Gretta Swahili - Xeno Queen Application

Commanding Officer Application - wiking

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


What is your timezone in UTC?


What’s Your Xenomorph Prefix?

XX-something but I wanted to apply as “Gretta Swahili”, i think it’d be rad too if i could use the same character and basically have my queen be a giant gretta screaming and stomping

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:


Have you been banned in the last 3 months?

Allegedly ERP.

If so, why?

i was told I’m not allowed to talk about it

Leader Knowledge:

How familiar are you with leadership positions?

once I played a hivelord but I didn’t know what I was doing and the queen yelled at me and then I got banished and died. i played some squad lead though i can check my hours if you want

Hours in leadership:


Hours in Drone:


Character Information:

Why did your xeno decide to be queen.

okay so basically I thought itd be super cool if Gretta got infected by a xeno larva (like t hatd happen lmao!) but she was a badass so instead of getting the whole chestburst thing she fused with the larva and became like the alien queen or something and goes around trying to fight the alpha privates who flouride stared at her instead of saving her

How did your character attain the position of Queen?

Force of will and being a badass!

Provide a short story of your Queen.

Hive Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to gib a Tall?

When theyre being an asshole who stole my spec roll or hvae a good gun or something

Give some examples of when you would or would gib a tall

I have a list of people who i think deserve it so probably mostly them, unless its a co or mp or something (gretta has trauma so its a character thing and not metatargeting)

When do you believe it’s appropriate to Banish?

i hate lurkers, i would banish all lurkers i also think shipside bugs are kinda cringe lmao so theyd all be banished to

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Banish.

if someone calls gretta names or makes fun of her for being a xeno-tall thats lrp because ia m queen and i would banish

if someone doesnt follow my plan (i am good at plans) that is lrp and would banish

i would banish someone for not capping because we need hosts

i would banish a lurker (they killed me)


+1 but I’d like to see your work a little more on your roleplay during your 4.3 hours on drone you only said Mommy twice.

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-1 fucking traitorous slime joining the enemy. Go die in a hole with your stupid little note to you MOMMY! OH MOMMY! PLEASE HELP ME MOMMY! UWAAAAAAAAA! IM GRETTA! UWAAAAAAAAA!

TLDR; Perish

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-1, you are way more useful to the hive as a CO, keep it this way, we don’t need another bald queen.


Everything is perfect except

this is an instant -1 from me. However Xenos mains love calling queen and other xenos “Mommy” and “Sister” so you will likely get a lot of +1s from the xenocord

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I’m going to have a put a +1 Here.

However the ban of “erp” is somewhat unacceptable but since its ‘Allegedly’ I think we are fine here.
The .7 hours in leadership and 4.3 in drone is also acceptable (we have literally accepted queens with 0 drone hours and 0 leadership hours)

Though I disagree with your answer on gib a tall. You clearly need to gib all new players who are privates to teach them a lesson.


Gotta give this a +1
Although I don’t often play with Gretta, she let me copy part of her CO application as long as I changed up the answer a little. Although I would recommend that she has a few extra hours as a intel officer that accidentally stumbles into hive at 00:32 and gets captured, it would really help her application.

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I don’t play intel officer because I am bad at being smart and that intimidates me… I have no shortage of captures though.

It was only allegedly >:( that means I didn’t do it (allegedly).

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Immediately I can tell your serious about this application. I respect someone who ERPs, that’s takes a lot of courage in the modern climate, especially since we’re in the post ERP-acious period.

Your story is also well written, although not a fan of the formatting. Next time just paste it directly here.

Depiste that however, I will have to be giving you a -1 for the following reason:

Force of will and being a badass!

It’s extremely inappropriate to use the word “badass” in an application. Through mental gymnastics, I can tell you have a quick temper. In the future, please be more professional with your applications.

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Guys can we ban Gretta Stinkhili?


I have one question for you:

a runner has died over 32 times to various privates, only managing to slash them once or twice, do you order them to stop?

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Do they call me mom?

Any xeno who calls me mom is a good egg in my book. I can’t be mad at my kids even if they’re literally running into death.

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Wrong answer, you should always unconditionally allow runners to waste every burrowed larva and cap in the hive, -1.

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die already

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Pop quiz hot shot, you are tripping on lsd and Rainbow Bright walks up to you and demands and honor duel. What do you do?

You know that scene in Indiana Jones where he just shoots the guy with the gun?

Like that but with an OB.


Correct, you are ready.