ExGame - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - ExGame

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

William Frost (shipside), Jacques Kazadi (combat)

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?


Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Tony is a mechanic, he could talk hours about anything that has an engine. Be it the tank, the APC or the dropships. Even humans could be summarised as orgnic engines when it came to fixing them, they just need some replacement parts and a bit of maintenance when broken. His personality resembles that of a young high school graduate straight out of New York. He talks with almost everyone like he was their neighbor, asking them how they’re doing, whether their mother’s well and making sure that the cadets are doing well in boot camp.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Tony is a typical “car guy”, just the sci-fi version of it. His personality an attempt to make a synthetic relatable to marines from the east coast concerned with maintaining the ship’s systems. He will talk a lot about technical lore from the CM universe, like different types of tanks, dropships, sometimes even the guns. On some other occasions, he’ll show interest in a marine’s family back home.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

I love to play support roles. Be it medical, engineering, command. Some more than others, of course. Being able to help out wherever necessary with the skillset that you have sounds very rewarding. Especially when people are thankful to see a synth enter their department. Sometimes as a doctor, you’d just have nothing to do for half an hour or so, as a synth that wouldn’t happen, usually. Being a synthetic is also a much different roleplay perspective than it is to be a human, which is just as interesting.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

It was years ago during an event round with groundside UPP, where they received a snythetic. They were tons of help to the UPP not just through their skills but also their negotiations they conducted as a “neutral” party, somewhat. As it wasn’t a full-blown boring USCM vs UPP war event. It even involved some marines shooting the synth, but him being able to de-escalate it by just shrugging off the wounds and patching himself up. It would have probably went differently if that was some human UPP negotiator that ended up dying because of the bullets. And that’s one of the aspects of synths I like the most.

Synthetic Character Story:



I can play and I can teach engineering to others. It isn’t my most favourite department, but I wouldn’t find problems playing it, even building cades on the frontline. The main things a good engineer should know is when you can safely build and where, good map knowledge is crucial for that. Situational awareness is the most important trait for an engineer. I am familar with all the construction/deconstruction steps on different objects (APC, vehicles, doors, consoles etc.)


I play SO/CO whenever I feel like it or got some interesting plan. It is a very nice department to create RP with and get involved in shipside action. I know all there is to commanding. All the techs and consoles relating to command I know how to operate. CAS, OB, railguns and whatnot. But command is mostly about information control, making sure the right people get their needed information.


Over the years, my most played department. I love medical. Only research is still kinda unfamiliar. Not making any mistakes should be the base requirement to becoming a good medic/doctor. Of course, knowing all the surgical steps, treatment options, chem mixes is important, but knowing how to triage is also crucial to being good in medical. I like the stress of having multiple patients at once and handle well.


Don’t play it often, but I know what to do if I do play. Comes from playing command and having to man req a lot. I know how to budget the req money, what marines need the most at what given time and how to properly use the delivery system. I will not order 10 HEFA crates at the start of the mission.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

When you’re sitting in the FOB doing surgery, I’d beat the shit out of any xeno that comes into the FOB, seeing they are actively looking to kill either the marines, me or my patient. That is, if the marines aren’t able to deal with the xeno themselves. If they do, better for me, I can concentrate on doing surgery. What wouldn’t be okay is to chase after the xeno after it leave the FOB.

When a distress beacon sends UPP and create a truce with marines because of xenos, I’d treat them like a neutral third party and not attack. Should they break the truce however and one person opens fire on marines, I’d try to disable them with stuns, or if not possible, put them into crit and leave them to MPs/other marines to deal with them.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?


Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.

Not Discord banned.

Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

I’m good!