janspader - Commanding Officer Application

janspader - Commanding Officer Application

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord ID?
𝒮𝒽𝒶𝓎 𝒮𝒾𝓁𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓁𝑜𝒸𝓀𝑒#3640

What is your timezone in UTC?

Player Name You Use Most?
Celestine ‘Cherub’ Chyler

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:
https://cm-ss13.com/forums/showthrea...er-Application (CO WL)

https://cm-ss13.com/forums/showthrea...ic-Application (Synth)

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?

If so, why?

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?
I would argue that I am quite proficient with Command Positions. I may not have the most hours as SO but I do have a decent amount of SL hours and XO hours. I am also quite proficient in Marine Law despite my limited MP hours due to the amount of appeals I have handled. I am also quite aware of the roles of most department heads although I will argue that I have the most hours department head wise as RO.

Hours in XO:
As of this moment I currently have 1320.1 hrs as Executive Officer

Hours in SL:
As of this moment, I currently have 66.9 hrs as a Squad Leader

Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?
Years of service serving under numerous Commanding Officers, both on warships such as both Conestoga and the later Bougainville class attack transports as well as on planetary garrisons, earned her the recommendations from several fellow officers. Originally, Celestine was hesitant, quite content to serve as a loyal executive officer under whomever she was assigned to. However the encouragement from her fellow officers and friends within the marines finally made her take the next step in her career with the USCM. Realizing that this also meant Celestine could better take care of her men sealed her decision to accept a promotion from High Command and a command of her own, realizing that her last CO’s words to her, “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained” made her square her shoulders and walk into a uncertain future, given the cold war between the UPP and the UA.

How did your character attain the position of CO?
Celestine came from old money. Born in the United Americas to a British father, she grew up mostly in the United States in the quiet forests of Oregon with the occasional summers spent at her father’s family estate in the Scottish Highlands. A disagreement with her mother’s highly traditional military family had her sent off to the Military as a form of appeasement for her Maternal Grandfather.

Celestine started her career out of Officer Cadet School as a Lieutenant, serving on the USS Chesterfield as a Staff Officer. A few minor engagements with a couple of pirates saw her promoted to Executive Officer, skippering a few light corvettes and patrolling shipping lanes for piracy on the edges of the Core Worlds. Dutiful execution of her duties ensured her commendations from her superiors overseeing her sector.

The rise of the CLF threat in the Neroid Sector saw her transferred to Fort Virtue as a temporary assignment as no other ship was available for her at the moment. However, low recruitment numbers and rising numbers of threats and public outcry in the Outer Rim due to years of neglect from Megacorporations such as Weyland Yutani, Seegson and many others caused the Outer Worlds to view Earth as a increasingly distant Government where they had little to no representation. This meant UAAC forces were often stretched thin trying to cover multiple bases and tackling numerous problems.

The boiling point finally happened on Netheon IV. Home to a strategically located developed colony meant as a centre of industry and distribution of goods back to the Core Worlds, the CLF found the colony of Virtue to be a prime target for seizure in an attempt to disrupt UA power projection capability into the Neroid Sector.

The Battle for Virtue fortunately ended in a USCM victory thanks to timely reinforcements from the USS Saratoga. Celestine having taken command due to the incapacitation of the Command team of the garrison was noted by High Command for a promotion after finding a vacancy for a Commanding Officer aboard a ship in the Third Fleet.

Provide a short story of your CO.

(Alternative Link)
Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?
I believe that it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner if the prisoner is badly needed in an operation while showing that they are willing to reform themselves, have shown that they understood their mistakes and are more than willing to return to their duties diligently. This is a given that said individual is not a repeat offender.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.
I would pardon an individual if they have no foul intentions and he or she could be of more use to the operation. A Doctor may have to be called to handle an appeal as an officer during low pop, particularly if there is only one MP and few other officers. As a Doctor the individual may not be fluent in marine law, and as such may mishandle the appeal which is NOD. However as a Doctor he is more valuable at the Medical bay assisting with wounded personnel. An honest mistake with no malicious intent on the part of the Doctor and as such I would pardon them to ensure they are back on duty as soon as possible.

I would not perform a pardon if the inmate in question is for example a specialist who is demanding to be pardoned so they could deploy while constantly claiming that the MPs are ‘unjust assholes’ despite having evidence against their case while also having a history of being violent. The inmate in question has not shown themselves to be capable of understanding their error or are willing to redeem themselves and merely views the pardon as a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?
I find that it’s appropriate to perform a Battlefield Execution if an individual has shown themselves to be a threat to order or are clearly jeopardizing the operation itself. This does include being a direct danger to command or any other department required for continuation of operations. BEs must also be performed with methods that do not cause collateral damage. OBs, Mortars, CAS and even grenades are not allowed as BE options. An announcement must there after be made informing of the reason, name of marine and crime. BEs must be performed in person and not by proxy, it must also be done in a humane method that does not prolong suffering and as such firearms are preferred. BEs also cannot be performed on a suspect in custody unless on Delta alert(Hijack). A suspect is in custody the moment they are in cuffs.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.
I find that Battlefield Executions are best used when a person presents a serious threat to the operation in a short time. I believe it should only be used sparingly, such as for example, a researcher experimenting on Xenomorphs without the approval and knowledge of the Command team and refusing to stand down and even attempt to defend his experimentation as such actions could have very dire outcomes for the marines as mishandling of the situation could cause a shipside xenomorph outbreak that could spiral out of control with most of the ship’s marine complement planetside. This would very quickly result in the marines losing their support base aboard and being cut off and destroyed groundside, trapped in FoB with no where else to go. However I would only BE if I have no alternative such as the researcher refusing to stand down and comply with an arrest and thus showing no remorse for his actions.

I would not however, perform a B.E on someone who merely is being a nuisance and merely just being an annoyance shipside, there are more reasonable responses to lesser crimes. Insubordination is also not an acceptable excuse for the sake of ‘maintaining order’ unless said insubordination would result in a more serious crime such as sedition, i.e a Doctor refusing to perform surgery on an infected marine due to an earlier spat which could result in shipside Xenomorphs which would be sedition as well as NOD. (I do find this particular case to be rather pointless in the fact that if he was the only doctor there would be no one left to perform said surgery in this scenario, and as such B.Es must be weighed carefully, taking into account of the consequences of such an action.)


Have you read the Code of Conduct?

Have you read the application process page?

Do you understand that any player - even donors or staff members - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our Server Rules or Roleplay Guidelines?

Do you understand you cannot advertise or promote this application on any platform, including Discord?*

Do you also understand that you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?*

Do you understand that you represent the CO whitelist and that while playing CO as any character, you must adhere to the CO Code of Conduct, Server Rules, and Roleplay Standards?*


Community +1 here.

Recently I have been playing alot of SEA and like to think I’m one with a bit more of a command focus and thus keeping an eye on CIC and the operation. From this perspective, I believe Celestine has improved in all the ways that the council has previously criticized them for - they’re less hyperfocused on their starting routine and the operation and more willing to interact with RP in an organic way within the limits that XO allows. The rest, such as experience and their ability to run an operation is clear so I won’t rehash that. I have full confidence they’ll make a solid CO.


Was told the story link didn’t work. Rectifying it here.

Also yes I am aware the Character name is slightly wrong. Force of Habit from a year of playing said character


I can definitely vouch for this players extensive experience in the command role. Most importantly what I’ve wanted to see from you over time was an improvement in seriousness and RP. Based on what I have seen, especially based on recent interactions ingame, I can confidently say that I like the way you play CIC more or less in all aspects. In my humble opinion I think you are ready to join the Commanding Officers.


I’m not a councilor, so you do not have to reply to this. However, I would like to provide constructive feedback as you’d like to become a CO. My vote on your application is currently neutral. I have a couple questions for you, alongside with some instant feedback that would do you good.

These mostly focus around marine law and SOP, as that’s what I’ve seen you have problems with. Some of these are debatable and don’t yet have rulings and/or are vague. My goal is to see how you interpret them yourself and how you plan on acting on it.

I worry as CO you’ll run into issues with ML and SOP, which is why I ask all of these questions, give comments, and my concerns. I address this because I’ve repeatedly seen you mess up appeals, especially on cases which have had management rulings. This has led to me witnessing your arrest multiple times - which is something a CO really should be avoiding.

  1. A corporate liaison authors a PMC contract. The PMC contract states immediate redesignation from the USCMC to WY. The CO signs off on it. Was anyone in the wrong? If they were, what crimes did they commit according to ML and SOP?
  2. A cargo technician masterkeys down an airlock to reach a medkit. An MP arrests the CT and brigs them for major DTGP. It is later revealed that the CT was getting the medkit as someone was critically injured nearby, and nobody was responding to calls for help. Was anyone in the wrong? If they were, what crimes did they commit according to ML and SOP?
  3. An MP ordered an arrest a nurse, to which the MW carried out. The nurse appeals, and the CMP accepts it, and places prevarication on the MP. The MP appeals it, and is denied by the CO. Was anyone in the wrong? If they were, what crimes did they commit according to ML and SOP?
  4. A doctor stands in the way of the CMO. The CMO picks them up and throws them before moving forward, because they were blocking their way in the lobby. An MP arrested the CMO for NOD. Was anyone in the wrong? If they were, what crimes did they commit according to ML and SOP?
  5. An MT breaks open every cell, the yard, and perma cells while MPs were all busy dealing with a briefing situation. MPs discover it was the MT, and charge him with jailbreak because they were bringing people back to the cells. Was anyone in the wrong? If they were, what crimes did they commit according to ML and SOP?

I urge you to reply to these because every other category is outstanding. You have the playtime, I’ve never had a grievance with you in-game, and you have countless operational experiences. I will give you a heavy vote in the stance of marine law if you take the time to answer these carefully and accurately.

  • You need to review appeal procedure
  • You have little MP time in the mass amount of command hours you have
  • Your squad leader to XO ratio is very low. I suggest 10 rounds of XO per 1 SL so that you keep a constant presence and reputation up. It also helps remind you of the terrain and how it is down there, aside from the comforts of CIC.
  • Play more MP. Honestly. It’s the best way to to learn ML.
  • Review appeal procedure - it’s what you pride yourself on with marine law, but I see you consistently have errors. I do not blame you for edge cases, but it’s something that needs improvement.
  • Delegate appeals. I see you a lot as XO manually handling appeals. If the CMP is involved and needs someone to delegate because of that - just delegate another MP or a staff officer. It’s going to nip you in the butt if you lose valuable CIC time as CO to handle appeals, when you could just have someone do it to the same effect.

Tdlr; I would like you to improve upon ML and SOP, especially with appeals. My vote will sway heavily depending your answers to the questions and what I see in-game from now. I would really like to give you a confident boost from the side of marine law, which is why I picked tricky questions, and I’d like to see you shine after over a THOUSAND hours of XO, but I want to make sure this road blocker is out of your way first before I can recommend it.

Edit: The questions were not responded to, and while I do not know the context of the recent statements so I will not factor those in, I did not see any improvement of ML interactions with you recently, so I will be giving a -1 purely based on the marine law standpoint as I don’t believe trial by fire is the best approach. Play some MP.


While I am not a member of the CO whitelist. Or the Synth whitelist. Or the Predator whitelist. Or staf-

You get my point.

I’ve served under Celestine innumerable times and they’re solid, both as a member in command and a boot on the ground. I’ve no real notable negatives (other than PLEASE call ERTs more us dchatters wanna play!). I’ve seen Celestine more times than I’ve even seen a CO in the game.

Lovely player. As they say, third time is the charm!
Hopefully, the XOs will be as good in her absence.

(If I’m not allowed to throw my view in as a random shmuck, I’m sorry and please feel free to delete this.)


He played executive officer for hours. I think he should be given the opportunity to lead USCM. When he handled situations on groundside and shipside, I carefully observed his tactics and techniques and concluded that he was capable of handling or quickly resolving the problem. I will give +1.

PS. Just a note, if someone votes that this player is flawed in some way. Try to assess your own flaws and consider why you seek towards perfection including the CO council. In this game, cliques irritate me. Vote for someone based on how you believe they have handled circumstances in-game.


Please stop being silly and give Shay their WL. You can see my serious take in their previous CO app, but seriously, at this point it just seems like we’re inventing reasons to give a player their shot.

I know that there are some personal issues or something, but considering other players who the CO WL has in the past taken a chance on (for better or worse), I honestly find what this player was put through per their CO app extremely disheartening and disappointing. For the record I absolutely do think the CO WL should take chances on people who have the skill, but may need some positive influence from other WL members in other areas.

For the record, +1. This player has done more hours as a XO than some current WL leaders have total play hours and did not incur any serious punishment during all that time. They clearly know how to follow guidelines, know how to play a character and know how to be in command. To some players they are near synonymous to the XO role.

EDIT: Oh and yes, I do believe that your initial encounters with ML as CO will be a literal trial by fire, but again - we’ve accepted COs who needed way more work in terms of understanding ML and they worked out great so :person_shrugging:


Why do you deserve CO? What will you do different than the 1,200 XO hours as CO?

You bumble around seemingly like a bot every single round, take a bunch of power gaming items every single round to “do it all”. You have the exact same loadout every round to powergame. There is proof of you playing to simply win, from begging admins to give you nukes to refusing to push and make a 3 hour game to win. You even admitted your character is just a self insert. I have even seen you in LRC wanting to avoid COs so you can have complete an utter control. COs have told me how you cryo because you “can’t work with them”. Why does this make you a good CO candidate?

I won’t even bring up the comments (you probably know the one).

You seem like a negative boon to this whitelist. From the times I’ve shadowed you on my alt SO, I don’t really see anything change from your last app. Overall, I don’t really care too much about your hours. I care about how you lack the fundamental points I believe a CO should have.



I’m not part of any WL or staff, so my words might hold less weight.

i think Celestine is a good XO when it comes to commanding wich is nice, but i swear i rarely see her RP when i observe her and i also renember that one event, when Chyler was an XO for a USCM tax ship, i (The Almayer’s XO) tried talking to her but she just ignored me and ran off somewhere. While i think as a CIC staff its way more important for you to make sure groundside is okay, please just spare like a minute to interact with people.

Despite this i’m still willing to give Chyler a +1, she has infested enough time that i believe she wouldnt be a complete goober and i hope she’d be less autistic about CIC now that she would have an XO to handle it.

+1 - Very based, great at RP and amazing at keeping character and all around cool. I see Celestine as XO pretty much every second or third round and is one of my favourite XO’s to have in a match.

Despite the fact that I am not a member of the whitelist, neither am I somebody that is that “known” in the community so my opinion probably won’t count, I have been around for some years now and I have seen you pretty much from what used to be your first hundred hours all the way to here. I’ve taken breaks from the server overall and came back by the time you got a thousand of them, already.

It is clear that you have improved if we look into the past, however, I have never seen you play any other role that isn’t XO… I did see you once go IO, to just head to cryo shortly afterwards.

Let me be clear, I do not think you’re a bad XO to lead any operation, in fact, you are way more competent in this field than many CO’s I’ve seen around. The thing is, that every roleplay interaction I have seen from you is very short, you seem to be always attached to the “combat” side of the server, which is obviously a thing that the XO should be doing, yes. But I would have really liked seeing you deal with RP situations around the ship, a thing that could have been easily solved if you played more RP-Based roles (Liaison, MP and so on).

You seem to also have issues with ML overall, but like it has been said up here, I do not think that is an issue as I have seen CO’s myself that probably had less knowledge than you in this field, get accepted.

Therefore, my opinion on this is purely a +1. I do think that you need to improve on some aspects, but I believe this will come in the long run. I’m pretty sure your appearance in the game as a CO would leave a positive impact in the round.

By the way, I recommend you to start playing MP and other RP based roles as I would like to see your interactions around the ship more.

Best of luck!


I really thought you deserved a chance no matter the fuck ups, as everybody can have a slip up here and there. But seeing the new things that surfaced which I don’t really want to talk about, it really shows that you do not deserve that chance no matter what.

My opinion on this matter is changed to a -1.

Just why. You had some support in the community despite groups hating on you, but now, I really doubt anybody is on your side.

I’ve just seen the evidence of his actions with the “hit squad” and also his gas chamber comment.
I take back everything I posted, and apologize for the endorsement as I literally found out. I don’t know what happened to you Shay, you never seemed like a bad guy in our conversations months ago, but you need to do some soul searching dude.

The shit you did, I would have issued an immediate community ban if I was still active.

So far everything seems fine from what i’ve read and i have nothing to complain about really.

I do have some advice tho, do know when to put your foot down, sometimes it’ll be required to conflict or clash with other people in order to avoid further harm to others in the operation or overall, so do take that into consideration.

HOWEVER take into considerating that you’ll need to be flexible with your tactics and communication, it ain’t all about winning every time, and sometimes stirring things up to get something different can be rewarding, and even if you fail, at least you’ll learn something new from trying won’t you? So you can’t be a control freak all of the time, communication is an essential skill, and sometimes your fellow CIC goons and SLs can provide you with advice that is quite valuable, you are not alone in this, you are a commander and as such must work togheter with those under your command to ensure everything runs smoothly.

I also advice you play a bit more of SL and MP, mostly SL however in order to get a better feeling of what your marines might be needing while deployed, sometimes while being in CIC people can forget how it is planetside and put up impossible expectations.

Lastly, don’t overdo CO or XO, you might get burnt out and start feeling the roles more as a chore than as something enjoyable, which isn’t good for planning since you’ll start feeling fatigued after a while and unwilling to continue further.

Anyway, gonna be a +1 from me, just don’t goof up when you get that shiny blue star in the future.


You made a kill list that had certain CO members and councilors in VC after being denied last time. You thought people on the CO WL were out to get you (trust me they don’t care that much) People have been community banned for a saying a lot less. I don’t care about your ability to command, it’s not hard in CM and you have the basic skills down. I care about how you represent the WL and if you will do something stupid like the VC kill list in the future. Trust me as someone who had to grind for the WL back, it’s not fun. I’m leaving heavily towards -1 but I’ll give you the chance to respond. I’m not a councilor so you can opt out of this question. It’s a game at the end of the day no matter how much we play


Sorry to say but you’re quite literally a NPC when playing the role. Sometimes you just don’t even react to the things happening around you, and you always power game getting the same shit every round. -1

You’re a good person and all, but I don’t think you would do good in this role.


You know what you’re doing, I’ve typed out long messages for the last two apps and the councilors and Sammy know my stance on this. Simple +1

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First of all, I’d like to say that I’ve seen you improve your behavior in-game more than the last two applications you’ve made. Some of the actions that were held against you have been rectified and that is always a good sign. I’ve witnessed both while playing and by observing and I truly hope that you wont go back to those exact behaviors if you get the WL. You know how the role works and have experiences on it. I don’t think a lack of knowledge of the ML is even worth mentioning as it is useless most of the time and only some bad faith individuals would hunt you down for it, which is against the rules now.

Some concerning habits do remain, like for example powergaming. As a commanding officer (or aCO), your job is to lead and delegate the meaningless tasks to the worms under you. You aren’t an errand boy so going to grab an engineer vendor and pushing it into the dropship, snatching the spare metal in engineering and having a loadout that is more fitted to a synth is a bit pushing it. You can order practically everything to be done for you which would mitigate it into being roleplay as you interact with people instead. For the loadout, I don’t think you need to be an ambulance while being inside of CIC, nor do you need an extended mag pouch (those are already quite in demand for the regular marines that will actually have to use them), and a full set of tools. Do you really need an RTO backpack when you have a phone literally next to you? I recommend toning it down by a few (many) notches. Going into research and making yourself custom pills that most doctors don’t even take is included in what you need to tone down, you aren’t a chemist, you are an XO/CO

Now for the big red flag. After having heard what you’ve said and done, which was also mentioned by Sandvich further up, I find it quite incredible that the last host, who cbanned and called the ATF on someone that did less, would be so willingly ready to give you the WL like that. I guess you have some kind of immunity or something, which is a great asset for you. If losing makes you this mad, you really need to work on improving that. Detaching yourself from your character (not playing a self-insert) is a must, I’d say, for this kind of WL. Saying that “You won that round” or that “it’s X queen so I lost” isn’t the good mindset to have. It’s a team game, put the ego aside and play for the fun of it. You aren’t the protagonist.

I don’t really know why some people here are so foreign about the idea of denying someone until they are actually suited for the WL, maybe it’s not the same for other applications, but I do believe that it’s important that a role that has both heavy RP and lots of mechanics be incredibly harsh and thorough on the applicants. That’s how you end up with less WL removals.

In conclusion, I think that you made alot of good improvements and you are on a good way in-game. I would’ve been ready to give it a chance but to be honest, I can’t do it in a peace of mind after the recent OOC blunders. Though, I’m glad that you are improving and I will actually stay neutral this time for the sake of it.

TLDR: Good improvements, powergame too much, stop playing a self-insert, don’t send hitsquad on fellow COs.


So since the last app you have definitely improved. Having had alot more chances to see you and interact with you IC both when I played as a SL and SEA to name a few roles, you have definitely gotten better. Had the aftermath of the last CO app this “kill list” and the concern of you power-gaming not been a thing I would be giving you a +1. The fact this happened leave a bad taste in my mouth. As other have said above how do you plan to improve yourself as a member of the community and learn to accept things like losing rounds in the game and being denied such apps? Your actions can and will reflect on players you play with and the WL you have, what I am getting at before i give a +1 or -1 here is can you learn to let go, and continue to improve?

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Right, so a couple of questions from me.

First of all, do you think it’s a good idea to hog the CO slot and play multiple rounds per day, maybe even in quick succession? Can you explain the risks involved in that?

Secondly, how would your CO rounds be different from your XO-in-charge rounds?

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