It's time to modernize CM in the only way possible: TTS

Only if it’s in Microsoft Sam. I want to hear “We will not retreat, we will kill!” very loudly in briefing. Speaking of briefing, if every marine has TTS, my brain will overload and explode, I’ll be found with my dog eating brain soup three days later. CM will be banned in ALL countries due to the danger of TTS brief.

The obvious solution is to implement TTS, but only for Greg Lauffer.




As far as TTS pros and cons go:
Everyone outlined the spammy whatever thing as a con, but i trust the mods here to watch for that.

Here’s my only two real cons (maybe three):
TTS sometimes lagged shit to hell in compound when other stuff was lagging the server and people would spam messages
The TTS voices that are part of TG’s stock, for the most part, the AI will get hung up on weird accenting. Last iteration it was Eastern European. This time it’s British and Scottish.
Depending on which system is used, TG has voices including some poorly curated ones.

Most importanly though, from seeing this on TGMC, you’ll have conflicts with the scream, medic emote, and warcry emotes since the voices on those are baked in.


Correct take