How to be more liked/not so disliked as an MP (yes fr, I am making this guide)


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CTs put ammo/metal/misc in boxes for 20-180 minutes.

OTs just put chems in devices.

Researchers just farm mutant plants, then put some of the Chems in injectors.

Every single role on every single SS13 server is just you doing a job, or shooting the shit (not doing the job). That’s the whole game.

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this is a good place for beginners to start at… one thing, Marine Law… Study it on your down times between arrests and patrols.

Also CMPs if you have more then 4 MPs cycle the patrols around and keep one MP with the warden

Except everything you described helps marines and has a positive game loop for every player

MPs don’t do any of that. But this guide is trying to help people who want to play and be better for the round. Your originally comment seems you don’t care about giving players a better round or how people perceive you as a MP

I’m not sure why you felt the need to comment on a guide that isn’t for you if you


Another dope thing you can do outside of your role when nothing is happening, help out other departments.

I help out the medical/research by moving xenocorpses, bodybagging KIA Marines.

Load ammo for req, or assist them entirely when they have a lack of numbers.

I’ve seen MPs help out ASOs with sorting through intel, and as CMP, ive assisted the CIC a few times as another Staff Officer with the operations.

Stuff like that is very helpful and people appreciate it. You have access to most of the ship which allows you to do it

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Isn’t for you if you… if you…
If you WHAT!

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Leave em on a cliff hanger :smoking::smoking::smoking::tiger2:


yeah i help the req line with clean up and check in on the crew… Be a Good Guy not Tyrant

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As a CMP player, this is how i personally play:

Rule number one: abuse the fact you can ignore minor crimes. Observe some marines goofing off? Let them goof off then put a stop to it. Talk it out. They most likely will resolve it themselves. Only step in once someone doesnt stop or they keep dragging blood over the place

Rule number two: create interesting RP. Interview perma brigged suspects. I spent a entire round intervewing a CLF cell member. I then evesdropped on the CL talking to them. I sent a full report

Rule number three: this is really werid, but bare with me. At certain points, ignoring marine law to create rp scenarios makes sense. For example, the round where i interviewed the CLF, i stopped the recording, then started describing my sidearm to pressure them into talking to me about ‘intel’. I explained the name, what rounds it fires and if i should just fabricate a incident so i could jusify shooting them. Of course, out of character i wouldnt dare act on the actions, but in character? The CLF isnt seen as this honorable foe.

Rule 4: run to the dropship, shout out encouragement, yell battle crys. Try and be inspriational.

Rule 5: always try and help the groundside combat taking place. Offer to help req or engineering scrapping the ship. Ive told fully staffed mp departments to help engineers scrap chairs with a wrench.

Rule 6: never expect to be loved, to be appricated or to be noticed.

Rule 7. Be robust, think about all factors in investigations. Always expect that players are going to be lazy/accident prone over being malicious. If evidence relies on entirely witness statements, its better to let a guilty person go then brig a innocent person.


if you dont abuse your power to fill the brig predrop as cmp you should be jbanned for negligence


The trick is to wait in Delta Prep, this will of course make one delta really pissed off, giving you one free arrest, next you want to arrest CMO for leaving a wrapper in medbay lobby, on lower Pop rounds this can give a bonus of depriving Marines of the one guy who can give them chems. Additionally, if XO places you on CIC duty for your blatant sabotage, arrest him for illegal orders. (these are real strategies used by MP’s, not even a joke.)


MPs do not realize they are trapped in here with me.


Belike this guy and you will be 100% loved.


Ah I see you have been studying my quick reference mp guide.

Remember mps… there is a clause in Insubordination that allows an arrest for insulting anyone of a higher rank. As long as the person talking to you is a marine… and you take offense… its a free 7.5mins!


Best guide on the planet.