Favorite Moments with PVTs/Young Xenos?

What are the moments you remember most from PVTs/Young Xenos?


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I was prepping once as I did every round as a rifleman when I stumbled into a couple of PVTs that were together and didn’t know the game all that well nor the roleplay. So I helped them like that SEA had helped me when I first joined the corp. I took em through basic controls and roleplay, equipment vendors and what to use early even what the autoinjectors did. Then I take one of em after getting separated with the other and we head to the range to teach him how to shoot. All was going well until he dumps 2 mags in my chest out of nowhere. Then reloads and does the same couple times. My body was of course found too late and when questioned about it they said I attacked them. I ahelped and was revived while the staff had a long chat with that marine. I don’t know what happened to them, I assume they were banned but all I heard was that the matter was resolved. As for me, lesson learned. Never take another PVT in the range. Let the SEA worry about that. Last thing I need is another American sniper situation.


i had to teach a pvt to shoot during hihack while we were being ass fucked by a lurker, this PVT throws the gun at the lurker begins knifing it and somehow won


I have over 1k hours in CM and this is literally me everytime I forget to use a magharn. I just come out the fight a lot more dead, usually.


You need to Activate Windows.


my favorite moment was when i taught some russian player who was new at cm how to build/weed as a drone, and a while later finding him as burrower and using google translate to say hello in russian


Last night there was a PFC Normandy (the wrong ship) who was singing the marching song over comms, two marines got on it getting ready to rappel and told him he was on the wrong ship and he just went “well it appears I am” very , new players are epic

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Shout-out to @MauroVega for teaching 2 PVTs like a hard-ass Gunny just to end up mag dumped with rubbers by them.


Alot of mine involve misunderstandings while playing synthetic:

Was teaching some new private as Felix when he had a negligent discharge and burst shot me in the chest.Instead of being relieved I wasnt hurt, he began freaking out about me being a synthetic. And asking if HE was a synthetic, ARE THEY a synthetic, am I going to hurt him… etc. And eventually calling for help and running because he thought he blew my disguise and I was going to get him.

Ive had several new MPs attempt to arrest/tase me while playing synth for being suspicious around CIC, usually while trying to get dressed. Being immune to tasers freaks them out. Usually a funny outcome.

Ive actually had a few brand new staff bwoink me to try to change my name for not having a last name.

Nonsynth… there was a private I taught years ago and kept him alive as medic for a few rounds. Over the next few weeks I eventually taught him doctor then medic too. Switching roles so we could play together multiple rounds. Was cool to see him go from unable to feed himself, to teaching him chems and surgery.


Ive had that happen too! They are perfectly sane and learning then just snap and start lighting you up.

Teach a new nurse chems and surgery for like an hour… then mid surgery he picks up a marines m2ac and shoots the patient to death on the table, shoots someone in lobby and shoots me.

I think maybe they have to log… or just get bored and want to go out in a blaze of glory at the end.


Some of my favorite moments are when pvts out of nowhere, say “:)”. i laugh way too much at it


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Just two of the bravest warriors the USCM has to offer


I think it’s that point of curiosity eveyone reaches in a game with guns - what happens if I shoot people?


Tryied to teach some marine fighting with rubber mags, and they literally loaded real mags and mowed me down.


I have… so many…


Hey look its me!

That was the baldest looking private ever.

One day I am going to have to apply for CO… it almost looks worth the hassle sometimes


Observing that one PVT who went “Nah I’m done with learning” to the SEA before getting lost instantly in maintenance and drinking themselves to death in an MT bar will stay with me forever. Especially the SEA’s horror upon seeing their lifeless corpse and destroyed liver… “WHY DID I LET HIM RUN OFF ALONE???”


When I was a PVT , A random SEA came up to me, old looking guy with a beard and smoking a cigar. I ran around naked with a shotgun I found. Didn’t know how to chamber the gun , so alot of people just hear click! each time I tried to fire on them.

The SEA then told me to find my special action for my shotgun ( at the time I was so confused) I eventually did and fired a slug right in his face by accident . Moments later I was arrested for manslaughter.

I was so confused after MPs came to see what happen, I closed the game , leaving my random named marine to his fate

That was like 3 or 4 years ago?