Comprehensive Corpsman Guide

I only just learned the janitor strategy, though I normally make the bucket from the lathe

So, anything we should end up changing with the recent PR to the medvendors rebalance? Esp. Since one can no longer dupe add. Med supplies. (presuming this PR stays)

Based on my testing the med vendor changes are a supply issue, mechanically nothing has actually changed regarding healing people.

The primary concern of Corpsman now is actually getting sufficient medical supplies for their loadout and sustaining their supplies planeside during a protracted engagement.

As of last I played a day or so ago there is a risk of you running out of supplies at round start if every Corpsman rushes the vendors, but past this point there is a critical threshold where the longer a round goes on the more likely it is that the FOB will exhaust its “limited” medical supplies. "

Its too early for me to write any new additions to the guide regarding this proposed change since more changes are guaranteed to occur, assuming it even gets merged (which seems likely).

My personal recommendation would be to make a trip to the Medical Vendors a priority at round start to ensure you get the supplies you need.

backpack medics rise

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