planet, the ship’s W-Y Liaison and Aden, as his XO, talked the CO down from destroying the company’s high value planet. Seeing Aden’s value, the W-Y Liaison put in a good word for Captain McClymonds, who soon enough found himself assigned to the USS Almayer as a Major.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Aden McClymonds was laying on his deathbed. A long and illustrious military career was summarized by a shadow box hanging over the bed where he lay. Almost 30 years of metals and ribbons. Learning to one side, he spoke into the tape recorder.

“This is the autobiography of Aden McClymonds, retired officer of the United States Marine Corps.” A deep sigh followed on the recording. His life as an officer had meant everything to him. “I am dying from the genetic deconstructive virus. I was infected during Operation Scout-Latitude-Seventeen when a CLF operative infiltrated the CIC and infected myself and the MP when we caught him attempting to assassinate one of our informants.” Another pause for breath, the virus was starting to turn off the genetic code in his lungs again. He hit himself with a hydro and continued, “With my limited time, I will refrain from retelling my childhood days. Instead, I’m going to start from the middle: The day I got drafted.”

A look of calm washed over Aden, the memories seemed to leave him as he told the story. He would finally find peace at the end. “I was 21 at the time the CLF attacked my planet. Being a fit male with rifle training, I was pressed into service. What should have been a 7 day battle for the CLF turned into an 18 month slog. Because I wasn’t formal military, they gave me FOB duty. I got a yellow helmet, and apprenticed with the Comtechs. About 6 months in, the squad guarding our communications relay was destroyed. I was sent to repair it.” Aden had managed to keep that welder almost 50 years later. His last surviving battle buddy would later claim it, and pass it down as an heirloom to his family. “We only had a Fire Team leader with us at the FOB. Eventually, our Squad leader got killed in an ambush. So the FTL got promoted, and I got his fire team position.” Aden winced remembering the death of his first Squad leader. Sgt. Blussing. Sgt. Blussing was leading a small group of men to the comms relay after it was repaired to relieve Aden’s squad, but was caught by the CLF on the way. The last thing he saw of Sgt. Blussing was a MEDIVAC stretcher being lifted into the air. The FTL grouped the survivors of Sgt. Blussings element and got them back to the FOB.

“We fought like hell” Aden remembered, in equal parts fondness and sadness, “We lost a lot of good men, but the USMC came and picked us up. Apparently I had been drafted for a 4 year term as infantry, and I wanted out. I had seen enough killing and violence. The CO wouldn’t let me go though. That’s when I got good at paperwork. I applied to the Interstellar Naval Academy, who accepted me. The CO, reluctant to tell high command he denied one of his men a chance to go to the Naval Academy let me go.” His academy diploma hung right next to the shadow box.

Aden began gasping again. He knew another Hydro hit would put him dangerously close to ODing on mutadone, but he needed the time to finish his story. The hydros click could be heard prefacing his story, “I didn’t want to go back to being a grunt, so I worked hard to commission. However, part of me missed the action of combat. I would daydream sometimes about leading men into battle from a forward point. That’s when I knew I was broken. Those 18 months had changed me. I couldn’t live a normal life, only tame the new one I had been forced into. I commissioned with the goal and intention of saving people when I could. This wasn’t the life I picked, but some marines did pick this life, and I had to stop them from using other people to act out their war fantasies.” Aden had seen plenty of people, Officers and Enlisted, die or get others killed trying to make history. “Don’t take this to mean that I didn’t love the military or being an officer, whoever you are listening to this. I worked hard to be promoted, but it always haunts me. Am I just like the others, who wanted to play the hero, or did I want to leave people better than I found them?”

Aden’s voice began lowering as the mutadone was no longer able to keep his body together. It would still slow the virus and buy him time. He switched to using the Dexlain hydro the doctors gave him. “I remember my first command. The USS Regonald. The Bravo guys and us got along well, so I ended up Overwatching for them mostly. I learned to work on my paperwork. One day the XO got into a fight with the Bravo SL over some point about the FOB. It was me, the XO, and the Bravo SL in a room. The XO, a Capitan Malvin, assaulted the Bravo SL, Sgt. Grey. The XO offered to transfer me to a better ship with a promotion to boot if I testified against Sgt. Grey. Instead, I testified against the XO. Apparently the XO had some friends which got offended and transferred me to one of the most dangerous jobs in the fleet. I was an SO for a Special Operations detachment of engineers. We would drop on planets without landing pads and they would have to build them. There were a few close calls, but I don’t recall ever leaving anyone behind.”

Aden began having trouble swallowing, he hastened his storytelling, “From there, I SNAFUed upwards. There were only two officers on the ship, myself and the CO. Because of this, I was marked as “Executive Officer.” However this worked, I have no idea. But, once it came time for me to transfer, I was made the XO of an Infantry Platoon. There I worked against my CO to minimize our marines turning into Heroic stories. One time, I believe it was on Kanthal V, I stopped him from nuking a Whey-You planet that they wanted to keep. The Liaison I had worked with for some time told W-Y about me, and they pulled strings with the USMC to make me a CO. I remember the Liaison calling me into his office and sliding me the paperwork to apply.”

Aden’s time had run out, his body began breaking apart as the virus took hold, “I always tried to do my best as a CO. I wanted my marines to come back. Sometimes that meant paperwork, but I was good at that. Sometimes that meant the cost of a mission was too high. USMC high command seemed to agree with me, or at least not want to punish me when I pulled out. In the end, I’m dying for the corps. By breaking that vial, I saved thousands of marines from dying. I knew the information that CLF would give us would save marines.”

A long pause. Aden knew he had one final statement to make that he hoped the world would remember him by. He wanted people to understand what being a CO meant to him, and why marines trusted in him. With his last breath, he said “I died for my marines, a good CO should always let his pride die before his marines.”

And with that, Aden’s brain shut off. The doctors who were isolating him came in once the virus had killed itself. A funny perk, the genetic degrading virus was imperfect and eventually destroyed itself. A military guard covered the roller bed in the USMC flag, as Aden was rolled to the mortuary.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?

The prisoner is innocent of the crime(s).
The prisoner is guilty of a much less serious crime than charged.
The prisoner is guilty of a minor crime, such as petty theft, and the victim does not wish to press charges.
The prisoner is guilty of a minor crime which did not cause lasting damage, the prisoner shows remorse, and promises to fix his mess if applicable, with victim approval.
The prisoner is guilty and committed the crime for a good reason, for example breaking and entering to save someone’s life.
The prisoner is guilty of a major crime, but lacked the proper mens rea to commit the crime.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.

An Ordinance Tech accidentally blows up a bunch of marines in briefing while handing out grenades. I would pardon this only on the ground the ordnance tech uses his own materials to repair the damage, undergoes some remedial training from a more experienced OT if possible, and does not take chemicals into the briefing hall again.

A Private throwing a chair which hit an MP, without intending to, and lightly damaged the MP. The MP then charges him under Assault with a Deadly Weapon Charge rather than a more appropriate charge like Hooliganism. I would use a pardon here because the charge neither matches the mens rea or the crime.

A Private disrupts briefing, insults the MPs, and runs around accruing several low level charges. I would not pardon here because the Private needs to learn a lesson about how to behave.

A Staff Officer attempts vigilante justice against said marine from before, but without approval. He pushed the marine down, and over the course of the fight uses his knife. The SO is charged with Assault with a Deadly weapon, Disorderly Conduct, Interference because he was blocking the MPs from reaching the private. I would not pardon here because the SO intentionally committed all the actions, and should have known that they were illegal.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?

When a Marine or other shipboard personnel present a clear and consistent danger which is not mitigated by use of the prison, and rises to the occasion that lethal force should be used to protect marines, or government property.


The crime committed was so heinous and against basic human and military morals no other punishment would suffice. There can also be no question of the facts involved.

A Squad Leader is refusing to take his men outside the FOB wire, and is instead attempted to convince the other squads to flee from the front. Once the MPs find and arrest him, he is constantly problematic, breaking out of prison, and constantly subverting the operation by cutting power to the CIC among other actions. Because he consistently broke out of prison, and presents a clear and consistent danger to the operation, a BE is appropriate if no other alternative can be found.

A Pilot Officer, during a FOB evac, locks the doors to the Alamo and refuses to open them until he can cycle for fear of dying to xenos. This was despite being ordered to and having the ability to take off. He would receive a Battlefield Execution because there can be no disputing the facts and such actions offend the very core of military morals, such that no other punishment is fitting.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.

A researcher steals a monkey, plants an egg and makes a non-Green xenomorph queen (after asking and was ordered not to) which escapes and kills several marines. I would use a BE here because the researcher showed a blatant disregard for human life, knew the risks, and took them. This meets the criteria for the “heinous and against basic human and military morals” test for my BE.

A scumbag private continuously disrupts the operation, including jailbreaking prisoners. If the damage can be fixed by the CE or MTs, and the private can be contained safely, I would not use a BE. If the private irrevocably damaged the prison, such that it could not contain him or the other prisoners, I would use a BE because it meets the " clear and consistent danger which is not mitigated " criteria. I would not BE the other prisoners unless they committed actions which would pass either test.

A medic disregards orders, deserts, and hangs out in a bar he makes in the FOB, encouraging others to do the same. He fights, without using lethal force, against the MPs sent to retrieve him. Once he is shipboard he does not cooperate with military police, but also does not attempt to break out or cause other disruptions to the operation. I would most likely NOT BE him as he does not meet the standard for either test. If he amassed a large following and attempted to form a sort of rebellion for peace, I would BE him then because it passes the second test.

I like your story, but I have no clue who your character is.


As per a discord conversation with CO councilor @LilPenpusher , I am here to summarize I note I recently got.

The note is as follows:

Noted for Rule 2: Roleplay | Opted to skip briefing as the XO, informed about the CO, XO, and aCO’s mandatory adherence to Non-Modifiable Standard Operating Procedures. by biolock (Admin) on 2023-12-22 00:17:55 (ID: 20059)

During this round, before briefing, I had a bravo specialist go AWOL, aswell as threats of a riot, and a possible active shooter in medical bay before briefing. Aswell, one of my SOs had “briefed” Charlie squad on their orders, and so that Squad did not show up on time to briefing. Something Similar might have happened with Delta, though I’m unsure. At the scheduled time for briefing, both Alpha and Bravo SL were present. I gave the full briefing despite the lack of Charlie and Delta. We had FORECON on the ground, so despite not technically meeting The Rule 2 briefing, I felt that I had done enough, and the conditions of both a possible riot and FORECON being attacked constituted an " Emergency situation." My reading of the rules was wrong, though I feel in an understandable way.

Hey Cobraman. First, thank you for applying.
I’m gonna begin by talking about your app since no one else has. I’m no councilor so don’t take anything I say as official. You should feel free to DM me for more details, I’ll be keeping it short here.

  • Backgrounds questions are fine.

  • Story’s a bit short to my liking. It’s also a classic PFC to Maj tale. It’s got incoherences : Why would McClymonds have commissioned as an infantry officer if he wanted out of the “killing and violence” only to miss the “action of combat” a few years later. Aden also managed to have his CO overriden and still go through officer training just because he was “good at paperwork” and I wonder how that worked out since you didn’t elaborate there. Enlisted can’t pull UNO reverses against officers. Did he have a degree? I think it could’ve been done better there. I liked that Aden is a career officer without any great act of bravado though.

  • You’ve failed to demonstrate your knowledge about the differences between pardons, appeals, and using your powers as the ultimate authority on ML to take corrective actions outside procedures such as the release of prisoners. If a prisoner is innocent, you release him. Pardons are for criminals you want released and who you will be held accountable for. If a prisoner is guilty of a less serious crime than the one he is being charged for, you either accept his appeal or take corrective action if you noticed the possibility to do so before an appeal. Some of your examples go along everything I’ve said above.

  • You seem to believe that as long as a criminal can be safely contained later, BEs are not warranted. As long as the offender has commited a capital crime, is threatening your command, your ship, or your personnel, it is your call whether or not to execute him, and you will always be justified doing so in those circumstances. I don’t know why you put BE examples in the wrong section but most of them are also poorly chosen, I think your hurt yourself there.

Now I’m gonna talk about you and your character in rounds.

  • I’ve witnessed firsthand as corroborated by fellow COs that you’re not up to the standards related to gameplay. You’re slow to send out announcements, you often leave CIC unattended for six-seven minutes at a time to check on minor stuff. You need to work on your judgement, is checking on a research emergency or handling an appeal worth leaving the entirety of your ground troops to fend for themselves? Leaving CIC is something COs do because they trust their XOs or SOs but that’s a luxury you do not have yet.

  • Be sure to play a believable human character. I’ve talked with no one yet being able to attest to your ability to roleplay.

  • You need vouches, let the community show they trust you to lead the Marines and that they support you to get in the whitelist. I don’t know what’s up here but I can only advise you to interact more on discord and get exposure. COs have also not seen you enough, and what has been seen is not all positive.

All the best.


Hello! Thanks for the detailed reply.

Reading it again, I defiantly left some obvious flaws in the story. I’ll make note of the issues and correct them for next time :slight_smile:

Blockquote BE examples in the wrong section but most of them are also poorly chosen

Yep I noticed that problem with the BE examples too late. I wrote them out in the moment and meant to move them down.

Blockquote You seem to believe that as long as a criminal can be safely contained later, BEs are not warranted

I wrote that particular response as to when my character would use it, not necessarily in general.

I’ll work on the gameplay and roleplay standards you mentioned aswell. This feedback was very valuable, thank you again!


I looked over your app. I’m not sure I’m ready to offer a +1 as there are some answers that I’m not quite sure hit the mark for me. I’d instead like to offer you some general honest feedback on where I think other COs and myself might be getting hung-up on you as a candidate at the moment.

Should you not get the W/L this go around I really encourage you to take some time and get some more XO hours under your belt and get some visibility. Read other apps, give your answers some thought and organize them into a document, and ask in the discord for feedback. Other COs tend to be pretty open to giving your story and answers some critique and are a great resource.

On to individual nitpicks:

In these three examples an appeal is almost always the correct answer. You could justify an arrest cancellation on the last one if it’s a weird situation but the others can be solved by whoever is taking an appeal.

Overall your examples are fine in my opinion. You don’t need to exercise a creative writing degree but I strongly encourage you to try and use the examples to point out understanding of the law as well as philosophy. Things like knowing you can’t issue pardons for capital offences. I found it useful to apply in-game appeals and arrests to my answers.

Battlefield Executions cannot be used against people in MP custody unless you have gone through the proper procedure or are on delta alert. If he’s in custody you should be using a firing squad for this. Always remember that you have an MP department who would absolutely love the chance to put the guy against the wall. Firing squads are pure soul and good RP for all involved. Granted if he is actively outside of brig I would encourage you to shoot him in the face.

A few of your other examples seem to either err too far on the side of caution to me or ignore other options. They all are again fine. I just think a little more clarify and demonstration of the nuances of BE or ML would help a lot.

Finally as to your work outside of the actual app, I’d really think it would help if you were more consistently active on XO and chatting on the discord. I know that I’ve seen you on both but more than a few COs and players can’t attest to more than a round or two under your leadership and that means you’re giving yourself an uphill battle as far as vouches go.

I’d like to see a bit more RP to your character. There doesn’t have to be a dramatic or exciting edge to them (Annette has been accused of being boring at least once) but just getting engaged with people helps a lot. It doesn’t even need to be as XO as long as your showing us that you’re willing to chat with people consistently in a fun in-character way. Try a round as SO and give your squad some small talk, encourage and chat with them.

Take and ask for feedback. You have a lot of past apps and COs to talk to who are willing to look over your app before you post it. They can help a lot. The councilors who will be deciding if you get the W/L are usually willing to at least give it a read through. Ask on the discord.

Overall, please don’t take any of my feedback here as a total dismissal of you as an XO/CO, I just think you have some points to improve on. If you have any other questions or need help please don’t hesitate to DM me.


Hey Cobraman! I know you’ve been working up to posting your app for a while and I’m happy to see you finally did. I’ll readily vouch that you’ve got the right temperament and headspace for the role of a CO, but your actual application and concrete command skills are a bit lacking. I’m going to elect to get into the specific areas in your app that I have concerns with and try to give you some candid feedback on them.


You wouldn’t issue a pardon for a crime that someone is innocent of, you’d have to appeal them out or better yet have them released because it’s not correct! As the Commanding Officer you’re the head of the Military Police Department, so just like the CMP can have someone released if one of their MPs arrested said individual on false charges you can do the same. A pardon is an expression of forgiveness; you’re acknowledging that a crime was committed and electing to give someone amnesty rather than having them serve their LEGITIMATE sentence.

As @SergeantSwahili pointed out, in both of these situations an appeal is preferable, and should you be fortunate enough to intercept the MPs before they file said charges you can correct them. I’d appreciate if you could provide some clarification to these specific criteria you’ve set out, mostly because they appear to suggest that you’d pardon someone of a crime simply because it was charged incorrectly. Are you going to pardon someone charged with assault with a deadly weapon because they actually assaulted someone without a deadly weapon?

These are good reasons to issue a pardon, but it’s always important to keep in mind the risk you’re taking when issuing said pardon. If whomever you’re pardoning isn’t going to have a real impact on the course of the operation why risk it?

Marine Law allows us to charge someone with a crime “so long as there exists a reasonable expectation and capability that the law will be broken.” So I’ll ask you this. If the person you are issuing a pardon for may lack the proper means to commit a crime–say a Doctor being arrested for attempted murder despite having no weapon–would you still do so if there exists a reasonable expectation that they would commit said crime in the future?

No notes on this one, this is a perfectly legitimate reason to issue a pardon.

While these MPs suck ass, this wouldn’t be an area you’d issue a pardon for. As I mentioned above you have the authority to release brigged individuals when they are wrongly charged, this would be a situation where I’d urge you to either do so outright or via an appeal.

Good, these types of marines deserve all the worst. I’d place a curse on their bloodline if I had the means to.

No notes here either, we’re meant to expect better from Staff Officers than play-acting as MPs.

Overall: I’d say your examples are significantly better than your stated criteria and beliefs surrounding pardons. But for reasons I’m not going to rehash or TL;DR, they don’t give me a real amount of confidence that you fully comprehend when and why to issue a pardon.

Battlefield Executions

This was almost correct. Where you’ve gone wrong is by including this section about a danger which is “not mitigated by use of the prison.” You can under no circumstances battlefield execute a marine that is in MP custody or safely brigged, the only way you’d be able to do something even remotely close to that is by ordering their execution for a capital crime. However, that is not a battlefield execution.

This is an answer I find really really interesting, in no small part because it’s not necessarily covered by ML or the CoC. I suppose the only advice I can really offer you here is to be absolutely sure that you can justify a BE conducted under that criterion to both the CO Council and the Admin Team, or to clear it in-game via an ahelp.

This BE would be appropriate if it was issued when the Squad Leader was not in MP custody. If there is an MP within view or the individual is being actively apprehended by MPs (as in tased, flashed, cuffed, etc.) you cannot and should not issue a BE and instead have them executed for jailbreaking, which is a capital crime.

Evacuations usually have mitigating circumstances that are difficult to spot from the CIC, but a PO like this deserves to be loaded into the OB Cannon and fired into the earth at terminal velocity.

I don’t, and probably never will, understand the obsession research has with creating their very own Xenomorphs in containment. It is almost never roleplayed out and usually causes more trouble than it has ever been worth, researchers like this will always get nothing but my worst wishes. Assuming your MPs don’t have the ignoble bastard in custody by the time you become aware of the situation this would be a justified BE.

As far as I am aware, damaging brig to an extent that it is incapable of securely holding prisoners is a rulebreak and necessarily should be ahelped. Your comment about the private being able to be “contained safely” once again leads me to this belief that don’t quite understand that individuals in MP custody cannot be battlefield executed, no matter how safely contained they are. Recognizing that they committed a capital crime (jailbreak) would have provided a sufficient foundation for a BE, but the rest of your answer just isn’t lending me confidence.

Again, the medic is in MP custody, you CANNOT battlefield execute him no matter how many people he got to follow his cause! You can have him executed via normal means for sedition, desertion or any number of other crimes but you can’t BE him!!!

Overall: I cannot overlook this seemingly pervasive view, or simple lack of recognition, that you can BE individuals in MP custody. This is clearly stated in the CoC and the fact that it’s coming up as a repeated issue across this entire section doesn’t give me any confidence that you’ve read or really understood it.

Courtesy of the Code of Conduct

As other commenters have pointed out, your concrete command skills are similarly lacking. You’ve been noted to be slow to action and infrequent with your call-outs/announcements. Your judgment regarding when and when not to be in CIC as well as issues surrounding ML and SoP have given cause to concern. And when you combine that with the recent note you received, it’s not giving anybody a picture of a competent and knowledgeable commander.

I’d implore you to take the advice others have given and take some time to really reflect on your current style as a commander. I’ve had you as my XO before and you’ve asked me for tips and advice on commanding, so I know you have the ability to improve.

For now, though, I don’t think I can give you anything but a -1. I wish you all the luck for the future, and should you not get accepted this time around I’d be more than willing to take a look at any future applications you cook up.



Thanks for looking at my app and the detailed view. I defiantly am going to brush up more on my marine law and try to play a few rounds as MP. Also, it seems like my readings on things like BE just didn’t stick for some reason in my head when I was writing this, I value your feedback a lot since we’ve known each other for a bit, cheers!


After reviewing the application and your performance, the Council feels that, while you do have potential and are putting in effort to get better at what you do, I’m sorry to say that you are not at the level of command and roleplay ability required for the whitelist - yet.

You’re nearly there! I think it would be good to spend another month or more, depending on your preferences, ironing out your abilities, roleplay skills, and exposure (not enough people have seen you play, I think), so that you can get better chances next time. But in the meantime, we’re going to have to say no to this application and for you to spend some more time getting experience.

This application is denied. You may reapply in 30 days on February 11, 2024.

Added co:denied