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I took a long break from the CM forum, and I’m sort of going through a binge of overly dramatic posts like the cryosleep ones. But then I thought to myself, maybe they’re not overly dramatic, this is my favorite game, I think I’d like to leave a note when I leave. So in the spirit of all of our favorite games, I’d like to ask everyone, why’d you join CM? More specifically, why’d you stick around for this crazy ride, I love this game with all my heart and I want to know that others do too. So let’s all consider the love we have for this game, and why we feel this way. (Unless I’m the only one :flushed:)

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I started playing CM when i was around 11, 8 years ago. Back when the Sulaco and the Supermatter were there. (god was that supermatter a bitch)

I have some old pictures of back then and it’s crazy to think i’ve spent 8 years playing this dumb fucking 2D game from the 90s. To be honest, i don’t know why i keep playing. Maybe i miss the old days, maybe i just like the people who play. Or maybe i’m STILL trying to get that synth whitelist.

There was a point where i hated this game, but looking back it doesn’t make sense why i did.

So yeah, that’s my thing.

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CM was recommended to me (iirc by stillchr) a very long time ago, but I strayed away because a combat-focused game in ss13 really did not sound like it would work well to me.

I’ve played around on a fair few servers and at some point while on Paradise I got curious about maybe just trying to learn how to be robust in ss13 instead of focusing only on roleplaying, see how it goes.

I don’t exactly remember what my first round was like, but I do remember thinking that the server had way higher production value than I expected. Audio, sprites, even general game design with the dropships, hijack, orbital cannons, etc. It just FELT like a really well put together server, so I stuck around and now it’s the server I play on the most.


Started playing back in 2016 after migrating from Goon to shoot aliens. Took massive breaks here and there, but always came back to shoot aliens. It’s now 2024, and I’m still shooting aliens.


I remember my first round, I was an MT and told the CE I was new. He taught me everything, this was before you could inspect a wall then it gave you instructions so I was completely lost. So thank you @kosmo for mentoring me my first round. (I forgot how to mention people :frowning: )

I’m considered a old SS13 player I got into it when i was super young in 2013 because i heard about it on game forums and my shitty PC could run it at the time.

as for CM i got into it at around 2019 but kept to myself and was a gasmask NPC rifleman that was born to simply die, I never really engaged with the community till the latter half of 2022 and well I got sucked into the community and here we are.

As to why I stay, well I have good connections here and its generally made the game more fun with those connections, being cannon fodder is so much better when you know and recognise the marines around you.


I also got into SS13 because it was one of the only games I enjoyed that I could run on my potato.

I liked ss13 but I couldnt get comfortable on a server.

I either played paradise and was so bored i would fall asleep.

Or play goon and get frustrated by the lack of seriousness or competence.

Played cm back when it was still complex… wiring was in the game. Hacking took trial. Etc. Only thing missing was the atmos… which was an acceptable loss for the fun. The comradery of your fellow marines. The roleplay of first contact.

Now cm is flashier and faster… but infinitely dumber and easier.

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Played because of my friends. Stayed because I’m addicted.

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I think i was a latejoiner of the seth tide, but i started out on goon. But it was such a mess i never found out what to even do but endlessly walk around. Then i joined CM on an Ice colony map, where i suited up with my fellow marines, and even went to brief. About 10 minutes after deployment, i finally figured out how to hold my gun with two hands and then promtly die to a lurker.

Then i respawned as a drone (asked which was easiest) then stole a T2 slot by becomming a carrier i had no idea playing, and then had to go queen since the hive was peer pressuring me and promtly flanking FOB only to be probably the only Queen who has been landed on by the dropship.

Then i played for a year or so, but quit since they both removed my favourite IO class alongside the sorting, and all my pop-up windows were becomming totally white, making playing marine essentially impossible.

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Marlboro reference?

I wish engineering was more complex at times, I have my most hours in CE and most of that was just fucking around annoying people.

I first started playing SS13 around September-ish of 2022? I was a very late ssethtider, and so I first mained Goonstation because that was the recommended server for newbies and it was the closest I could get to have the experience Sseth did in his video. However, I never got that same experience that Sseth did, and never once rolled antag in the three months I played, so I dropped Goon.

For CM, however, I actually first played while Goonstation was my main. I just noticed it was at the top of the server list and got curious, so I tried it out. My first round was nothing special, I played as an MST with someone else who tried to show me how to make a choco cannon, but had to leave before they could show me. I then played as a rifleman, but I think right after I got out of prep, I had to do something IRL and just forgot to close CM, so I ended getting my first 1 hour as a rifleman doing fuck all.

When I retired from Goon, I decided to pick up CM and see what all the fuss was about, and wouldn’t you know it, that 1 hour as a “rifleman” made me eligible to play as a nurse, which I wanted to get straight to because I loved medical but didn’t want to go shoot aliens, lol. I had two lovely tutors teach me the basics of medical and, though I had a very rocky start (one person even threw a molotov into the APC at me because I was apparently so incompetent and didn’t know how to get out) I eventually improved and still main medical roles to this day.


Oh my lord you’ve touched my heart, I started out on CM but I started playing SS13 around the same time. I took a break from CM after a round where i accidentally FF around a dozen marines and got killed by my SL then picked up Paradise. Didn’t feel the same so I came back to CM.

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Ah, don’t worry too much about those kind of things. Plenty of people here like to get salty over this 2D speesman game. Even I fall into the trap more times than I’d like to admit. Really, just ignore it. It’s a game at the end of the day. It’s more important you come out of the game happier. In any case, glad to have ya back!


Damn, goon really is the tutorial server for ss13 newbies, huh?
Seems everyone starts on goon, and then there’s only 2 choices- Go full furry ERP, or full marine LARP lmao

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I started on TGstation, put a loooong time into that server. I remember one time when I got burned out from TGstation (sometime in 2020) I decided to try out CM, since it was always the highest pop server on the hub. Loved the game, put a fair amount of hours in, then quit and went back to TGstation… I rejoined during like 2021 or 2022, but I didn’t stick around that much…

Then during 2023, after a long break, I rejoined CM and became way more active. And I haven’t quit again since… games too fun lol.

Still can’t often play more then 1 or 2 rounds a day, since imo CM is not nearly as addictive as Tgstation (i get way too tired to play CM, as it needs a lot of investment energy-wise). That’s good though, since the game gets more fun the less you play.

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I started playing ss13 when I was 15. Played alot of TG, Fulp, and Beestation -until I got banned from all of them in 2021 because I was stupid and tbh, I dont think much has changed- then switched to CM. My only regret is that I didnt take better care of my computer, cause it broke and I lost all of my old screencaps.

I’ve seen things you ungas wouldn’t believe. Lightstreet tanks on fire off the shores of LV-624, bright as magnesium. I flew dropships and watched cluster OBs glitter in the dark near the domes of CORSAT. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.


My 23yo nephew got me into it so we could enjoy a game together. He played for about 1 month after I joined the server, found a wife, has had two kids, and I still got the CM addiction. Alien is one of the first movies I remember watching in theaters other than Star Wars original trilogy. It was great of him to help me find a new enjoyment after my retirement from work, and I don’t regret the time I’ve spent on CM.


Old (I had to)

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