Kryth - Player Report: Garcia Sanctus, Rule 4, Rule 10???

Kryth - Player Report: Garcia Sanctus, Rule 4, Rule 10???

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Kryth Kross

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Garcia Sanctus

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 4, Rule 10???

Description of the incident:

I late joined as an alpha smartgunner and deployed late, and barely any time pass after landing and deploying, I got injured and got IB.

A medic named Garcia Sanctus treats me from the IB and in the process OD’s me on tramadol due to surgery need of painkiller which I had already pre dosed to 30u upon landing the LZ. So I went from roughly 30u tram to 45u tram, simple enough, treatable, not that major. After the IB treatment, I pass out from the tram OD and I see I get fed dylovene and…tramadol, reaching roughly 60u tram. At this point I am frustrated, but the issue I have with this that made me file a report isn’t the OD itself but what came after, while I was being treated while I was unconcious, I can see the medic saying the lines “Brain dead” and pointing towards me, and can roughly say what was happening around me. Medics and Marines passes me and ignores treatment for me and the Medic proceeds to strip my gear and drags me to the FOB. Eventually we reach the FOB where there is a doctor with a dialysis machine but I get ignored, but from what I notice is that the medic was telling the people around me that I was “Brain dead”.

I ahelped this but I get the impression this was just treated as an accident from what steelpoint had told me from ahelps, so I am making a PR instead.

The issue i have isnt the OD incident, but rather that I was being denied treatment due to the medic telling marines around me while dragging me around that I was “Brain dead”. I got treatment after like god knows how long, but only until the round was already over.




I was FOB doctor on this round and you were one of my patients. I was told you were brain dead. I scanned you, and it did come up as saying something along the lines of “Patient Braindead”. Given the amount of marines nearby who were alive and actively needed help I instead prioritized them over you, and had you sent shipside.

If this is the case, I dont know why it came up as you being braindead but from my perspective and the other doctors this was what I saw happen.

I investigated this incident in-game. After checking the logs I ascertained that it was very unlikely the Coprman, Garcia Sanctus, was acting maliciously.

I noted that the reporter, Kryth, injected 30u of Tramadol into themselves, and Garcia injected them with an additional 30 units of Tramadol over a longer period of time, resulting in Kryth being ODed at around 45 following metabolization.

Whilst Garcia did note that Kryth was “brain dead”, they still rendered medical treatment to Kryth and did not actively attempt to prevent Medical Doctors from rendering treatment, in fact, Garcia personally brought Kryth’s body shipside and presented them to the Doctors.

Garcia cryoed before I could ask them to clarify their statements. I concluded my investigation afterwards.

Yes, I did dose myself, beforehand, but the medic in question scanned and added another 30 units into it, and tramadol lasts 2x longer than bica, which at that point, was not that long after I had pre dosed myself, and those 2 additional tram pills they gave me weren’t that close to each other, he had dosed me once for IB treatment and another for the Tram OD

Yet again, my issue is not that I was OD’d, but the matter of the fact that they had gotten other medics to deny me treatment, I was unconcious but can obviously see peoples messages when they’re on top of me, medics/marines were grabbing me while I was unconcious and checking on me, but I can see them stopping.

Yes I was treated afterwards when I was brought to medbay, they did drag me around and telling people I was “Brain dead” which to others without a medhud would mean perma or DNR. The doctors in medbay did treat me because they can see that I was not brain dead and he didn’t actually drag me into the doctors in medbay until they grabbed me.

The OD? probably not malicious, but the fact that they told all the medics/marines/doctor from botany, to FOB, and to shipside that I was “Brain dead” when I was clearly not? Also I’d like to add that 30u of tram is not OD, and that medics can instantly to see what meds you have, the medic had scanned, ignored that part, TWICE, once after scanning for my IB, and twice after noting I had been tram OD’d from his previous dose.

As to the FOB doctor, scanner shouldn’t say Brain dead patient IIRC, u can only see that from the icon thats above my corpse, I had a green line, no red in it, I did not DNR, but I can understand how in the heat of things you’d just trust a medics words to ignore me, but thats exactly the issue I have that had me make a PR

I want to add some evidence even though I am not connected to the report in any way. Tramadol OD gives you a lot of organ damage, including brain damage. And when you have over 100 brain damage, health scanner (for some reason) states that subject is brain dead.

	if (src.getBrainLoss() >= 100 || !src.has_brain())
		dat += "\t<span class='scanner'> *Subject is <b>brain dead</b></span>.\n"

At the same time, when you try to defib perma dead marines defib also says Patient is braindead.


Hello Kryth,

I’m sorry you had this experience and I’m sure it was incredibly frustrating. As stated by others in this post, there are numerous reasons as to why the accused player took the actions they did. Beyond that, an investigation was already conducted during the round, and we do not allow Player Reports to be filed for incidents which have already been deemed to not break the rules. If you believe that Steelpoint mishandled the incident I would advise you reach out to their manage, Clairion. For those reasons, this report is denied.

Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs