lolvax1 - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - lolvax1

What’s your BYOND key?

What’s your Discord ID?
Great Mentality#7942

Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?
Thomas B. Strobia, Hank Thomlinson

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?
Ya’yi Nhon

What clan are you joining?

If minor: Give your clan lore.
( Nhon lore )

Yautja Character Story:


Incredible, and very unique story. This player has a history of being what many would say “pred hunter” and/or LRP. But I believe this label does not mean they cannot be given the predator WL. I very truly believe that they have been improving themselves RP wise. They should be given the whitelist, and I know they can be trusted with it. +1


This player knows the honor code more than 70% of the current whitelist holders and he doesn’t even have it yet. That should speak for itself in how competent he is.

Strobia has had his moment where he goes ape, but I’m confident that he’ll behave himself with the pred WL and remain IN CHARACTER when on it.

Gets a hell yeah from me. +1


Awesome story, looks like true efforts were put into it. Very original too.

My goto whenever I have a question concerning preds (even if they do not have the WL yet) and they’re able to roleplay better than 90% of the current playerbase when the time comes. I have no doubt in mind that they’ll take the role seriously.

Can’t wait to steal a dagger +1


Strobia has been around the community for a very long time. He has been interacting with the predators for a good few years now and I’m sure he’s well-known by everybody on the whitelist.

He has made a very clear effort at improving his roleplay recently and I strongly believe he has what it takes to be a good example for the rest of the whitelist.

The story is of exceptional quality and is one of the best I’ve seen for any of the three whitelists.



Shit, Strobia is actually going to kill me in game as pred, time to hit retirement.

I mean uh ahem, the story is very cool with a bajillion references (Can’t believe I got rebranded into being a hotel or something idfk) In terms of my interactions with them in game, despite me being a mute 66.6% of the time, I would say most of them have been good and sometimes silly, probably never a dull day if you get to see the junk he says. (It’s good junk not bad junk)

In terms of his history of doing whatever, notes, bans, this and that, I wouldn’t have a dang clue about that stuff, but most of the times I deal with him recently has been inoffensive to me.

Anyways I shall give my support and say +1 to this menace and pray to god he gets lagswitched and stands still if he attempts to hunt me so I can kill him. :smiley:


i do not have the Yautja Hunter Predator Whitelist

but tomas b strobia is one of the most awesome players of all time, he is the xenomorph killer and he has killed at least 1000 xenomorphs. he is also an awesome roleplayer and fun to interact with

if there was ever a player that should get the Yautja Hunter Predator Whitelist, it would be thomas B Stroiba. +1



I’ve been wondering how I want to respond to this application since, I wouldn’t say there’s tension between us but, we don’t look eye to eye. I’ve noticed the changes you’re attempting to do, be more interactive within the game to other players and on discord. You even stated on Discord you want to be different which I’m interested in that approach and where it will take you.

Your story is awesome to read, I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll adhere to the Honor Code and not break any compared to within my 3 months of having the WL seeing multiple breaches by others (I did a few oopsies too). Lastly, I think you’re an asshole. I do not say this with any malicious intent behind it, I find it fucking hilarious, you being in character, are a bit of an asshole to others which CM needs some comedic relief most times.

+1 from me, I know you are going to be a menace to both Marines and Xenomorphs once you get the WL, and I am terrified for what’s to come.


Based, so fucking based.

Excellent, 10/10, spine tingling, bone chilling, breath-taking, slow burn, soulful, atmospheric, genre defining, pred story, unironically. Its a fun read and i like the use of ingame screenshots, its pretty creative.

Strobia is a good RPer and xeno fragger, i would like to see how he will roll with pred gear. +1


i’ve known you for a while now and have had nothing but good impressions
you know the honor code, you can play a character, you can control yourself
the story is good, don’t get your dagger stolen
+1 would harass again in the story


The application seems very high effort and your skill in combat is renowned among predators. Some of us avoid you when we see you (myself included) because we know we’re going to get ourselves clapped.

So I have no issues with your story or your skill, I think you’d make a very strong predator candidate in those regards.

What I do have an issue with is RP:

I rarely see you talk as Strobia, I only see you frag, I’ve tried to initiate conversations with you and have been blanked on several occasions.

On top of this, literally every single event I have run that I have seen you participate in or around you have shot first and asked questions later. (You haven’t asked any questions just fragged whoever the potential hostile was without RP).

I am worried you will play Pred only to frag hard and rack up honour. I don’t think you’ll break HC and be an issue in that regard but I do think you’ll offer limited if no interaction outside of combat itself.

Before I vote could you answer this question:

Are there any scenarios you would like to RP through as a pred? If so how?


Solid +1.

Great story, great player, and great fragging potential. It’ll be sweet to see you in the Hunt, chief.


Will be better than 90% of the current whitelist in skill and roleplay. As for him being “lrp” I’ve observed him roleplay as a thrall and have seen him roleplay in character. He may chose to silently frag out some rounds but that doesn’t mean he is unable to roleplay. Also he has interacted enough with predators to know what a fun interaction with a predator is. Unironically one of the most qualified players for the WL. +1


Solid player with a good community rep. I can +1 this.


I understand your concerns about my ability to roleplay and it’s warranted based on my behaviour in the past, both ICLY & OOCLY I’ve pushed the boundaries of what might be considered acceptable on CM. I own up to that entirely, as I have mentioned I am very serious about fixing my behaviour and leaving the past me in the past. After taking a small break from CM I’ve really changed my outlook on the game and I think some players understand the effects extreme burn out on CM, for a long time I didn’t care what anyone really thought of me nor how they felt so I acted the way I did and did what I wanted without second thought. It heavily damaged my reputation with a lot of people but I’m hoping that said reputation isn’t irreparable. I have a personal connection to things like this, a large part of me growing to love CM was this whitelist and the interactions I had with it, I really hope one day to allow players to have the same experience I did years ago. I guess we can start off with the simpler things, I really enjoy the competitive banter that predators often use, I like Nhon’s focus on almost obsessive self improvement and I think I have the ability to roleplay around these very well, But when it comes to activities outside of my predators ego, I think the idea of “”inviting”” other players to complete trials of combat for our entertainment is also a very interesting thing that I think pretty much any player can enjoy if done well. ( I apologize if this isn’t as fleshed out as you would like, I am currently very sleep deprived lol )


This guy is a chad, a legend and a fvcking goat

Good story and long time player, +1 hope to see u on the WL soon :sunglasses:


THE GOAAAAAAT​:goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat::goat:.


Knows the honour code better than most preds :goat: +1



:goat: +1
Also it’s honor not honour or some shit @JoeLampost