Cyber Spire - Moderator Application

Moderator Application - Cyber Spire

What is your BYOND key?

Cyber Spire

What is your Discord username?

Cyber Spire#9133

What characters do you play on CM-SS13?

John ‘Justice’ Jackson

Are you 16 or older?



PST | Pacific Standard Time

On average, how many hours are you available to moderate in an average week?

28 Average | 14 Minimum


Do you have previous experience in game or community moderation?

None worth noting, but I have done some small moderation work for other communities.

Provide any links to any previous CM-SS13 whitelist, mentor or staff applications:

Denied synthetic application | Denied Cyber Spire - Synthetic Application

Denied Mentor application |

Accepted Mentor application |

Accepted CO application | Cyber Spire - Commanding Officer Application

Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on CM-SS13?


Can you actively engage and communicate with the team through Discord?


Final Details:

Why would you like to join the CM-SS13 staff team?

I’d like to join staff because I want to help improve overall community enjoyment. Be that through handling tickets, or running fun events for people. I think that joining staff is currently the best way for me to do that. (Also for WJ whitelist :D)

What makes you a great addition to Staff? (Experienced Tabletop DM, Aliens Lore Buff, Super Organized, etc.?)

I am capable of stepping back from any situation, and putting my biases aside to help make better decisions.
I am very typically calm, cool and collected. There are a couple times where I’ll get overwhelmed, but when that happens its few and far between.
I’m generally on CM quite often, and if not in the actual game, I’m most likely inside the discord VC channels.
I am also quite familiar with the aliens lore. I’m not super knowledgeable about it, but I’d say I’m at least more informed than the average person.

In your opinion, what is the most important quality of a CM-SS13 staff member?

There are a lot of qualities that I think are worth mentioning, but number one I believe would have to be the ability to remain unbiased.

If take your own personal biases into every situation you go into, you’ll often find yourself making illogical decisions, and overall ruining your own reputation. It can also more often than not, be harmful to other members of the community. An example of this would be; some guy makes an ahelp about being griefed, and you ignore it because you don’t like the guy. This is kind of an extreme example, but my original point still stands nonetheless.

Another notable quality, that I’d say comes at least top 5, is the ability to acknowledge your own faults.

If you don’t self reflect very often on your decisions, then you might find yourself becoming a hypocrite. Which, does not reflect very well on you, and the staff team as a whole. Its also just generally a healthy thing to admit when your wrong, rather than continuing to argue with someone.
There’s a multitude of other points that I can talk about if you’d like, or maybe even expand on the ones I’ve already given.

Anything else you want to add?

I quite often joke around, but when needed to I’m able to pull myself together and act professional. Here’s my hours incase anyone is interested; Screenshot - 8c3a92345adc3b51edfe7867aca4de3b - Gyazo

Throw your hardest questions at me!!!
Otherwise, there’s nothing else I’d like to add.


Solid CO, and great mentor. Active member of the community, and a very chill dude who I have never seen or heard of getting mad or losing his cool. I have seen him solo CIC more then once and just take the whole OP so smooth that you would think he has a full CIC staff helping him but its just him up there. Knowledgeable about ML and CO related issue super well with the talks I have had with him in VCs.
Cyber is someone who I feel the moderation team will greatly benefit from being on the team.
Take my +1!
Best of luck man!


How would you handle MP ahelps and how often would you handle them?

MP ahelps are often messy and a handful to handle, so i want to know your response and how well you think you could deal with them, I know how simple of a question this is but it matters alot to me, so id like to know your awnser

It depends on what kind of MP ahelp it is.

Is it asking for clarification on marine law.
Is it reporting MP misconduct.

If someone is asking for clarification, I’d say I could probably take them consistently without much troubles. There are some dark corners of ML that I feel I’d need to go to higher staff for clarification on, but otherwise I feel confident in my ability to take them.

If its about MP misconduct, I’d probably leave it to more experienced staff. If nobody else is available/taking it, then I’d go for it. All situations are unique, so depending on what exactly happened, I’ll be coming to different verdicts on what exactly to do each time. I’d either follow basic protocol for handling a ticket outlined on the forums, or send in a provost inspector team, depending on the situation and the overall IC/OOC events leading up to present time. I’m not currently super aware as to when each one should be chosen over the other, but I’d assume training would help clear that up. If applicable, I think I’d try and opt for the more IC approach to it. Overall, with my current knowledge I would not be super confident taking them, but I will if needed to.

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as outlined on the MP page, a IC law break is a OOC law break and should always be noted :v though that is my only concern, ill be leaving a +1 because i feel as if youd make a good addition to the team besides that, please note that you WILL be sent to the MP and ML learning center for this awnser >:( (the learning center isnt real)

+1 hope you get accepted

Hello Cyber Spire,

I’m glad you’re considering becoming a moderator. Before I cast my own stone, can you please answer a few questions for me?

Question 1: Rule Comprehension

In your opinion, what is/are the major difference(s) between breaching escalation rules (Rule 10: Lethal Force) and griefing (Rule 4: No Griefing)?

Question 2: Rule Analysis
If you could re-write one rule, which one would it be, and how would you write it?

Question 3: Adminhelp
You receive an adminhelp that says, “Mr. Admin, the Queen is ordering all of us stay in this tiny room in the hive and is banishing any who go outside the room!”

How do you reply?

Question 4: Scenario
Please read the following conditions and then respond to the scenario as though you were the only available staff member. If you feel you are missing critical information necessary to pass judgement , you can insert the information as additional conditions in your answer and conclude based on your imposed conditions.


  • The round is eight minutes in.
  • Briefing will happen in two minutes.
  • A predator player has spawned on their ship
  • The predator player teleports to the Almayer and HPCs the requisitions line.
  • There was no predator gear in orbit

These are some challenging questions which do not necessarily have a single right answer. Please do not sweat the questions too hard, as I suspect some of our current staff members might struggle with some of these as well. I wish you luck on your application, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

p.s. Clairion insists we ask questions, so thank them!

Hey Biolock! Thank you for commenting.

Question 1: Rule 10 and 4 seem to go hand and hand in most situations, but for griefing I believe it can be more like; Hey, this doctor just ripped my leg off in surgery and refuses to give me a new one. Something that isn’t necessarily Lethal Escelation out of nowhere, but ruining someone’s round through other means, or just causing a boat load of issues. Obviously, most situations with the previously mentioned criteria can also apply for rule 10, but I feel that griefing is less of shooting someone in a fist fight, and more of a shocking all the doors to prevent people from doing their jobs.

Question 2: With my current understanding of the server and its rules, I’m not entirely sure I would want to change any right now. I simply don’t have the insight to know which rules are problematic in practice, and which ones are fine. From my current understanding though, I think that Rule 3, Don’t be a dick, can be rather problematic due to the board overview it has, and relatively little line drawing on what is too much, and what is fine. I’d probably rewrite to be more clear on where the line is drawn, but other than that I think its fine.

Question 3: I’d refer them to the clause on rule 2 regarding xenomorphs and their roleplay guidelines. It states, aliens have no free will and will follow the queens will. It also lists that the queen has the right to banish anyone who doesn’t follow their orders, so long as they’re not completely outlandish, making a joke, etc. I’ve seen this tactic used multiple times before, and as far as I’m aware there’s not problem with it.

Question 4: I’m not entirely sure on this one. I’ve been looking around for how staff are supposed to interact with whitelist breaks, if they note them, etc, and I haven’t been able to find it. I’m just gonna go off what I’ve heard in the past from other staff members that I’ve spoken to.

I’d start with Amessaging the person, asking why they did it, etc.
Secondly I’d head over and check their notes, check if they have a history of these kind of shenanigans. I’d say this is pretty textbook griefing, and a multitude of other rule breaks, so I’d go ahead apply the respective punishment, per if its a first offense, or a repeated action.
If anyone Ahelps about it, as I’d imagine quite a few people likely would, I would aheal them, and relay anyone who asks, to a player report via the forums for a whitelist report.
Then after that, I’d send a message over to one of the predator councilors/senator, letting them know what happened and providing as much logs/evidence as I can.

Thank you for the questions! I hope you find my answers satisfactory.

Howdy Cyber Spire,

Thank you for the answers, and I’ll offer a few short replies.

  1. I think you provide some strong examples of griefing as juxtaposed to improper escalation, and your examples highlight the chief disparity between the two rulebreaks: intent. Griefing requires the intent to… well… cause other players grief; breaching escalation does not necessarily require that same intention.

  2. I asked this more out of an opportunist desire to get some insight to what you think needs fixing, as I’m currently going through and rewriting a bunch of the rules.

  3. Good

  4. Also good. This was a challenging situation, as there’s some grey area between what a staff member handles and what is whitelist councilor territory.

The questions were a formality. +1

Not much to say that other’s have not. +1

Sorry for the relative lack of hours in-game recently. I’ve been catching up on some other stuff, and made some promises that I’d play with people in other games. I’ll try and pick the game back up soon.

There’s really not much to say here, other than the mentor-to-mod pipeline is real, and I am very, very disappointed in Cyber for selling out and becoming a… janny…

But at least he’ll be a good janny with critical thinking skills.

Obvious +1

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Nice friend and as Nod said there isn’t much you can say other than he’s a nice person even though we don’t see each other much in game anymore I can judge from atleast the Few interactions we’ve had he will be a benefit to the mod team

Ein +1


But in all seriousness, been a good mentor and player for ages. +1


Hey, heads up that my activity likely won’t pop back up to the posted amount in the application until after December. Real life decided now of all times to hit me with a load of stuff. I’ll still try and hop on whenever possible, though.


Looking at your answers to the questions posted by Biolock, and after examining your previous applications; I believe you’ll make one fine moderator.


Nothing to add what Backsea and Biolock said, I know you’d do good. Besides, I know how you conduct as a fellow CO, you would be a good addition to staff team!

+1, best of luck!

Hey folks! Sorry for having a total of Zero Playtime hours in the last week. Stuff came up, and I’ve had both no internet, and no PC :smiley: .
I’ve for now got a not so great computer connection and a 3.5 Megabyte download speed, so it’ll likely be a little bit longer than anticipated before my hours jump back up, while I work on fixing my stuff IRL.

Heya Cyberspire!

Sorry for letting this application rot for a while. That is entirely my fault and nothing to do with your playtimes, those seem fine and you’ve been active enough. Anyways I’ll get into the actual application now.

You have plenty of support from both staff and the playerbase. Its not the be-all and end-all but its positive to see that its there.

Your answers to the questions seem decent. Biolock already went over the ones he asked, and getting confidence/knowledge on ML matters is something that we can look into in your training. (It also kind of comes with experience and ML ahelps will remain one of the hardest types of ahelp to handle)

I really agree with your opinion on remaining unbiased, and that that is an important quality.
I do have some slight concern there as something that you can improve on, since you did semi-recently show some negativity towards some other players in the playerbase.
Dont get me wrong, its fine for staff to have opinions and I get that you weren’t staff at the time. But if you want to be truly unbiased then you do need to have the intent to be unbiased, act unbiased and appear unbiased.
I dont think its too bad but since you say thats something you care about I think its worth pointing out that there is room for improvement there.

Regarding notes, they seem fine. You dont have any recent ones and the older ones aren’t concerning to me.
The fact that you’ve also been both a mentor and CO for a while without any concerns coming up for either of those roles is also a good sign.

All in all I think you’ll be a good fit for the staff team so I will be accepting your application.
Once again sorry for taking so long to handle the application. Look out for a DM from me so we can get everything sorted out and start planning out the training. (It might only get going in 2024 though depending on availability to train around new years)

Added mod:approved and removed mod:waiting