how to not get capped

example of how to not get capped

(depicted: me decapitating myself with a revolver inside the hive)


How will Xenos recover from this knowledge?


You can decap yourself?

with enough damage yes, in this case the heavy revolver bullet did like 50 at once and just blew my head off

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Just dont get lunged by that warrior 2 mile away, then slam dunked into a nest then subsequently, a face hugger

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Just open your bag and as soon as they spit you up drop three grenades on yourself. Do some damage too.


Just dodge bro. It is not hard.


Yeah, just don’t get clicked, pretty simple skill issue :nerd_face:

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they can drag you away from the grenades, hitting or shooting yourself is better

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Nah man, prime those nades and be the last action hero.

If you can’t dodge bro its a major krill issue. Its as shrimple as that.

ez, just get the CAS PO to hit you with a napolm when you get clicked

arm nade and put them back in your bag

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Or ask a fellow marine to plant some really big OT C4 block on you, get capped and blow the hive up. For extra fun, ahelp “Hello, this guy just C4ed me, please ban”.


can’t do it anymore :cry:

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can’t do that anymore either :cry:

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Cant have shit in the USCM.

You really cannot run around with C4 on you anymore? Didn’t I C4 that guy some time ago who then ran after me killing both of us? Anyways, but I am pretty sure that I have already
primed nades during briefing on a private server and put them back into pouches.

you get bwoinked for LRP
“no sane man would strap a C4 to himself”

Of course, because of that you have to get someone else to do that on you and then get him banned for LRP.