Make Perma nests an optional hive ability rather than the default

I really like sentinel nest RP, it’s really fun juggling all of the different marines, their escape timers, the doors, grenades, stun weapons etc, I miss it a lot, maybe if there are no sentinels, defenders, or warriors to do it the queen can toggle permanent nesting on instead of it being on by default, maybe the hive gets some passive bonus for keeping it off to incentivize the risk vs reward factor. The marines should probably be informed either IC or OOC that this ability is active so they know ahead of time what the score is.

Additionally, we could tie sentinel ranks to the amount of time spent guarding prisoners, with a small multiplier per concurrent prisoner, so you could know if someone is a level 99 ultra warden or a level 1 babysitter.


just make it so xenos who die the most get forced into sent role as repercussions

Log in, pick Rifleman, go find the furthest and most distant corner of the Almayer, and sit there all round. Do this every single time you log into the game for a month.

That is essentially what escapable nesting is. Its removal from the game near a decade ago was met with praise, you’ll garner none of that if you wish to re-add it.

True, although I do miss the escape attempts at getting free from the nest, but I’d never wish it back for balance sake. There’s a reason why it hasn’t come back in any form for a long time now.

bro it was only removed like 2 years ago

Perma nesting is a terrible addition. There is no reason for marines to be stuck in the hive and being unable to fight back. This should be removed bring back the old system where you could escape and ignite your welder backpack detonating some of the hive and killing exenos.

There’s a reason why we got rid of this shit, and when it finally vanished we wept with joy.

Why should PVT Stanley be able to prime an OT nade 0.2 microseconds after getting free, wiping out half the caps, the core and every wall in the hive on a whim because the XX sentinel fell asleep after sitting in hive and babysitting for an hour?

It was barely bearable back then, adding it NOW is just terrible for balance.
If the queen ever decides to turn it on, god have mercy on the poor sentinel who gets forced on babysitting duty.

Assuming this does go somewhere i suggest having it work the same as in the games where recent captures that haven’t been facehugged can escape where as older ones that have can not. Though it’s unlikely it will ever be readded.

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Could as well keep it the current way (probaly the best approach), no beno’s gonna strap some guy on a nest without hugging them first.

add a delay and force them to fumble their bags and pouches to look for the grenade, then thumb around to find the trigger, which can make nice large chat messages and give the guards time to prepare.

I think this should be an ability either chosen by the queen or hive guards to allow non perma nesting, so it would hopefully only happen if there are people on standby that actually want to do it.

Hey what if we stuck twenty acid runners all primed to explode with one googol acid in a box in CIC and a PFC (or two on highpop) has to stand there the entire round and press a button every time they try to escape or the entire ship explodes.

That sound fun? No? That’s why they added permanesting.

I’m pretty certain perma-nesting was added to the game a very long time ago. I took a break from CM in 2019 and we had perma-nesting. I think it was added to the game around 2016 to 2017

it cant be that old, I’m not taking the fucking jamie pill i dont care who he sends

it was removed here

I was talking about the OG nesting mechanic, back in 2016 where nests were physical structures built by xenos that could hold a human.

Which also led to hilarious situations of a queen corner camping the Almayer/Sulaco and nesting half the marine force thanks to her stuns.

I did leave in 2019, but I’m going to be honest, if we legit went from resistible nests, to un resistible nests, to then someone re-adding resistible nests, then someone again making them un resistible, I’m going to be shocked and amazed someone legitimately re-added a terrible concept to the game.

Heck, I am not crazy. Here is some ancient 2017 OOC malding over combat nesting just for fun

this is where nests were added

this code wasn’t touched, exempting code modernisation, until the commit i linked above.

on the discord, complaints about “combat nesting” - as in, nesting someone and slashing them to death - were continual from the start of the discord server:

Search: “combat nesting”, sorted oldest

the first mentions of “permanesting” are much more recent - prior to 2020, just people complaining about the concept as an idea. the first mention of permanesting as a feature is in 2020, when it’s first implemented

Search: “permanesting”, sorted oldest

and prior to that point, it was only being evaluated as a suggestion:

Unfortunately I lack internal records, but my experience from the day informs me that we did, in some capacity, make usage of permanesting at least before I went on my extended break from CM and SS13, which was around late 2018 and early 2019.

Maybe it was only being tested but I do distinctly recall there being a time where nesting was made a permanent affair, which itself led to “issues” since players were forced to either ghost from their bodies, thus permanently removing themselves from the round, or wait in their infected body until either they died to a larva, or maybe got rescued.

yes this