Foxtrot Smartgunner

We’ve already got a purchasable Foxtrot Specialist, why not have a Foxtrot Smartgunner too?


Why would one buy a foxtrot smartgunner? It’s not as game-changing as a spec and five foxtrot marines equipped with smart scope L42As do way more damage.

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SG isn’t even good and if I accidentally rolled it I’d want to cry. ( give me the ability to carry something on my bag slot )


Yeah, but one Foxtrot SG doing the damage output of 5 marines with shitty guns is better than 5 marines personally handicapping themselves

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Honestly, if a SG came with the second purchase of foxtrot I think that wouldn’t be bad.


SGs are already “metatargeted” because of the damage stacking potential. Giving out even more for essentially free like how we did foxtrot spec ain’t it.

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IFF murderballs must die


more separate option for stuff to buy is always good i think…
why not separate medic and engi spawn to ?
sometime you really need engi to help building and some other time you really need more healer…
calling up some more IO wouldn’t be bad i think too…

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5 ungas (one of which might even be a competent marine) is always worth more.
SGs do fucking peanuts damage, I’d always choose 5 RFN over 1 SG. 1 SG is only about 60% of a marine in terms of raw DPS on average.
5 marines do more damage, are more durable and are less likely to be attrited into nothing. 1 SG has far less damage, plus you only have 1 SG so it’s going to depend an awful lot on that singular SG’s skill and luck.


Giving more options is always good.
Besides, SG is is a fairly strong role. Just most SGs death balls and die like 10 minutes after drop. So you rarley see the impact they can have.

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I honestly believe that smartgunners would be more effective if they just carried around a Mk1 in their hands, spare mags and medical in pouches/suit/webbing, and with their NVG eyepiece on. Skip the smartgun almost entirely (obviously it might as well stay in the suit slot since you can’t put the Mk1 there)


Maybe. You’d have to frontline a whole lot, but a Mk1 would probably do far, far more damage. The SG is probably the worst gun to chase xenos with by a huge margin due to the strange dev decision of slapping massive falloff on it from the very start (which encourages front lining even more).

I’ve tried out carrying a rifle + SG several times, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s so fucking cumbersome it’s not worth it. Having to drop your rifle, run back and pick it up, etc. is just extremely annoying. Unironically, I’d rather just have turning off IFF dealing more damage at that point- It’d honestly be easier to use.


I hate to break it to you lads, but if you belive the SG is worse then the M41A you just suck at playing SG.
Yes, the M41A’s are much better at burst damage. But the M56B isnt for burst damage. Its a completly diffrent role. Of course you suck at it if you use it like an M41A. Duh.
So, if you die a lot and do barley damage as SG

GetGud Scrub


I’m personally not a huge fan of Foxtrot to start with, and I really dislike the ‘buy the protagonist’ option that is Foxtrot Spec. I think it also heavily constraints other intel purchase options since everyone salivates at buying Foxtrot.


Yeah, they do very different things.
Overall, the SG is better for the frontline, given you can only stack so many rifles before there’s no firing lines left, though in situations where you’re not reliant on IFF (chasing), the rifle is just plain better.
When B8 smartscopes first came out, you’d see the entire platoon run around with slow ass L4A2s, obliterating every xeno instantly. IFF is just such a big boon in general combat.

Frontlining, though? Man, it actually sucks dick at that.

Overall, I’d argue your average SG is probably worth around 2 - 3 or so average marines on the frontline, due to their constant low DPS relative to the high DPS, but staggered damage of riflemen.
1 SG just isn’t competing with 5 extra meatshields.

i’ve been maining smartgun for years now and i can confirm that anyone saying 5 rifleman is better than 1 SG are schizo, people just don’t play SG aggressively enough. you can confirm a lot of kills especially if SADAR/Heavy Grenadier is around or you can literally just walk down overextending T3 xenos. case in point, i just did the majority of the damage to the Queen this round and she ended up dead, same with a crusher and a ravager- all in one round. three T3 kills just by being aggressive and giving zero fucks about the damage you take from spitters/railgun boilers

also keep in mind, aggressiveness stupidity. if you do it right you can avoid death or being capped just by not being an idiot and diving in too deep alone.
similarly, SG’s are really good at pushing and preventing caps on lone marines- i’ve done it countless times now and i’m literally just gonna start screen recording every SG kill/save i get because people are goofy and clearly have never played smartgunner enough to actually have round impact.
lastly, the assumption that 5 riflemen are suddenly going to be robust or that they’re all going to take L42/M4RA with smartscope are just as goofy as people saying SG should be removed/nerfed/IFF removed.
you are not a pure damage dealer as SG, you’re a perfect harasser and especially good at confirming kills, giving intel because of farsight/night vision, and damage falloff isn’t that big of an issue when slinging a thousand bullets downrange still makes a xeno fuck off and go somewhere else

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The smartgun is only “good” for an extremely specific niche and you can actually do it nearly as well with an IFF M4RA and good aim.

I respect that people like the role the smartgun has and I think it’s useful for that, but I do not think it’s actually GOOD. It’s at best a mediocre weapon that only tolerably does its job because if it were much better at it, xeno players would consider it overpowered. (And maybe it actually would be - especially when you gang up 3-4 of them)

Also there was no need for that personal attack accusing me of being a bad player who just can’t use the supremely difficult to use smartgun that only good players such as yourself understand.

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Oh no, im shit at SG. I am just able to understand basic math and game sense.

And that was no personal attack against you, it includes you but that is against all the people complaining “Role bad, i died and did no damage”. You (plural) just suck if that happens. Period. No matter the role.
If you know what your doing, you can get insane kills with any weapon. Yes M4A3 included.

Also, if you want to talk about what is better or equal to the SG, sure. Lets see how much the M4RA can actually do “nearly as well” as the M56B (Also im gonna call normal ass ammo just HP like for the M56B to not always need to write “normal ammo”)

Long explenation with math why the M4RA is worse then the M56B. Open at own risk.


The M56B has an RPM of 400. Each bullet dealing 30 damage if HP and 20 in AP mode. AP mode of the SG also has 40 AP.
Top that with the mags size of 500 bullets allows the SG to fully dash out that damage uniterupted from behind friendly lines. No need to realod once in that minute. Aditionally, the M56B AP ammo posses punch through of 1. (I dont know what that means, so i ignore it. Just a fun fact.)

  • In HP it causes 12k DPM/200 DPS before armor
  • In AP it causes 8k DPM/133.3 DPS before armor +40AP

The M4RA on the other hand a max fire rate of 200RPM. But that is when you madly spam the gun, so likly not achivabel consitently with perfect because its a semi automatic. But we ignore that and take it as flat 200RPM.
HP(normal ammo) causes 52 damage with 5 ap and AP causes 39 damage with 40 ap.
But both mags only can hold up to 25 bullets. But for the sake of the argument we will pretend the marine has a mag belt, and two big mag pouches. So they will have acces to 9 mags + in the chamber. So 10.
Meaning our marine has all in all a nice 250 shots. Already more then they can fire in a minute, good. They wont run out then.
We also be nice and asume the marine only needs 1 second to flawlessly reload each mag.

Calculation for DPS for M4RA. If you want to know, but for those that dont its hidden.

200 Rounds Per Minute/RPM
60 seconds = 1 minute
25 bullets per mag
RPR= Rounds Per Second

200/60=3.3 RPS

174x52=9048 DPM
9048/60=150.8 DPS

174x39=6786 DPM
6786/60=113.1 DPS

  • HP would cause 9048 DPM or 150.8 DPS before armor +05AP
  • AP would cause 6786 DPM or 113.1 DPS before armor +40AP

Fun thin is, from our calculaitions we know you can achive this by just useing the ammo rig and two normal ammo pouches. Because to fire for 1 minute you only need 8 mags.

So, what did we learn from this?
Even if a player is able to perfectly time each shot without any downtime whatsoever, is able to realod each realod a mag the moment it emptys in a second, and is able to hit every shot. Then this hypothetical soldier would still have a about 50DPS less then the avarage SG that just needs to point and hold M1 in HP.
The only way the M4RA is a similar option if you would run full AP, with only 20DPS less. But that is a bit harder to get, and still worse. But you could see it as nearly as well. Just AP though, with HP being the majority of used ammo.

So, we can conclute that the M4RA is the OBJECTIVLY worse option compared to the M56B, thanks to cold hard math that shows us it has DPS lower by 50.

But If you truley belive, this setup does “nearly as well” as an SG, you can easily do it in game at any time.
You just need an ammo rig, two normal mag pouches, a M4RA with B8 Scope, and 8 mags.
There is nothing stopping you from making the SG role obsolete every round. Asuming your statement is correct. :slight_smile:


You mean its only good for, lets say, a special role?
Like, one in each squad that fullfills that role. So about only 4 peole each round are enough to decently fill that role?


“There’s no such thing as being underpowered, you all just suck!”
(And this isn’t me saying I think SG is underpowered, I think SG is fine balance wise)


You sure about that?

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