Lizardima - Player Report: Immelmann A.W. Sidewinder, didn't read the rules lol

Lizardima - Player Report: Immelmann A.W. Sidewinder, didn’t read the rules lol

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Luna ‘Furry’ Dash

Accused BYOND key:

i dont know

Accused character name:

Immelmann A.W. Sidewinder

What rule(s) were broken?:

didn’t read the rules lol

Description of the incident:

ive ask MP about bulletproof glass
i really didnt want kill CO, just break glass, but he was complete insane, when he just wordless executing me


PFC Luna ‘Furry’ Dash says, “I wanna shot at him”
PFC Luna ‘Furry’ Dash asks, “Can i?”
Sgt Armando Wheeler says, “The glass is bulletproofg”
PFC Luna ‘Furry’ Dash asks, “Can i try?”
Sgt Armando Wheeler says, “Sure”
Immelmann A.W. Sidewinder aims the Mateba autorevolver custom directly at your head!
Something feels like it shattered in your chest!
Your face becomes an unrecognizable mangled mess!
Your source of light shorts out.
Unknown (as Luna ‘Furry’ Dash) seizes up and falls limp, their eyes dead and lifeless…

Commanding Officers can execute people given certain circumstances (read more here). You blatantly stated you wanted to shoot him, opened fire, and then came to report him without even doing the bare minimum of looking at the rules page.

Gonna save everyone time, this report is denied.