ihatethisengine2 - Staff Report: Violation of Event Protocols - MorrowWolf

ihatethisengine2 - Staff Report: Violation of Event Protocols - MorrowWolf

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Violation of Event Protocols

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During Kutjevo round marines, as it often happens, did not wait for the FOB to be established, rushed medical, got flanked, lost cohesion, got separated and basically wiped out. They got cut off, so they couldn’t even retreat. After that, xenos assaulted barely caded FOB, since the marine force was gone. As far as I know, the second drop hasn’t occurred yet. Me and several T2s moved through north (personally I didn’t see or don’t remember any T3s, but I guess they did attack east FOB) and dealt with the rest of marines, approximately at this mark queen joined the fray, since the battle was over already and there was no reason to delay hijack. After that Trial Admin Ordoslan stated in XOOC something like “you are not supposed to attack FOB, but marines are wiped out anyway”, hinting that there will be no punishment.

But then, when hijack happened, MorrowWolf decided to «make round more interesting» by spawning MARSOC with stims, OP weaponry and HEAP ammo (MorrowWolf claimed on discord that they didn’t know about the HEAP ammo, but I don’t really think it mattered so much), so MARSOC wiped xenos out. I am not entirely sure if MorrowWolf really intended to «make round more interesting» as they claim, or their goal was to punish xenos/compensate marines for supposed metarush, but it was quite frustrating and disappointing. In any case, I think it wasn’t a great move and I don’t want this to ever happen again. If someone breaks the rules, you can punish them, rather than spoil the game for the whole side.



Yup I did this.

At the time, I saw the XOOC and understood that marines were metarushed. After clarification, seemingly I misunderstood.

I spawned in the ERTs in an attempt to make hijack more interesting to some degree given there were more xenos than humans at the time I checked. I also was operating under the assumption there was a metarush and wanted to give some compensation for the marine side.

The MARSOC were far more effective than I expected them to be and even with throwing over a dozen larva at xenos and giving out quite a bit of evo points the xenos were rolled pretty effectively.

All in all, my bad.


I was there at the time and spoke with Morrow regarding this. I don’t have issue with providing marine reinforcements given the circumstances, but concur that Marine Raiders was overkill.

Resolved, Morrow has been spoken with regarding appropriate level of intervention.