GooglyFox - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - GooglyFox

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Freddy Linton

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

I have completed Synthetic application two times but both have sadly failed. I’m trying once more here, and hope I do better this time.

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Foxton is a more wrench monkey, medical professional, and or protective unit than most. Passing off as a support if anything.
Since he’s a Synthetic, they focus on preparing for a long day, mostly working with tools and heavy construction materials, finding out what way to make shortcuts to cover more ground, tactically thinking of ways to make it harder for any enemy who crosses onto Marine grounds with field barricades, or administering medical aid in the heat of a battle, knowing where to do it.

They strive to make the Marines lives easier. Either way, he is mostly attempting to do more in the technical or medical fields of knowledge.

Foxton has a slight bit of a mood problem, having a more outdated moral capacity, so he may take things the wrong way, or act a little angry. But nonetheless he is harmless to most sorts of creatures, as long as no marine lives are in danger.

Foxton works harder than most, and may seem forgetful of other tasks he had after seemingly attempting to do something else, however he will eventually get to their given task. He’s usually always trying his best to feel as useful as other synthetics that might have a better moral, and or personality than him.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Foxton, the synthetic has to firstly commune with officers with obligation, and obedience, and he is almost always glad to work with them as long as it’s nothing harmful. He is interested in always doing better for himself, and for the Marines.

Foxton is a grease monkey, and or field doctor who always has an interest in keeping conflict to a minimum, and interaction with other Marines short. He’s not a very talkative synthetic, unless it’s to talk tactically. Or helpfully. Either way, he’s as social as he is good at his job.

Say “Hello”, to Foxton, the synthetic technician, or doctor with a love for perfection, and or safety of Marines. He prefers always patching them up, or defending them with as many barricades as he can muster. The best of the best.

Weyland Industries. Here to give you a better world. And better employees, which is why we’re here presenting one of the technologically advanced Synthetics of our generation today.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

I am still trying to this day to do a Synth application, I would love for the new chance to roleplay as something else, and it would be a new experience. I sincerely wish to pass, but it’s up to you.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

I remember back a while ago we were on big red as survivors, we held in the garage. I saw a Synthetic pizza guy, he brought a pizza in, but sadly it was empty. I don’t remember their name but I think that was pretty cool. Since then, I tried to be one myself, just for the new experience.

Synthetic Character Story:



I’m very familiar with Engineering, good with barricade placements, repairing, and anything technical. Anything.


I’m extremely good with Command, to call outs, orders, to watching for OB cords, and overwatch duties.


Im very familiar with Medical. Up to Surgeries, and Chemistry. It’s definitely one of my main departments I do. I’m a pretty good combat medic.


I’m familiar with Requisitions, to the point of cargo requests, crate packing. Pretty much about it, except for weapon and attachment requests from the desks.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

Some problems that would probably let me engage in combat would be defensive issues like if I was rescuing some random Rifleman from a lurker or runner on his own. Now while I can’t hunt the lurker or runner down I would be able to chase them, as saving the rifleman is my first priority. I can attack them a few times to get them off, but then probably drag the rifleman out of there. But if they once again attack me, I can’t do much. It’s the Marines job to kill the bugs, not me.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?


Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.

I have not been.

Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

I do not, but I really hope I complete this application this time. I hope to finally be able to roleplay as something else. Focus a little less on combat since I suck at it anyway. I only care for my other Marines when I’m on.

Your story requires that we request access to read it. Are you able to make it public?

Oh, my apologies. Let me fix that.

Its fixed now. Sorry.

Do you have a personal background or experience that will help to contextualize and ground the “negative” aspects of your proposed personality?

Well, sadly I think of myself as a honest, and quite helpful person. Sometimes I may have an issue in real life, and it’ll effect me in-game if the given moment is stressful. But Synth might help me calm down, or even Working Joe. I might have a bit of pent up anger due to myself caring for others before myself, but I assure you it won’t effect my gameplay. I’m someone who cares for others before himself, technically I should try to preserve myself, but I wish everyone else a better time. It probably isn’t a good thing to have. But I once more assure you, I only wish to do good for the Synth Guidelines, and rules. So I’ll try my best if given this opportunity.

Here’s an example : I just had an annoying fight with my family, then I get on to chill out for a bit, if something provokes me, I might get annoyed. But I’ll try my best to avoid full conflict. At least on Synth and Joe. But I can definitely forgive, and apologize if it goes too far.

So, it appears the story is still not accessible.

I guess it’s the link that is the issue. Maybe try this one?

I apologize, I haven’t got much sleep lately. I really lacked on the story too sadly…

It works and my god sir. That is good formatting.

Thank you, but I reckon I won’t be the best.

Assuming your stated skills match your in-game performance I don’t see a issue with your skills. I’ll have to keep an eye out in-game for you.

Your story is good but I do detect quite a few grammatical issues. If these issues pop up during a story with unlimited prep time, how well are you going to communicate in-game when under a lot of pressure?

I do have an issue regarding your name and traits. Foxton does not feel like an appropriate name for a UA/USCM Synthetic to be using, a synths name should not be something a person performs a double take when they hear it from an American/English perspective. Foxton stands out too much.

Secondly, I’m concerned with your synths personality. Mainly their “mood problem”. Anger is not a trait I’d ever associated with a standard USCM synthetic, and the concept of an “outdated moral capacity” opens up question on what that even means? Does this mean your synth will hold some outdated cultural values or express very unusual opinions?

A synth is meant to blend in, not stand out.

When it comes to my story, I apologize for the grammar issues, I may have somehow overlooked them, even when google docs autocorrects you. I assume my grammar under pressure might have a letter in the wrong area, but I know my way around the keyboard, and can type fast enough to speak when I can about something. Hopefully fast enough.

I can change the name to something more american simplified, like maybe… Wesley? Maybe Fred? Clould just copy my human name, Freddy.

And of course, I didn’t mean the Synth has an anger issue, I mostly meant myself. I meant to say I’d be as calm as I can be with my Synth. I may peak a bit here and there, but I won’t break character. After all, I learned for the better.

He’s not a very talkative synthetic, unless it’s to talk tactically. Or helpfully. Either way, he’s as social as he is good at his job.

This line got a laugh out of me.

I haven’t seen you ingame so I can’t provide feedback for your conduct ingame.

Your story was pretty unique. I’ve seen some recording log stories before, but the graphic for this one was pretty neat. My biggest gripe with it was the lack of dialogue. You put your synth in some good conversations to show dialogue with marines, but end them pretty abruptly. Like when Foxton is taking care of the wounded marine, are they still conscious? Would they ask Foxton how bad it is, or some other question? The dialogue in a story can sell us on a quirk by showing us how you’d perform it.

You put some effort into this and it shows, but could have used a bit more direction. The whitelist help channel in the discord is a great place to get some tips and proofreaders when drafting something like this up.

I’m not willing to +1 or -1 this but I’ll toss you some questions so you‘ve got something to post about.

How do combat restrictions change for a synthetic post hijack?

What are the names or acronyms of the three major nations in space?

When can a synthetic engage in marine law enforcement?

You are treating critically wounded in medbay. The Captain approaches you and orders you to clean the hanger. What do you do?

I apologise about the lack of direction, and specification in my story. I have tried pretty hard on this one since my last attempt, and I was tired while making the story.

Onto the questions, however.

During a “hijack”, due to Synth Programming and Guidelines Combat section, second paragraph. It states Synths can respond by apprehension, and or even lethal actions if they’re a hostile, or alien race. However this should only really take action if it’s self preservation, or Marine protection when there is no other people around to assist. As is always stuck in my head, Designed for peace, but ready for war.

I assume you mean the Factions? If not, I apologise. And if I’m wrong, I tried. I read the Wiki over and over, and so far the major “nations” woild be Weyland Yutani, UPP, and CLF. Again, this is a guess since I didn’t get what you meant.

And for Law Enforcement if, for example some marine attacks an innocent, or attacks me, I would be allowed to apprehend the said marine non-lethally, and only non-lethally until MP have arrived to take the situation on their hands.

If there are no doctors on hand, I will momentarily deny the request and treat them to a nominal condition to then do the requested job. If there are doctors on hand, then I will accept the job ONLY after stabilizing the patient for other doctors to tend to.

And, after all of that I thank you for hour honesty. I hope I finally once and for all complete this. Thank you either way.

Can’t fault you on this answer. Combat restrictions are lessened in a post hijack scenario or any other scenario with the probability of preventable massive marine losses. This part of the programming guidelines hasn’t been moved from the old forms.

The three nations:
The United Americas (North and South America)
Union of Progressive Peoples (Russia, China)
Three World Empire (United Kingdom, Japan, India, Indonesia, Australia)

In marine law the CO can deputize a synthetic to make arrests.

Haii, So i can vouch for this player for levels of skill.

I take note of players who can handle mass casualties without panic, you also seem to have a pretty strong footing on Building and cade theory though I do tend to see you do designs that are not to my taste, Which is just my personal preference.

I will remain neutral as I am yet to see your capabilities to Role-play, I wish you the best of luck on your WL <3

Do not name synths after your characters, or your in game name, or your fetish, or whatever being a furry is to you. Leave that shit at the door.

Why would the USCM purchase a synthetic that bitches and moans at marines, or is otherwise hostile towards them? That is damaging to morale and would harm the trust that humans have to develop with synthetic humans. Do you like working with a coworker who is angry or short tempered?

You should come up with a new name, and brainstorm ways to change your synths personality to make it less hostile.


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I never said that i couldn’t keep my own hostility to myself. I have self control, it was just something I said when I was honestly just trying to find ways to extend my sentences. That was mostly for myself, and not the Synth. I have the issues with anger, but obviously I won’t show it on my Synth.

There’s no need to be rude, my last name was Foxton. It wasn’t because I was a “furry”, maybe you should be a little leanient before you mildly accuse.