Medical Re-Work:

Nah bro, I’m getting my bravo bro’s and fixing up the colony hospital.

I actually like this idea.

Maybe you should limit organ surgeries to only operating beds and only ones with power.

That way you wouldnt have to remove existing surgical beds. It gives bravo something to do, and it isnt complete nonsense.

I for one dont want to remove groundside surgery. I wish that shipside medical was busy recovering the dead through something like a complicated cloning process.

Personally i think both xeno and marine need more ways to get people back into the game. Reintroducing cloning would do so. Though i am aware this is not a popular idea… so. Eh.

Honestly, cloning doesn’t sound too bad. To add onto your idea, if we borrow from other servers and have the cloning machine be powered by blood sacrifice run on some sort of biomass in limited supply, I think we could force medical to be more selective in their choice in who they revive. It would also force xenos to learn to identify who is the spec rather than fear RP every marine, and it would give Queens more things they need to use their gib on, rather than the occasional spec or one guy in particular who pissed them off. Of course, I do worry that this’ll force specs to wait forever in case their corpse is somehow recovered and brought back, or risk making medical waste a clone on a soulless dude.

We already have a system for that though. Remember that cyroing a guy opens the role back up.

Worst case you could recover their body, clone them, cyro them, then open the slot for a new spec.

Id also want it to be complicated. Like they have random organs broken. Toxin damages, etc.
Lol we just made a system for instant perma if you die… any new clone will go perma on death until you stabilize them. Make medical hussle.


I was thinking about that, but I was afraid that it would sound odd to put one dead guy’s corpse in and then have them pop out a completely different guy.

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This problem is solved IRL by medics having disposable gloves - but for such a situation in CM the whole process of taking gloves off and replacing them with new gloves just strikes me as needless tedium that isn’t fun.

If you just had disposable gloves ‘built in’ to a lifesaver bag or w/e and you automagically switched gloves without any player input needed as simply a cosmetic effect, that’s about the only and furthest sort of implementation of “washing your hands planetside” that I could tolerate seeing.

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