Joooks - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - Joooks

What’s your BYOND key?


What’s your Discord ID?


Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?

Johanna J. Jaakari, Mike Fire, Timothy Dean, JJJ as xeno.

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?


What clan are you joining?


If minor: Give your clan lore.

Yautja Character Story:

A group of Marines suddenly rush up and start shooting you. How do you respond?

If it was around the frontline or the marine medic fallback point I would most likely try to disengage as I wouldn’t want to majorly disrupt the flow of a normal round, but I would move in a way to allow them for a chase to a area where xenos wouldn’t just walk up and capture them as I for example put them into crit. I also would probably use a laughing emote as I run away to bait them even harder.
If they engaged me in the backline I would most likely just *roar and attempt to kill them all.

Another Yautja hunted and killed a target you had marked. What do you do?

I would initially ask them to explain why they killed my prey, then order them to apologize or prepare for a honor duel; there is a case where the prey might have been dishonorable towards them and then I wouldn’t really seek justice.


hate him

+1 would recommend


Interacted with Johanna J. Jaakari plenty of times, they’ve recently been playing a lot of XO and understand roleplay perfectly fine. Joooks is also a community mentor who clearly understands the rules and mechanics of the server. +1


Holy shit jooks pred +1 muddaless FUCK


Can vouch in roleplay capacity and accountability. Has observed, talked to and killed plenty of preds to know how to behave as one. Has reached out to me multiple times for help with his application. Definite +1



Consistent and competent in terms of RP and skill.


Polish player ( high ping !! ) ( easy to kill ) get this motha fucka on the whitelist now!!! ( He has and can easily go above and beyond the roleplay standard of this whitelist and wish to see him thrive )


+1 Personally watched this man put his life on the line to save wounded civilians in Fallujah in 2019 … I would take a bullet for this man … I aspire to be like this man … If this man doesnt get the pred whitelist after all he has done for his country and fellow man what kind of community could this be? One of pure malice and hate???
Long standing community member, mentor, helped tons of people, unblemished (other than being Polish \o/) reputation, with means and ability to roleplay.


+1 just from what I’ve seen of their XO they’re commendable already. Long time player that can RP and play well, should get the WL.


+1 I want to be skinned and hung from botany by jooks


+1 superb clan choice
Player has received my permission to apply for the Nhon Clan.
They came forward to the council with a draft of their story, which in my opinion is an accurate portrayal of a predator and a Nhon Clan Hunter.
The story is good, player is well known and reputable. I see no reason not to +1


Hi Jooks

I can vouch for this player’s roleplaying skills, they’re always fun to interact with!

+1 Best of luck! :heart:


this guy does NOT fuck +1


+1 this guy is a beast


-1 river abuser he kiled me bad clan

J.K. Hi, it’s good to see you applying for the WL. From what I’ve seen you’ve had interest in it for a while and my interactions with you have been pretty good overall, and I recognize your character. I read your story and I thought it was good, but mainly I want to ask you some questions about the pred WL and your pred.

  1. Nhons do often insult other clans to some degree, and if you did the same what would your response be to another pred insulting your clan to the same degree you did theirs? Would you escalate it or keep it mostly banter-y?

  2. How would your behavior towards other preds change if they were above you in the Yautja social hierarchy such as if they were an elder, ancient, elite, etc?

  3. What are your thoughts on how the spirit of the whitelist section of the honour code interacts with the rest of the honour code in terms of changing rules based on certain scenarios, and how does this affect a pred players game impact?

Hopefully you will enjoy answering the questions and they might give you a better understanding of the HC as questions like these do for me, feel free to answer whenever you find convenient, no rush. :slightly_smiling_face:


andre is a very competent and cool player, he will make a great addition to the pred wl



Hi, thanks for the questions.

  1. I would most definitely escalate. If they are throwing fighting words then they better fight.

  2. I would of course respect ancients unconditionally since they are pretty much living legends, but when it comes to the other castes of the hierarchy I would respect them as unless they did something un-yatujalike and stupid(For example something I’d consider slimy or a breach of SotW).

  3. I would very much like you to rephrase this question.

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Sure. By my third question, I mean the spirit of the whitelist part of the HC often means you’ll have to act further within the rules of the HC than you explicitly have to. For instance, if a random PVT comes up to you and shoots you for no reason, you would technically be allowed to cloaked HPC them and then behead them, if spirit of the whitelist didn’t exist.

What I’m asking is why do you think this is necessary and how does it change a predator player’s impact on the round?


Triple J is a beast. +1. Amazing role player.


Thank you for rewording that question.

I think SOTW is necessary to first and foremost root out possible bad actors in the whitelist and it directly prevents situations with rule lawyering.

As for the predator round impact I believe it mostly causes predators to not just mindlessly kill and round remove players, but it causes them to try and develop good memories for themselves and their prey.