Cyber Spire - Commanding Officer Application

Cyber Spire - Commanding Officer Application

What is your BYOND key?
Cyber Spire

What is your Discord ID?
Cyber Spire#9133

What is your timezone in UTC?
PST -08

Player Name You Use Most?
John ‘Justice’ Jackson

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:

Denied synthetic application | Denied Cyber Spire - Synthetic Application

Denied Mentor application |

Accepted Mentor application |

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?
I have not.

If so, why?

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?
I am very familiar with command positions.

I have a good understanding off all the tools in CIC and all the tools of an SL.

I have about 65 hours as staff officer along with XO and SL. My time in CIC has given me practice on spotting flanks, good push times, and generally reading when it’s about to go to pot.

Hours in XO:

Hours in SL:

Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?
John Jacksons ultimate goal when joining the USCM as an officer was to become a CO of his own ship and follow in the footsteps of his father, Mark Jackson.

John Jackson grew up in a very patriotic colony along with having a father who once served as the CO of the USS Qualdar. After growing up and hearing stories of all the different Missions that his father had gone on, John decided that he would become a CO himself one day.

How did your character attain the position of CO?
John Jackson was a Executive officer on the USS Haldire for a couple years. He had numerous successful combat operations while serving on the USS Haldire right under major William Martin. He had consistently gone above and beyond when serving under Major Martin. It was after operation Option-Lima, when he eventually got a recommendation for the promotion, by the Major. Jackson was eventually given the opportunity, to be promoted to the CO of his own ship, and he gladly accepted.

Provide a short story of your CO.
Major John Jackson, and his crew, deploy to assault a colony that has been taken over by the CLF.

Cyber Spire CO Story. - Google Docs | It has roughly 4,584 words and is 15 pages long.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?
I believe it’s appropriate to pardon someone if, it was a genuine mistake and they did not knowingly committing the crime, and I am sure they will not re-offend. I don’t think it’s appropriate to pardon someone for knowingly committing the crime and not doing anything to avoid committing it. The only exception to that is if they were acting in good faith and it had a overall good outcome.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.
Examples I would pardon:
Someone breaks into med bay storage to get medical supplies for a dying person as there are no doctors available.
A squad leader gets arrested for insubordination for abandoning current squad orders to flanking with his squad, causing major progression on the groundside fight as a result. (I’d also question the arresting MPs motives on this one.)
Examples I would NOT pardon:
A MT shocking the brig doors.
An RO gets arrested for spending half the operation medaling with BM stuff.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?
I believe a Battlefield Execution is appropriate to be preformed when someone’s actions have a sizeable negative impact on others. An example of that would be, someone repeatedly beating someone’s head in on a table with no justifiable reason.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.
Examples I would BE:
Someone throws another person down the ASRS pit.
Someone starts shooting up CIC.
Someone kills jones :3.
Examples I would NOT BE.
Someone is preforming shenanigans at briefing that are generally disruptive.
Someone is threatening me and my CIC staff over comms.
Someone is harassing me over a decision I have made.

I’m not sure why nobody has said anything on your application yet. Especially after 11 days. More-so when I see you online a good bit of the time I am on. Personally, I know your competent and that you can handle yourself in CIC when you play XO. You also got the hours to back it up which helps a ton I’m sure.

I’m not so sure on your ability to RP since I’ve just never really talked to you directly which is a shame really on my behalf.

Overall your a good XO and it’s fun to serve under you. So I’m just going to drop my +1 for what is is worth. May not be worth much. But it’s my pretty ¢2.

Good Luck Cmdr.

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Not sure why Cyber Spire isn’t getting any traction as far as discussion. A fellow mentor who joined the mentor team in the same wave I did, I have always found his character John Jackson to be solid in roleplay and in a command position. Haven’t heard anything negative about him in his capacity as a mentor and SEA and I know he’s played a decent amount of SEA since becoming mentor. So here’s a community +1.


Known you a while, good player, good leader. Knows what he’s doing when he’s XO, from what I’ve seen. Has a solid grasp on what it takes to take charge of the marines and lead them into glorious battle.

He’s got my vote!

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A few of us from the Council (including myself) can vouch for your competence and ability to roleplay and command well as an XO. Here’s what the Councilors have had to say in regards to your application:

  • We appreciate the fact that you have Pardon answers in your application that aren’t copy-pasted ad-verbatim from CoC or ML. Shows you really know how the pardons work. That being said…

  • There are multiple issues with your Battlefield Execution answers; however, they don’t constitute a denial by themselves. I think it would be best to just address them so you don’t make these mistakes in actuality:

    • Repeatedly beating someone’s head on a table does not constitute immediate grounds for BE. It’s a fight, sure, and a violent one at that, but by no means is anyone’s life in immediate danger unless weapons were drawn or you observe the victim actually being in critical condition. BEs should be used for events like assassination attempts, mass shootings, capital crimes, or otherwise posing an active threat.

    • You are allowed to BE in several of the reasons you listed as reasons you would not BE over, though this is ultimately up to personal preference; it’s much better to not BE someone when you were allowed to, rather than BEing someone when you weren’t allowed to. Namely, a clear and obvious threat to you over comms (“I am going to kill the CO” or “I’m going to shoot up the CIC”) can be validly interpreted as your or the command staff’s lives or livelihoods are in danger, and you can issue a BE to stop a threat. Again, though, this is up to personal interpretation.

There might be a few things we’ll need to guide you over. But overall I feel like none of these issues would stand in the way of making you a fine Commanding Officer. These issues we can iron out easily.

I would recommend that you pay extra attention to studying the reasons to perform a BE and the standards in doing so so that you would avoid trouble in the future.

That being said, Council has decided to accept this application and accept your promotion.

Congratulations, Major Jackson. Welcome to the CO whitelist!

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