Is this normal?

Is it just me or do you guys also have this long eyesight without scoping in?

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Are you sure the video was actually recorded by the player playing the character? It could possibly be the ghost zoom ability mixed with observing the guy?

I am the player in the video. I am not a ghost. It’s actually what I saw.

If it was a ghost, we wouldn’t see the abilities on the top left. So it is deffinetly in person.

No clue, then. Some “experimental” ((((adminbuse)))) equipment working like the smartgun’s zoom ability but better, maybe?

Nah, its a bug that can happen, and the devs have tried fixing it a couple of times.

Could have bet the bug was like the binoculars’ or scopes’ zoom, only increasing view range in one direction. Frag benos from offscreen before it gets fixed then, I guess?

Yeah, I used the B8 scope on my M4RA rifle, but probably because of high ping (500-3000) something in the client-side code didn’t click in time and instead of reverting my eyesight back to normal it doubled so that I could see far in all sides.

Oh, I’ve been wondering, do you spell the “B8” scope as “Bait scope” or “Be-eight” scope?

Nah, baldie-scope number eight it is.

Bros the marine uav


this guy is scriptign!!


this already happened to me sometimes after getting hit heavly by neuro gas, trying to use binoculars then the binoculars would extend my view like yours and not in one direction.

Yeah this is a bug that happens sometimes to my knowledge when you die while using or trying to use binoculars or an equivalent device. Not sure on the exact way to recreate it. Had it happen once when I got hit by a mortar while calling in JTAC on an HVH game, and was able to get some absolutely fuckin’ nasty kills once I realized I couldn’t fix it, think I sent some pics up to someone to try and get it fixed, not sure if or what happened after that though

100% a bug why do you see twelve tiles of vision lol

Why were you banned dude? The reason is vague and the answers given are vaguer still.


Adminbuse? Also, I doubt they can respond with the little “user is suspended”-badge.


Yeah honestly something is up. At least give some evidence, sure they said transphobia was the reason, but they gave no examples. Unlike the ban with Jeremiah_Simpson - Timed Ban Appeal where the reason was given. I looked it up, not going to lie, even if Jeremiah did not know, it was bad to say that.

I am also naming the Jeremiah ban as the, “Roffle Waffle Incident”.
Honestly I might do some stuff on github to mitigate this from ever happening accidentally again.

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Blue waffle is such an old meme.

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I would like to add that I tried to do a github for it, but it is so complex just for a small sprite change, so someone else can take my idea of changing the waffle sprite to some other color like purple.