It's time to modernize CM in the only way possible: TTS

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I still think a lot of people here are neglecting blip TTS and its uses and applications. From my experience, voice TTS can get extremely overwhelming especially on your first few rounds of it, blip TTS gives you all the benefits of “hey someone is talking” without the “holy shit everyone is talking and I can’t focus on anything”.

Depending on the TTS implementation, it can also use the players custom voice which is an added bonus.

It’s the perfect step inbetween pure silence and pure audio spam

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(Why did I link this to Nyoom’s post? I’m replying to @ihatethisengine)

You know what, as someone who does have a sight impediment, I do agree that TtS would be somewhat a useful feature for us, but it would also have a few flaws with it. Namely the situation where you have 100 marines speaking at once (which happens a lot) in which case you can either play all their voices simultaneously and overload the ears of the user (thus defeating the purpose of TtS as a accessibility aid), or play them one at a time and suffer from serious delay in speech.

I suppose having it as an optional feature not on by default wouldn’t be a bad idea, though.


I can see some virtues of TTS, but the cons outweigh the pros by a significant margin.