grassh0le#6186 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - grassh0le#6186

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“Official for Ban for Rule 10a, suggestive content: person self-identifies as a pedophile in their status. We don’t associate with these types of users. You aren’t welcome here until you clear this behavior up. Permanent ban.”


Previous appeal (grassh0le#6186 - Discord Ban Appeal):"
Bio (along the lines of):
"umm… idk i like genshin i guess?

:warning: This user is a registered pedophile. Learn more about Discord’s child safety policy at"

I’m fully in the wrong for not changing this bio sooner because it was just generally jarringly inappropriate, as well as just not not being really funny. I was being a dumbass who didn’t remove the cringe shit from my bio sooner, I think this ban is probably a good wakeup call to do so. All in all I deleted it and don’t plan on adding something like that again because I’m trying to move past that type of shock humor. I can understand any skepticism with my post because I might not be particularly remorseful, but I guess its cause I realize that this ban is logical than anything else so I’m understanding and acceptant where it comes from. I do enjoy this community and don’t mean any harm by my inanely inappropriate joke and I’ll make sure to be much more careful in the future.

(also the appeal rules and procedures link doesn’t seem to be working for me so I’m sorry if I’m not following them properly, I’m just going off of what I’m guessing you want from the appeal)"

that appeal was denied by MrDadMan on the basis that “You literally kept the same description after putting up this appeal. There’s nothing prompting that anything has changed. If you think joking about grooming is okay at all, you aren’t welcome here whatsoever.”

My issue with that appeal reply is that I had removed the description, and I cannot seem to reach the moderator who denied my request through the messaging system of this forum so I could ask them if they could elaborate to make sure I don’t misunderstand them. So I’m asking that someone re-look over my previous appeal, along with the proper picture evidence that I’ve changed my description that I will include, so that this ban could possibly be lifted.

I have attempted to reach out to them, and then through staff notification attempted to try and get their attention in order to have a conversation as to what they mean because I had removed said description from my account prior to posting, even though I had forgotten to include a screenshot of said description to back it up. Even with that lack of evidence I was not given time at all to include a picture of my account description before he closed the post the same day he responded to it. I know that my frustration is most likely ill-received considering I’m in a place in which I should be apologizing for what I did, so I am truly sorry if my frustration is misguided and I am very sorry for having that shit inappropriate joke, and truly want to move on from it with and commit to better action within the community.

picture of discord profile page: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Resolved - Denied. You must wait 30 days between appeals.