Defence's/Buildables for marines, Cades, sentry's, ect

I feel like defense’s for marines DESPERATLY need a rework or overhaul, cades in general are a pretty lame and boring idea. I have some thoughts but I was wondering what you guys thought?

Cades are what keep T3s out, and keeps swarms from overwhelming wide-open areas. Assuming tier threes were removed, you could theoretically keep the weaker castes from overwhelming maps with longer sightlines on narrower approaches, such as Sorokyne, Chance’s Claim, and Fiorna Cellblocks. Otherwise: it’s a marine wipe every time.

There’s no replacement to cades without replacing the threat, or replacing the game’s focus.

Then you get a defender who just curls into the ball in front of the cade, and nothing can be done against it, while it keeps pounding those stupid cades!!!


Just use fire. Flamers work on them still.

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Yeah that new invincible defender strain is kinda stupid in my opinion… it makes them invulnerable which is pretty dumb IMO. and the worst part is that it can still punch cades whilst its invincible…

Its not invincible. You just need to use AP or fire.

It’s T1 ap is scarce flamers can bring more bad than good in cade enviorement

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Whilst this wasnt my intention for this thread its still a good point. however i would argue that walls are what keep tier 1s and 2s (i dont think tier 2s can destroy walls?) out with the downside of not being able to see or shoot through them. cades are just the basic defence that means that the aliens cant walk into our FOB or through our front line, it keeps the lizards out essentially.

as for you saying that they specifically keep tier 3s out, i disagree entirely. they delay tier 3s but the only thing that really stops tier 3s from overwhelming marines and destroying cades every time is… marines shooting them, if a rav starts running towards a bunch of marines and 10 of them turn around and start shooting it, hes gonna stop and turn the fuck around and this is true for all alien casts.

xenos cant push without tier 3s or the queen because tier 1s and 2s don’t have enough health or damage and they dont have the ability’s that give tier 3s and the queen the ability to siege. eg boiler makes it so xenos can destroy cades and kill marines near the cades from a safe distance (and with the fucking globber which is op as fuck, they can SHOOT OVER CADES…), rav means that xenos can threaten marines even if they have a line of fire to protect them and crushers allow for high damage and high health and AOE ability’s to stun and knock down marines. Tier 2s don’t have the health, ability’s or damage to survive marines shooting them whilst they siege that’s why they need tier 3s to do it…

with that said there is a HUGE caveat to what i said… it requires marines to be defending cades… which is an uncommon thing outside a siege… even tier 1s can destroy entire cadelines if they arnt manned…

this is all not really what i intended for this topic, i was more wanting to get cades replaced/reworked and get more options added for marines but this is useful information either way

Then what is your proposed alternative?

Defender can bring down destroyed wall so warrior and Defender can destroy walls unless they are reinforced I think?

im pretty sure that only tier 3s can destroy walls
if they are reinforced they just get a bit more health

well i was hoping someone else would have said something before I added my ideas but ill just get the ball rolling:

  • Better cades - bigger, stronger
  • Droids - engineering, medical can be built by engineers and powered, then able to defib, repair cades, scrap tables and chairs, ect
  • Vox unit (speaker tower) - provides nearby marines with a speed boost and slight armour increase
  • Specialty Cades - build specific cades, eg. explosion immunity, fire immunity, significant brute resistance (like actually resistant not like the cade upgrades we have now that give a tiny resistance), Large cades (3x1?), moveable cades (only marines can move them),
  • Prefab fortifications that you can either build from one spot (as a single action) or maybe get it dropped from the almayer
  • small moveable pillboxes
  • Bunkers
  • Trenches
  • moats - fill them with conveyers? or trijant poo water or something
  • traps, electrical traps, fire traps, snare traps (basically mines but not shit)
  • conveyers
  • floor reinforcement (would need to work anywhere and could be something like you reinforce the floor with metal rods which will prevent anything burrowing up here (basically a way to prevent burrower attacks in a certain area))

Dawg if you put crest down as Defender you can pry open the wall, warrior can slash walls.

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doesn’t surprise me, xenos get buffed every week

It’s been like that for months, people just dont know that.

Drones can just melt walls, any xeno with acid can…

Me and thwomper had a lil project going for this a bit ago.

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well, but it’s slower!!!

very cool, and you got a lot of good ideas in there… hopefully someone can actually turn them into a TM or something. #MakeEngieGreatAgain

This is a good idea.