Marine Skill issue lately??

I’m not really sure with you guys but marines have been really fumbling hard on the field. Before when queen got on the field and did heavy damage the marines could still manage to fight on and beat it back but recently it feels like marines are just unable to recover after taking heavy damage from on field queen.



Hebby marine nerfs.

Unfun medical changes.


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marine is being turned into a milsim with the ammount of nerfs for realism. gotta ration everything out now.

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Except for the nothing nerf to bone juice, what nerfs have marines even gotten?


Pure skill issue, there haven’t been enough nerfs for “oh it’s the benodevs guys it can’t be that we just aren’t that good” to be a real excuse.


This sometimes I see someone do something wrong in dchat and then I tell him what he did wrong and what he could have done better, im not trying to shit on his gameplay some guys genuinely don’t know its a 10/90 splits on players being like “shit thanks” and the 90 being the ones going “fuck up you toxic no life sweater” and then they appear on the forums complaining about things that everyone else can adapt too.

P.S im so tired of hearing, “YOU CANT KILL RAVS/CRUSHERS/PRIME WARRIORS” no you can you just refuse to learn how too and get mad when people tell you that the situation you were in was winnable if you didn’t panic and display skill issue"


a highlight of that is that WO round earlier where marines kept dying cause they fought out of cades. With permadeath active. Like what the fuck was your plan. We lost SADAR not 15 minutes in.


Yeah the nerfs are NOWHERE near major enough to change the balance this hard. Marines losing is, and has always been a skill issue. If marines hellpushed without regard for their lives, they’d win almost every game.

FOB OB’d = skill issue

Ravager didn’t die = skill issue

Killed by M2C = skill issue

OT gave PVT HE maxcaps = ok this isn’t a skill issue, fuck that OT, fuck you Bill


Very much this.

Personnal anecdote, but i rarely got kills playing as combat roles, but for the last few rounds i began to chase benos and waste tremendous ammounts of ammo, and i got like 3 kills a round minimum

If marines just rushed benos in a coordinated maner marines would just statcheck xenos


I think it boils down to “Playing as a marine is harder than playing as a xeno” and I mean it primarily in the OOC sense.

Since marines can do more they have more rules and are more likely to break one and get banned, in contrast xenos just need to: not grief (intentionaly), follow the queens orders and be patient when larva. If you want to break a rule that is not one of those you either need to really try or be in a really special position.

If the notes/bans sistem is correct or not is not the point I am triying to make so PLEASE don’t spike up drama about it, but it does explain that given enough time most veteran marine players will get banned and just stop playing while veteran xeno players usualy last longer therefore there are more of them.

(all this combined with the fact that all xenos need to win are like 4-5 good players cause marines to lose)

What’s your definition of a “veteran marine player”?

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That knows what they are doing I guess, time does help a lot in this. Or how the kids say “robust”

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Its simply a case that Marines is more punishing of mistakes than Xeno. If a Xeno makes a mistake, then unless you die you can just walk away and heal over 10 to 60 seconds. But as a Marine, if you make a mistake you suffer major injuries and severally decreased performance. It is also far easier to make a mistake as a Marine than a Xeno due to a lack of situational awareness.


given enough time most veteran marine players will get banned and just stop playing while veteran xeno players usualy last longer therefore there are more of them.

That is a very odd take. While there are technically marine Marine rules to follow than as a Xeno, in practice you have to go out of your way to break a rule.


I was kinda looking for a playtime or something like that, because I have ~700 hours in marine (~200 in PFC) and while I did have some pretty bad burnout (and I did get a fair few notes and a discord perma), I’m still not game perma’d and since I’ve started playing again I haven’t gotten any notes (or even gotten ahelped as far as I can tell), but my memory is pretty shit and I don’t have my notes pulled up right now.

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It’s just a case of lots of new people, marines fluoride staring more than usual and some people refusing to learn and understand not to do something (yes, shooting the hedge rav with its shield up is a stupid idea, stop doing that)

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Lets not forget that, generally, there’s a higher demanded level of coordination required for Marines than Xenos.

Xenos have a unique hivemind, that is up 100% of the time, that allows everyone to not only talk with everyone else, but you can instantly see what someone else is doing at any moment. Plus your smaller numbers make it far easier to coordinate plans. Furthermore the Queen has absolute authority and disobeying her is disallowed.

Compared. Marines have split comms that are not guaranteed to be online, you have no idea what the other Marines are doing unless you are kept in the loop, you are weaker individually. Also, only certain Marines are OOC bound to follow orders.

For Marines to do well, outside of having robust frontline fighters. You need a CIC that can communicate constantly, you need a Requisitions department sending resupply, you need Doctors and Corpsman to heal, Engineers to build, Specs to be decent, and much more.

Basically, the barrier for success is higher for Marines. I’m not stating this is a bad thing, but it does mean Marines have to put in more effort to succeed.


I think we can solve this by banning new players, and making marine whitelisted for anyone keen to play the game.


facts at the same time if we get good CIC, decent spec, good SL, good requisition, good medics, decent SGs, good JTAC , the marines can win easily but most of the times one of these things fall short or multiple fall short, there is no way to fix that since we always have new players playing sometimes important roles and with such low hours requeriments to play for example XO, people that have under 50 hours ingame can pick a major role and lead to a marine loss.

Imagine being one tapped delimbed, imagine being two tapped tackled after pounced by a lurker imagine imagine imagine arghhhh


Winrates go up winrates go down its nothing new and it’ll never change it’s 90% player driven.

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