Commanding Officer Code of Conduct

Commanding Officer Code of Conduct

This page is a compressed overview of the Commanding Officer’s responsibilities and abilities. See the full CO Code of Conduct here.

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Your role as the Commanding Officer of the USS Almayer

No army operates without good leadership; an army without a chain of command is a defeated army. It’s your job and duty to represent the United Americas Allied Command and cooperate with W-Y to solve the situation down on the planet.

The Commanding Officer is held to a higher standard than all the crew of Almayer and expected to have the top responsibilities of all other marines. You are expected to be a role model for your men and to have patriotism and dignity.

A Commanding Officer’s arsenal, what you have and how to use it

As the Commanding Officer of the USS Almayer, you are tasked with upholding many extra responsibilities. Such a role does not go unaided, however, so you’ve been given a few special tools to ensure the integrity of the operation and your crew are maintained. Between both your ship’s equipment and the crew herself, this is your current arsenal:

  • The CIC central console - The Central console is the brain of an operation. With it, you can access a Tactical map of the colony below, give out DEFCON points, change your Primary LZ, call for Evac/Distress when it’s time to abandon ship, and most importantly, send out announcements to your Marines with vital intel regarding the operation. Very few can access it if you aren’t signed in and for good reason. Be sure to get acquainted with it, its use or misuse will determine the outcome of your operation.
  • The CIC Staff - CIC staff usually consists of four Staff Officers and an Executive Officer. These men and women will be your eyes and ears for the operation’s duration.
  • Departments - Each department, Requisitions, Medical, Engineering, and Security have a head for their department. Be sure to keep in contact with them as they’ll know firsthand what occurs in regards to their field and may have useful insight.
  • Mateba Autorevolver or Desert Eagle - Powerful, heavy sidearms that can stun and execute opponents.
  • M46C Pulse Rifle or M56C Smartgun - The primary long arms of the Commanding Officer, mutually exclusive. Used for direct enemy engagements or in defensive situations.

Do remember that your staff and Marines are actual players and not just AI, no matter how much they may act like it. Treat them accordingly.

Standard Operating Procedure

All aspects of the Standard Operating Procedures can be modified by the Commanding Officer, as long as it does not contradict other elements of the CO Code of Conduct.

  • You cannot arm marines with CIC armory guns prior to hijack.
  • SOP changes must be publicly communicated via announcements.
  • Modifications may be reversed or belayed by discretion of High Command.
  • SOP must overall be beneficial to the Marines, the ship or the operation. For example, no, “all Marines must walk” or “no shotguns”.
  • Use common sense.
  • You cannot contradict server rules, such as deploying shipside personnel or department heads to the frontlines.

Battlefield Executions

Commanding officers hold the exclusive ability to be able to summarily execute anyone in their authority for severe crimes in where detention is infeasible or impractical, or where an individual poses an active threat.

Information on Battlefield Executions

Battlefield Executions can only be performed by the Commanding Officer or general officers. Others are mechanically restricted from performing a BE.

  • Battlefield Executions do NOT have to be performed with an execution sidearm. Any method that causes immediate death, such as regular firearms, is allowed. Execution sidearms are preferred due to their ability to permanently kill.
    • Cruel and unusual punishment that does not result in the immediate death of the target will need to be cleared with High Command before proceeding.
    • You may NOT perform BEs via orbital bombardments (OBs), mortar, or other kinds of fire support that cause significant amounts of collateral damage.

Example reasons to perform a Battlefield Execution

Note: the examples in this list are not exhaustive. Scenarios that fall outside of these may be handled at your discretion.

  • The life of you or others around you is in danger. An example of this would be an active shooter firing on Marines, or someone attempting to assassinate you.
  • Someone is attempting to deliberately hinder or harass you, personally, whether it is preventing you from leading effectively, harassing you even when told to back off, or attempting to do acts that would cripple, disable or distract you from your duties. Note that you should give someone warnings when doing this before performing a BE.
  • Someone is attempting to overthrow, overrule or otherwise undermine your command or the CIC’s command. This may be through threats of or acts of mutiny, sedition, desertion, or inciting dissident speech against the CO or CIC, such as encouraging others to mutiny.
  • Someone is attempting to destroy, damage, or sabotage the ship, or the operation. Examples of this would be:
    • Someone deliberately destroying barricades or ground-side defenses with the intent to sabotage or hinder Marines.
    • Deliberately firing weapons, explosives, or fire support (OBs/railguns/mortar/CAS) on allied personnel.
    • Deliberately firing explosives or other damaging weaponry with the intent to destroy Marine fortifications, such as launching artillery towards the FOB.
    • Planting explosives on or destroying large amounts of the ship to cripple its operations.
    • Destroying key machinery required for shipside operations.
  • Someone has committed a capital crime and is fleeing from custody. ‘’‘Acts that warrant execution by default, such as murder, jailbreak, and sedition, are eligible for Battlefield Execution if they are not in MP custody.’‘’
  • Someone killed a bonded animal directly under the ownership of the Commanding Officer.

Marine Law and You

As it stands, Marine Law makes you the highest Judiciary Official aboard your vessel. You have the final say on anything that happens law related. By extension of this, you yourself cannot be arrested without the authorization of High Command. Make no mistake, however, you are not above Marine Law, nor can you change Marine Law like General SOP.

You are expected to maintain the same level of professionalism as the CMP when handling Marine Law related business aboard your vessel. You are also able to Pardon criminals if you deem it necessary, but not if they have committed a Capital crime. If this is abused in any way, you will find yourself sharing a cell with the man you pardoned and possibly punished when the mission is over.