It's time to modernize CM in the only way possible: TTS

/tg/ and goonstation have done it, it’s our time to join the modern age.

It’s time for us to embrace the direction of ss13 and add TTS to our server.

Only unanimous support is acceptable in the comments.


Let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo



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The tts is too silly in TGMC. Back in my day you had to look at the right side of your screen to see what someone said.

Tts is very goofy, and I can’t imagine trying to rp with it.

This addition would change cm forever, I am all for it.


Imagine adding text to lag and scaring the hell out of people suddenly hearing cringe voices in their head. Plus someone would call the police when suddenly voices from SS13 appear shouting bad words around.

All im saying is, one-two round testing is all I ask. I genuinely think that TTS can add a ton of great moments for the server, and increase engagement across the board


We already have a bunch of staff members «policing bad words» lmao what are you taking about.

Plus we can make it CiC and SL exclusive, they already have higher RP standards.

Hell no, TT’s sounds awful.

So, we modernize the server allowing everyone to use this totally perfect feature, but it’s limited to CIC and SL?

utterly perfect in every way

we can even give xenos a like cool hivemind TTS that is like a woman voice but hissing kinda :slight_smile:


whats TTS


Idk if CM is in the best place for TTS in my mind, no for me.


We can make it a preference. If you don’t like TTS — disable it.

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My most esteemed brother from another mother. You are correct.


Not getting tunnel vision and remaining aware of your surroundings and the comms is quite literally part of CM’s learning curve. CM is a team combat-oriented server, unlike Goon which is just regular, goofy SS13 and TGMC which, let’s be real, is just casual gun-hoe funsies.


cool idea i admit, but im pretty sure there be a ton of problems coming up with it. what i do imagine would be cool though is giving the announcements from XO, CO, Queen and QM a TTS like ARES has. Like generally, would TTS be best to make the informatio flow easier. Wich would be best for command level. But just allowing CIC and command to use TTS would be a bad idea because thats just unfair.

Honestly, if this wasnt sucha big task to implement i would say test merge it to see where problems arise becasue of it and how in game recpetion is. But that just not worth it sadly. Although i would love to hear what TTS voice the xenos would get.

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I think it’d be cool for ARES announcements, or perhaps other admin announcements, such as from Queen Mother or High Command. But for everyone? Nah.

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John Madden

Great idea but no.

I really do not want to hear 50 xenos yelling “MOM, MOTHER. QUEEN.”