LambdaSucks - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - LambdaSucks

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Emil ‘Rico’ Stafford

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

Previous Synthetic Application - LambdaSucks - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Vesper’s model was created for data-analytics assignments. Due to this, Vesper is incredibly focused, detail-oriented, and curious. Efficiency and knowledge are this synthetic’s greatest priorities. Vesper is constantly seeking out new data and information, analyzing almost everything around it for patterns or connections. Because of this, Vesper is a double-edged sword, sometimes providing outstanding information that can aid those around it, yet more often than not, providing useless patterns and connections that do nothing to help with the task at hand.

When it comes to communicating with those around it. Vesper is often blunt, straight to the point, and offers little to no quips, sarcasm, or humor.

Sometimes, Vesper will become obsessive over a particular data set presented. For instance, it may spend its downtime examining hundreds of boxes of crayons to find out the average deviation between pigments of sky-blue crayons. When in this state, Vesper may seem distant or less responsive than normal. And while it will have no issue following orders given to it, it will default to such investigations between assignments, or may even allow for a limited sect of its processing to continue ruminating while on task.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Vesper remains well informed with the USCM rank structure. Each rank and role aboard a standard USCM vessel is understood by Vesper, allowing it to tailor its’ behavior to properly suit each interaction.

Commissioned Officers: Vesper would address them as such, respect their authority, and refrain from speaking unless input is necessary or directly addressed, playing an advisory role when need be.

Marines and other combat personnel: Vesper would likely have a more utilitarian relationship with combat personnel, providing them with any necessary data, analysis, or advisement to assist them in their missions, but not necessarily showing any particular interest or affinity for their work.

Doctors and researchers: Vesper shows a particular affinity for doctors and researchers, given its own focus on data analysis and pattern recognition. It would be eager to collaborate with these individuals and provide them with any assistance they might need in their research.

Conversations with Vesper would be less focused towards a relationship or a person, and more tailored towards deriving or providing information or data. This would mean that Vesper would either share analytics it has already processed, if asked, or ask questions/listen to personnel in order to reinforce or create new data sets, including behavioral. It is very unlikely that Vesper would interrupt a conversation, even though it may show a lack of interest. However, in some circumstances the synthetic may decide that it needs to disassociate itself from a conversation in order to tend to higher priorities.

To summarize, Vesper is very interested in information, data, and knowledge about anything and everything. To Vesper, everything can and will be analyzed.

A quip for Vesper would be:

“Introducing Vesper: The cutting-edge synthetic designed to deliver unparalleled data analysis and insights. With its advanced tools and insights, Vesper is the key to unlocking your full potential.”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

While I have been denied for a synthetic position previously, my passion for them hasn’t dwindled in the slightest. I love the portrayals of synthetics from the movies, while I am more of a fan of the latest representations in Prometheus and Covenant, I still have a respect for the originals; Ash and Bishop. I love that synthetics are able to display an inhuman nature, yet unique personalities, creating an intriguing character I’d love to play. I have a lot of experience in roleplay, and I know I could portray this character expertly.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

One I can easily recall is my interaction with Phelan. I had been playing as a marine that was abandoned and dying when Phelan came across me, and pulled me out and nursed me back to health. After this, I followed him and aided in saving a few other marines, watching him recover, treat, and roleplay with more marines.

Synthetic Character Story:



Engineering is one of my strongest points. I have plenty of experience planning and establishing a FOB and other cade lines. I understand the principles of cade placement, and can understand the strategic value of different routes to the FOB. I also understand electrical and can easily hack doors, and repair generators. I am also able to monitor, repair, and replace cades in the heat of battle, making me a valuable technician. Combat Technician: 56.4hr


I am familiar with all elements and roles of command excluding the CO. I understand how to properly play an SL, SO, and XO, and can easily navigate all of their features as well as plan and relay working orders. I can easily reassign squads, give or take IFF, and alter access of IDs for different areas. I can perform all these roles as though they were second nature. Squad Leader: 35.4hr Executive Officer: 24.7hr Staff Officer: 21.1hr


Medical is by far my most appreciated role. I can easily revive and treat marines on the field. (I normally bring Bi, Kelo, Oxy, Epi, and Ina injectors which I use to rapidly heal marines, as well as a refill tank so I don’t have to return to fob often.) I am able to calmly manage three to five dead marines, and revive them in little time with little issue. As a doctor, I am very familiar with surgeries, and understands shortcuts such as double scalpeling, and managing the bloodloss from it. I can perform surgeries rapidly without delay in steps. Hospital Corpsman: 42.2hr Doctor: 26.9hr


Most of my experience with requisitions has been supporting as another role, and is my least played of these four roles. Usually as a PFC or SO, I will volunteer at times where req is struggling, and I am able to adequately perform during those times. I understand where to find all equipment that may be requested, and I can properly process orders, operate the ASRS console, and stamp receipts before returning empty crates. I can also easily prepare supply drops, and understand how to manage what resources are in demand groundside. I also understand the functionality of the black market, and I am familiar with its benefits and demands. Cargo Technician: 4.4 hr

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

A synthetic should NOT perform combat unless in very specific scenarios, such as those where the life of said synthetic is actively threatened, and said threat cannot be avoided.

Examples of this would be:

A xenomorph is on the flank of the FOB, destroying a vital, undefended, cade and a witnessing synthetic might engage it from a place of safety in order to deter it, as the active threat of the breach could mean death for both the synth and the marines inside.

Another example would ne if a synth were moving to or from the FOB. Along the way they are ambushed by a runner. The synth would continue running if it saw the chance, however if cornered and found in a position where it cannot escape, it might be forced to attack in order to clear a way for escape.

A final example is one where a synthetic may be found in a delta scenario. This could mean that the synthetic is a survivor from the colony (before help has arrived), perhaps it has been left on the colony following an evacuation, or it could even be on the ship when there is a clearly established active boarder or hijack scenario. The synthetic may engage in these scenarios because the threat it is facing has established itself to the point where it must be neutralized to ensure the synthetic can survive as well as those around it. (This is not an excuse for the synthetic to take on the hordes of xenos like a terminator, but instead should it see an opportunity to pick off a vulnerable target, it may strike in a hit and run manor, striking cut off hostiles that may be easy pickings, while avoiding larger groups or bigger threats that might overpower the synthetic.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

No, I have never been banned from CM, nor do I have active jobbans.

Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

I chose to retain the character I am applying for along with all information regarding it as the character was well received and had no adverse criticism in my last application.

I intended to reapply sooner, but real life came up and I’ve only recently returned to CM.

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App is well done and you had a +1 from Brad on your last app for RP which is awesome to see. Not a huge fan of Vesper as a name personally, it’s kind of out there. I’ll wait and see for people to give vouches before I cast my vote tho


Regarding my name choice, while Vesper is a real name I know its not the strongest choice I couldve made. If its decided thet the name is a no-go I have no qualms with using a diffferent one.

I’ve known Lambda for a while and I’ve seen him play CM, he’s an experienced and competent person who would take your WL seriously and I have no doubt he would set a positive example. He easily earns my +1.

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Biggest issue right now is people are not seeing you in support roles, usually when spotted folk are seeing you doing other roles that aren’t relevant. Could you post a time+timezone when you’re usually around so we can get some observation in?

Sure! Im Eastern Syandard Time and Im normally on between 6pm to 12am, though that can change depending on work. Weekends I should be around most of the day.

I normally switch between playing a support role for a round, and then rolling for a different role snd doing support still if I dont get anything. But Im ok with playing strictly support to give a chance for observation

I’ve talked with Lambda before and honestly their application shows they’re dedicated for the WL, their storytelling is really great, it’s engaging for their character and pretty easy to read through in my opinion

Though I’d love to see you more in-game working medical and comtechs more often as I haven’t seen you too much personally. (All though I do know you play from what I’ve read)

Currently though that feels like my only criticism of the application and overall I feel like I can give him my +1

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Heya Emil! So, I took some time watch you in a match as a Corpsman, and I read your story. This is what I have to say about you.

The Bad


The Good

In all seriousness, I loved the use of different colors for each speaker in your story, though I’m rather curious as to why you chose to do that? It’s very unusual for a story.

Your story is incredibly well-made. Are you a professional writer? If not, you may want to consider a career as one. Your language was strong, you used literary devices effectively, and you played each and every character consistently and believably. Some people may complain that you played some character tropes a little too straight, but they fail to realize that tropes are simply tools. One which you used incredibly well, might I add.

Looking at your run as medic, I can confidently say that you did great. You always had your patient’s well-being first in mind, keeping their gun safe and close by as you revived and moved them, you moved patients to a safe area if the front line fell back too close for comfort, you did great at coordinating with other medics to treat wounded, and you got all your patients back in the fight in a timely manner.


+1. I think you would be an amazing addition to the Synthetic WL! Hope to see Vesper on the team soon!


I would like to say that during the round I observed you, there were some minor things I’d like to tell you.

  1. You can jump over wooden barricades, if I remember correctly. No need to break it down.
  2. You can open medkits without a free hand by middle-clicking them. This works even when the medkit is in a container, so now you can free a hand for better things. (Do keep in mind that if the medkit is in a container that is not on your person, you can open it, but you cannot take out items in it unless you hold the container.)
  3. Make sure to carry some food for people with low blood, or simply tell them to eat.
  4. While you splint or defib a patient, you can also give them kits, pill them, inject them, and more with your other hand. It’s not necessary, but it can help cut down on treatment time.
  5. Be more liberal. With epinephrine, I mean. You got an entire revival pressurized canister! Don’t be afraid to use it, even if the patient isn’t too badly damaged.
  6. I saw your gun. M37 shotgun with a bayonet, stock, miniflamer, and magharn? We’re fucking gun and attachment twinsies.
  7. I saw the Queen drag you off the Alamo. You got done so fucking dirty.
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Hey! Let me preface by saying thank you for taking the time to look over mg app and watch me through a round, it really means the world.

So interestingly enough I originally had the story color coded for initial review purposes, so that people could read the story more quickly, being able to skip over my excessive narraration. I did plan to remove it for the actual app, but was told it was helpful and thay it could be left.

I am an aspiring author, not quite professional yet but Vespers story was a big stepping stone in my career, i wouldve kept writing it, but i felt like an asshole for it being as long as it was already.

Finally thanks for all the tips, that middle click medkits one is especially exciting.

As for the queen; You dont have to worry about bursting if you take an m37 slug to the face.

Thanks again for the review and your +1, I’m really greatful for the feedback!

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So, I’ve seen Emil in many a rounds in a multitude of roles and I’ve noticed that he does great in each ones! A damn great SO, doctor, and engineer. I’ve talked with him IC’ly before and he has been very respectful and in depth with his conversation and roleplay. I know it does not mean much coming from me but this is a +1
I would honestly be surprised if he gets turned down.


You have been very hard at work playing support roles, and I thought I should give you my take.
You have presented a wonderful app; it’s quite well made!
While you have been playing quite a lot as a doctor, you have been lacking in engineering and corpsman.
And you should also consider playing requisition from time to time!
Your FOB doctor rounds that I observed were pretty good; you had very few hiccups, and the surgery was finished without much trouble.
A few improvements to your surgical techniques can be made, but as of now, you are quite good!
When you have the time, please do play a couple rounds of comtech, corpsman, and CT when able.

Good day!

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Hi LambdaSucks and thanks for your interest in the Synthetic Whitelist.

Your Synthetic’s personality is very interesting, we have seen something similar before but your approach is presented in a detailed manner. Overall it’s within acceptable boundaries.

The story you presented here is decent at illustrating the dialogue you would use, but we would prefer more ‘in-game’ examples. It is a bit too wordy to be realistic in some places, and keep in mind that you should try to mesh it with the tempo of the game - with a slight give incase that be its slower or faster moments.

Your experience and combat answers were good.

And vouches are decent.

Problematically was our observation of you. We had mixed opinions and the largest factor was differing consistency. In our opinion, you had moments when you performed to the standard of Synthetic and moments when you did not. The solution to this would be to refine your skillset particularly in surgery and medical roles. Unfortunately due to this consistency issue this application is denied, you can reapply 12/22/2023 due to voting dilation.

Keep up what you are doing and you have a very good chance at becoming a Synthetic should you refine the above! We hope to see you return in the future, with a better story, more vouches and a refined skillset. Best of luck :slight_smile:

ps. Vesper as a name is fine.

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Added synth:denied and removed synth:waiting