HappyCrow - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - HappyCrow

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Reid “Lucky” Gardner

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

This will be my first whitelist application.

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Dier’s are old school frontier robo-docs build to perform medical services in places where injury was expected but the expense of a full medical staff couldn’t be justified. Dier’s are designed with more vim and vinegar than spit and shine creating a hardly, albeit not the most professional synth. At the heart of a Dier model is soul of a cowboy more accustomed to frontier colonies, and way ward ships than board rooms and call centers. Friendly, rustic charms are a hallmark of a Dier, as a well developed bedside manner is handy for both keeping patients calm and keeping moral up in those far flung places humanity has forgotten.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Like most synth’s Deir’s are support “equipment.” When not actively engaged in medical work, Deir’s attempt to bond with the humans they are stationed with in order to maintain morale and head off any personally conflicts, interpersonal disputes, or to managed psychiatric illnesses.

Little would change between interaction with Command staff, NCOs, or squaddies as all three groups despite their rank or human and suffer from the same issues. In the Almayers case, namely stress, anxiety, and separation. That said, terminology regarding whom a Dier is addressing would change with commanders refereed to as Boss, Bossman, or Augar. If a rank is requested then it will of course be utilized instead. For NCOs, Jefe and Cowboss are the rule of the day. The lower enlisted are buddy, chum, and friend and pardner.

As for topics of discussion, that will generally revolve around who the Dier is interacting with. If it a chef, cooking, a mechanic, the ship, or doctor, medicine. Ideally the conversation would pivot to discussion about home, friends, family, and the person’s favorite food. Anything to remind the individual that there is more to life than their current predicament and that one day they will get back to one they left behind, providing they work hard enough of course.

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

I am a support main at heart so much so that I have both my platinum in Combat Technician and Hospital Corpsman. Synths seem like a natural evolution of that love, plus synths are pretty awesome and some of my best memories are because of synth players. I’ll also admit I’ve had a lot of people tell me I should submit and application and well, I figure its time.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

There have been so many great moments with synths ranging from silly accidents, to the hero I needed, and to the down right hilarious.
There was an incident on Kutjev where poor River accidentally sliced off my hand during surgery. Not their fault they got shoved while operating, but still hilarious.
One round on Chance’s in which I was on the receiving end of an incendiary mortar and Holiday without skipping beat came to my rescue braving the flames to save me.
A strange event on Trijent led me to investigate the sound of a broken window to find Phelan fighting a private war against a lesser drone. Phelan won, both the lesser and the window did not.

Synthetic Character Story:



I do have my platinum as a Combat Tech, and there is little I feel that I cannot do from repairs comms to cading. Replacing APC, fixing APCs, installing new cameras and fixing broken synths. All and more fall within my wheelhouse.


I’ll admit, I’m never going to be an XO or CO but I am confident in my SO role. I’ve been rolling the position quite a bit in the last couple of weeks to make sure that I’ve refreshed my self on how things function.


I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone with more medic hours than I. That said, I’ve put the time in to learn surgery. I have the major surgeries memorized it the weird things like monkey cube removal and eye surgery that I still look up whenever the situation calls for it.


I have begrudgingly rolled Req more than a few times. CTs are vital part of any successful operation and anyone who picks up the role is a hero, I however realized, just like running a ship, Req isn’t for me. That said, I understand that a synth made need to step in and help our in Req, which I can and will do. Just don’t weld the doors and keep me in there. I’ll probably go insane.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

Generally combat as a synth is a none starter. However, should a marines life be under threat say by a crusher I can attempt verbal controls to make it leave or even attack it just long enough to get the marine to safety. However, should multiple xeno arrive I should retreat to preserve my own life and attempt recovery at a later time, ideally with marine support.

Against human’s I should act to preserve my own life and ideally disable the attackers. Say I get attack by CLF in Temple on LV. I would first attempt to exfil from the situation, failing that I would engage using verbal controls to deescalate the situation. Should the CLF escalate their hostiles to combat I can and should defend myself by disarming them. Once disabled and disarmed I would then treat the CLF fighters as I still have a Duty of Care for the CLF.

At the end of the day I am not a combatant. A synth should not be hunting down injured spiters or running down lesser drones. However, if a drone is attacking Dier and I cannot escape, then that drone’s gonna meet the business of my hammer. Gotta make sure I preserve my own life.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

I have not

Are you currently banned from our Discord?

Nope, feels like you gotta go out of your wat to do this.

Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

Just that I appreciate y’all taking the time to give me a fair shake. I’ll happily take any critiques and advice people have to offer. Let me know if I need to go into more detail in any section or clarify anything. Thanks again.

Edit Added an updated link for my synth story. Hopefully this helps those who were having issues.


Only complaint is that Dier is a weird spelling of Dyer.

Other than that +1 it’s Reid go ahead and hand the WL to him

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I have seen and interacted with Reid “Lucky” Gardner multiple times and they always had great roleplay. They are an actual legend when it comes to squad medic - very few people can say they have similar or a better level of skill, patience and understanding of the role. I have seen them play squad engineer and they knew what they were doing. Have seen them play staff officer in the past weeks or so (I assume to prepare for this application) and they handled the role/CIC perfectly fine. A fantastic support player and human being to interact with. +1

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Great medic, great comtech, great support player, great RPer, great player. +2

I think your story might be locked or something because I cant access it. The idea of like from what I can gather a wild west frontier-doctor cowboy type of thing sounds pretty cool to me and I think it’d be a personality that works well.

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Reid’s like one of the best players let alone medics that i’ve interacted with. somehow does it all while being calm and talkative. consistently helpful and carries herculean weight during every round in any role. i think there’s no other combination of traits more fitting for synth.

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+1 this guy is the king of corpsmen. Excellent roleplayer, practically flawless in support roles.

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Reid is an insane medic and ive seen them manage some intense situations with ease.
It would be great to have Dier onboard


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+1 He’ll do great.

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Yeah I had my story set to private. Brad was nice enough to let me know. It should be accessible now. Also, I appreciate the kind words.

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Hey Brad, good to see you. Reid is an absolute beast of a medic. The only problem is he plays Charlie. Easy +1.

My only issue with the App is the name, but your one of the best medics and im always happy to see you in Charlie.

your engineering i rarely see but i can vouch your role-playing skills as we’ve interacted a lot


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By far the best medic I’ve had the honour to interact with, always solid vibes and the risks he takes to recover downed Marines is exceptional.

Dier is an English, more southern English variant of the name Dyer, which isn’t an issue for me

If only I could give more than a +1

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Wonderful surv to play with or against +1

Tinker is a grand corpsman that I always enjoy seeing. They are very supportive and Reid Gardner is a great character as well. I am confident in their roleplay, and truly believe they would do amazing with the Synth whitelist.


I have to ask in what way do you plan to make this character fundamentally different from the classic example of “Pirate Talk Synthetic”? Are we doing emotes, preference for improvised tools out on the frontier, Spaghetti Western styling, what else is going on besides “default + cowboy speak”? I don’t want you to just become a mechanics-only player because changing some vocabulary is boring as it can get, we need to draw out more substance that’s going to make this character feel alive

I appreciate you sharing your concerns and I to do not wish to end up a mechanics-only player. My goal is to create both a cowboy-synth and a broken down old synth. Kind of a counter balance to all the fancy shiny Syths out there.

If the name is an issue I will happily change it. Dier is just me being silly with a simple little inside joke. Dier is literally just Reid spelled backwards.

That said, I was planning to dress Dier as “cowboy” or at least as close as possible but I don’t think I saw a cowboy hat in the Synth vendor so a boonie will have to work. My plan, aside from a vocab shift, was to emote what I had alluded to in my story, the old, worn out nature of this model. I think a “second hand” synth being handed to the Falling Falcons makes perfect sense with their lack of equipment, budget cuts, and current criminal personnel.

I also like the idea of discussing possible repairs/replacement parts with other synths, survivors, CT and MTs. I’d also like to have Dier randomly mention things like “needing to get that fixed” and “oh, the L7 actuator has gone out again” to no one in particular. Use moments like this when things are quite or in an attempt to engage marines who are standing around.

Below is the start of the list of possible emotes that I’ll just toss out randomly.

  1. “A loud pop and hiss emanate from Dier’s shoulder as the synth spams for a second.”
  2. “A sudden whirring fills the air, as if the synth’s gears are misaligned for a moment.”
  3. “A burst of static crackles from the synth’s chest, followed by a brief flicker of its eyes.”
  4. “A faint whiff of ozone accompanies the brief sound of a fan slowing.”
  5. “The synth’s servos emit an audible whine as its movements momentarily stutter and then resume.”
  6. “A faint aroma of burnt circuits fills the air as the synth’s hand spasms involuntarily.” - Coupled with actually dropping something.
  7. “The synth emits a series of high-pitched whistles, reminiscent of feedback from its audio receptors.”

I really do like the idea of using improvised medical tools but I’ll be honest, my knowledge of “ghetto surgery” is not great. I’ll take a gander at the guides and talk to some doctors to see if I could pull it off.

Go Reid! +1

Edit: Even though it’s Reid, I feel like I should probably explain my thoughts on my support for it. Reid about exclusively plays support roles as I always see him, and has never failed to impress on any and all rounds I do see him as such. Furthermore he is always willing have just those little moments of RP and heart-to-heart moments with you. I am of the opinion he would be a sound addition to the whitelist :slight_smile:

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+1 player is a purely awesome person who knows how to do medical, triage and such
you should play engi a little more though
story looks okay, dialogue is nice and unique
good luck on your app

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I just have a few questions regarding “Dier’s” personality.

How will you be able to maintain it due to CM’s fast paced gameplay? You’ve played the game enough to know there’s little time to talk, especially on the frontlines so I’m curious. How will CIC, officers, your superiors know that you are referring to them when you call them an Augar? What even is an Augar?

There’s no doubt in my mind you can definitely do the work Synthetics need to do but with this chosen quirk, will you be able to pull it off?

Amazing medical player. When I see a marine being treated by him I know they’re in good hands. He gets enough healing in to rival even my defib counts on corpsman.

I personally haven’t seen him much in other support roles, but I’m confident that he’s great in those as well, even though I haven’t personally observed him doing it.