IO loadout?

Hello IO gamers.

Recently, i want to get in the IO role and my first matches weren’t that great because i got some questions regarding the loadout.

Some say you should take the Service Jacket, others say you should just go with normal armor. Some say you should take a silenced m39, others say you should take a simple buckshot shotgun.

The truth is that i dont know shit and i’d like some advice from the true IO gamers to start getting that intel so CIC can make 2 foxtrot spawn.


I personally find light armor to be the best option for balancing survivability and mobility. A lot of your survival will hinge on your ability to run away when overextended and cut off, but you also need to not immediately receive organ damage after one slash. The motion detector will drastically improve your situational awareness and acts as an early warning so you don’t accidentally walk into the hive on your own. On the subject of weapons, I personally take a pulse rifle with an under-barrel shotgun. The master key will drastically speed up the time it takes to get past bolted doors allowing you to collect intel faster rather than having to sit and hack each one, while the rifle itself I have found to have the most success against runners and lurkers compared to the M37 and M39.


Cool IO tip. You can build wooden crates out of wood and fill them with intel, then fulton them up. Though the pilot needs to be somewhat competent.

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Your best bet for the IO loadout is a dependable rifle . . . man.

You’re already on the money with the UBS Rifle, but what will give you the best chance at not ending-up a statistic with two threat levels of intel left on your secluded corpse is a buddy. Alpha is eager, Bravo is bored, Charlie is dependable, and Delta will use you as bait for their backliner kill compilations: the point is that you will be unable to carry everything you need to thrive by yourself.

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I usually wear light, UBS (very nice for bolted doors), MD on belt, DD on sling, tools in webbing. You should try to carry a cell/board for either helping comms or repairing computers if they’re there and a full toolset. Always nice to bring C4/breach too. NVGs, Sensormate, welding goggles. Rollerbed if you can fit it, nice for dead marines and xeno corpses alike. Your loadout should make you a jack of all trades with your skillset and ability to respond to incidents.


bring reagent scanner goggles, check whats inside the vial boxes, most of then are empty or filled with souto.


I usually take a jacket, a CommTech helm and attach a flashlight and a health HUD and an nvg. I use MK2 with a UBS, and I carry a mag pouch, a doc pouch, and a black webbing to hold my tools. I keep a screwdriver on my ear. Then, I Steal an advanced health kit from medbay. Then I Dump everything except one brute kit, one burn kit, and a splint and fill it with injectors and a battery, I Keep Ez injector in my jacket with the fultons.

Forgot to add that I keep an MD on my belt slot

I’ve also had success with a flamethrower and double doc pouch.

You can’t Fulton wood crates sadly

Always take two document pouches and your backpack. Webbing vest and your helmet for buckshot, some meds, tools. Data detector into belt slot, MD in hand. As for gun — shotgun is your only option because your main enemies are backliners (runners and lurkers) and they are vulnerable to buckshot (also shotgun is very economical storage-wise). Incinerator actually also can be a solid pick (don’t require sprite clicking, can be used to block hallways, although inderect fire damage is quite weak and enemy can tank it), but keep in mind very huge delay. Everything else is trash, unless you’re very good with M41A burst fire. I don’t think you should ditch your default armor since it has 4 inventory slots, this is quite useful. NVG is good because it’s a bit harder for xenos to spot you if you don’t emit light.

But anyway, if you’re alone chances are you’re dead as soon as you get spotted by a lurker or a competent runner. Having escort is very useful, but it might be hard to convince NPCs to follow you. So you need a good sense of game to know when it’s safe enough to go into an area and when it’s not. Also put your tools to good use, you can electrify doors in dangerous areas. Claymores also can help a lot if placed smart.


My IO Loadout
IO armor (Some people argue speed. But being honest here. It’s protective and doesn’t slow you down that much. Even light armor users/dipshits with service jackets get memed on by Runners and lurkers.)
Tech helmet
Tool belt.
Document pouch
Ammo pouch
Black webbing vest
Motion detector
MK1/M2K with an under-barrel shotgun
IO backpack
First aid kit
I load bandages and injectors in the first aid kit.

Most IO’s die from taking stupid risks.
Others that say take the service jacket pretty much end up either perma or hooked to a synth/medic/doctor most of the round because their increase in speed doesn’t make them faster than back liners, which threatens them. So they end up crippled with 1-3 spots of IB in almost every encounter.

The biggest thing between a newbie IO and a good IO is the ability to use a motion detector to calculate risk. I would encourage against taking two document pouches because, in reality, you want to be returning to the FOB often to drop off your loot and reorganize what you’re hitting next with the rest of your team.

There are not many wrong answers to a loadout barring the noob trap that is the service jacket.


In general there is no best IO loadout beyond what helps keep you alive and often times it will also depend on if you are working alone or as a group.

A good general use weapon is always going to be the pulse rifle with the underbarrel shotgun and in my opinion the magharn, your biggest threats will always be lurkers or runners and they will pounce you so having your weapon always be with you can save your life. Outside of that I generally suggest taking both document pouches, your intel pack, a tech helmet to let you weld without worries and save space, a pair of NVGs if they are still in the vendors, a toolbelt, two bricks of c4, a first aid kit filled with supplies like bandages or splints, the black or brown webbing your choice there, the intel armor for extra holding space and okay protection, a motion detector and then medhud as both of those are valuable and the medhud has led me to saving marines who were dying and could be saved. As far as ammo goes I tend to pack light so I don’t over extend and only take what I need before I can resupply, this is generally two handfuls of buckshot and three pulse rifle mags hopefully extendeds.

But in the end there is no perfect loadout and your loadout should be tailored to what you enjoy and helps you stay alive.


experiment papers are useless and so are most of the synthesis/analysis papers. Research only cares about the vials and the research grants the rest usually ends up in the bin.

If you bring a bluespace beaker you can dump all the random name chemicals into it insyead of lugging the vial boxes around. Only thing you shouldn’t do it with is egg plasma.

I’d argue to bring at least the syn/analysis papers, as sometimes the chems can’t be found through other means. Not in vials or found via botany. May make a difference if one of them has something like regulating/boosting.

(As a hint you can put any research paper on a clipboard, and the clipboard can fit in the doc pouch, kinda big)


My loadout is highlydependent on skill in the game, mainly hitting dodging and generaly posttioning and GAME SENSE, its mostly trained by playing marine tho.

-service jacket with 2 C4s or 2 fultons if im alone and have aPO around

-helmet with cigaretes, NVGs and a headband

-webbing with: binoculars, fulton or C4 if i take 2 fulton stacks, crowbar, MRE, high capacity power cell

-i takea M4RA as i find it the perfect balance between burst damage of a shotty and the constant damage of the M41A, reflex sigh, AG and EB as attaches

-ammo belt with 4 normal M4RA mags and one AP for wild defenders

-expedition backpack with the DD inside and the emergency injector too, use it fast so you can get more intel

-large document pouch

-medkit pouch, medkit filled with: 2 brute kits, splints, the 3 ez injectors (bic, kelo, tram), and a scanner

Again this loadout is very hit or miss, if you arentrealy good at fighting xenos this is a bad loadout.
This loadout is for a certain playstyle mainly going down rushing a departament clearing it all and fultoning then move on or go to FOB, if you see a xeno you keep for distance and run if its a lurker for example, you are supposed to use the enviroment, use xorridors and doors to get as many hits as you can EXPLOIT THE MAP FOR YOUR ADVANTAGE unless its LV-624 i hate that map

The flamethrower is kinda nice to ward of runners and lurkers enough for you to get away. It’s useless for opening lockers so better of with a shotgun with buckshot. I also take a shotgun belt and keep just the crowbar for tools. I load flechette, slugs, and buckshot in equals ammounts into the belt. Grab a Motion Detector as well for when you are solo so a lurker doesn’t pounce kill you. A medical hud as well and a few C4. Brown Webbings. I vend a autoinjector pouch and take one of each injector and give the pouch to marines.

As for the jacket it does make you faster but you lose the ability to holster your gun in your suit slot i’m pretty sure.


I’m actually planning on writing a guide to IO at some point in the near future.

The fact is that IO, as others have noted, has pretty much no real “meta” loadout outside of taking at least 1 Document Pouch.

Honestly I feel the real discussion point comes down to choosing either your regular IO Armour, Light Armour or your jacket.

In my opinion. The jacket is high risk, high reward. You get virtually no real protection but you move at max speed. If you get caught by a xeno you’ll instantly get fractures.

The Light Armour is likely the better armour to use. Functionally speaking the defence offered by the RTO armour means you MIGHT be able to tank 1 more slash before you suffer a fracture from back liners (Runners and Lurkers). However Light Armour, coupled with NVGs and a Motion Detector, gives you a far better chance to evade while having appreciable protection.

The extra inventory space of the RTO armour is great. I do wish it didn’t have as harsh a slowdown. If anyone on the Almayer is going to have actually good armour, it’d be the overpaid and over hyped frontline officers.

I find the lone rangers spring for the jacket, but I usually will go for light/M4 if I know I’m with someone who can shoot something pouncing me well enough.

I am actually curious if any of the IO’s went with Riot helmet and EOD armor. I’ve been seeing players use that combo with shotgun+throwing knifes and wonder how it would fare against a solo lurker or runner.