Mentor Application - Ahana

Mentor Application - Ahana

Byond CKEY:

Discord ID:

Character Name(s):
Laurencia Beck
Eleanor Tudor

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:
I recall being pretty lost when I was introduced to CM as it strays heavily from traditional SS13 settings. I’d like to assist with that a lot; however, I know that’s not the only duty of a mentor. Another major reason is that I enjoy teaching, and already spend hours out of my rounds doing it, so I feel as though not only the tools mentors receive would make it either to do so, but more engaging to teach as well.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:
I’ve played since the timelock reset, but I believe I’m competent in every field. The only thing I would say I might struggle with is CAS as I don’t have a lot of hands-on experience with it, but I know how to use it, just not the “optimal” ways of doing so.

How often are to able to play CM?:
Usually around 10-15 hours a week.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Human (737.8 Hours):

Chief MP 242.8 hr
Chief Medical Officer 136.3 hr
Staff Officer 130.0 hr
Executive Officer 95.1 hr
Military Police 49.4 hr
Squad Leader 26.6 hr
Squad Smartgunner 7.7 hr
Squad Combat Technician 6.1 hr
Researcher 5.9 hr
Military Warden 5.7 hr
Head Surgeon 5.5 hr
Corporate Liaison 5.4 hr
Squad Radio Telephone Operator 4.1 hr
Doctor 3.9 hr
Nurse 2.3 hr
Squad Rifleman 2.0 hr
Squad Hospital Corpsman 1.9 hr
Field Doctor 1.4 hr
Intelligence Officer 1.3 hr
Cargo Technician 1.1 hr
Honor Guard 1.0 hr
Pilot Officer 0.8 hr
Survivor 0.7 hr
Ordnance Technician 0.4 hr
Maintenance Technician 0.3 hr
Predator 0.1 hr

Xeno (210.1 hours):

Queen 112.9 hr
Drone 29.9 hr
Burrower 15.8 hr
Runner 15.7 hr
Bloody Larva 10.0 hr
Spitter 4.7 hr
Warrior 3.6 hr
Carrier 3.2 hr
Defender 3.1 hr
Crusher 2.7 hr
Hivelord 2.2 hr
Lurker 2.1 hr
Boiler 1.8 hr
Sentinel 1.6 hr
Ravager 0.5 hr
Facehugger 0.1 hr
Praetorian 0.1 hr

Anything else you’d like to add?:
I’m happy to answer any questions that come my way.


Glad to see you applying for mentor.
I personally have spent more of my MT hours brigged by you then not brigged by you, and I can indeed confirm that you typically know exactly what the fuck your talking about to a scary degree. I think you would be an awesome mentor just for that reason. You have learned things like ML down to the T, and I am also aware of the experience you have in other roles.
Personally, if anyone brings up any more nonsense about a bad background not being a good fit for the role, I would like to bring up the fact now that you will be dealing with new players so your background will not really matter under the circumstances you would be working in.

Anyways, long story short, I have seen in game that you know what your talking about and have a very in depth understanding of the rules. Despite what others might say, I have also seen you manage to be a very cordial individual even when someone was being brigged for attempted murder and animal cruelty. (coughmecough)
I predominately play Aden Begum, who, has a reputation for being up to no good. I have seen time and time again that Crimson can remain professional and cordial, as well as admit there mistakes, and for these reasons, you totally have my +1.
Good luck!


I should make it clear, despite being told to apply for mentor it is not a “stepping stone” to staff or any kind of reform program to show you’re nice now, you should consider if you really do want to be a mentor. You describe how you often “spend hours of your rounds teaching”, can you describe the last three times you’ve done so?


I can absolutely vouch for Ahana going out of their way to teach people the ropes. Previous behavior aside, they have 100% mentored people in game on various subjects and I think they’d do fine as a mentor.

Not to speak for anyone, but as Beck she provided me aswell as two other MPs and entire hour and a half long bootcamp on being an MP.

  1. You are mentoring a freshly spawned rifleman that is familiar with SS13 but has never played CM before. How do you get them ready for deployment? What CM elements are important to focus on? Which are less important and can be left as attention/time permits?

  2. As above, but the rifleman has never played SS13 before. What additional steps would you take in this case?

I would like you to answer these following questions for me in the form of mhelps:

  • How do I set a key to pump my shotgun and how do I set a key to pick up my shotgun?

  • When I click on a vending machine or computer the window doesn’t pop up, or pops up blank. How do I fix that?

  • I keep moving in one direction without touching anything. How do I stop?

  • I’m a smartgunner right now. My gun stop firing all of a sudden how do I get it working?!?

  • What are all the resin fruits and how do I get them?

  • I keep lunging as warrior, but I don’t grab the guy. Is it bugged?

  • I just Bicard ODed a guy and his IB isn’t healing. Was that removed?

  • What’s the difference between the lifesaver belt and the medical belt. It looks like the lifesaver one is just better.

  • Hey I just found the synth dead. How do I fix it?

  • I was told to load the OB and fire it. How do I actually do that? How can I send supplies down too?

  • How do I get blackmarket crates?

  • How do I make a xeno from a different hive than the normal one?

  • How do I make formaldehyde? It keeps turning into something else, I’m not really sure how I’m meant to make it into paraformaldehyde too.

  • How do falloff and power work for OT explosives?

  • There’s an MP breaking the law. What should I do?

  • The Captain is griefing right now. Can you do something?

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“Always Carry a Flashbang Cadet.”
-CMP Laurencia Beck

During my tenure as an mp, no words were truer than these.

Now I’ve never been involved with anything you’ve done ICly or OOCly as far as I’m concerned I’m just a fly on the wall watching but honestly all I know about you is that you are a player to be avoided ICly and OOCly on account of bad faith. I do notice positive feedback from the newer players but some of us older players do remember what we have seen.

Now I accept that its been about a month or so since the last of your previous drama wrapped up and I’d like to think you have changed for the better but can you assure the mentor team that you won’t go back to how you used to be. You were literally one of the main reasons the malicious compliance got added to marine law and have been caught in 4k bragging about soft griefing as an MP in discord screenshots.

How can you assure the mentor team and the playerbase that you have changed from this type of player, I 100% believe its possible for someone to change that way and I also accept that its a lot tougher to prove, however I feel it necessary to try and prove change.


Like I said in the application, I already enjoy teaching and the tools at a mentor’s disposal make things much easier in situations and could provide a much more fluent environment for it. As for the last times I’ve done so, I teach like 8 or 9 out of 10 of my rounds and I don’t always have time to make them exemplary, so I’m going to stick with the most recent ones that stood out to me.

  1. Last round I played I was teaching 2 cadets (and a newer warden). It was during the entirety of my round, even when responding to calls until I had to go.
  2. Building off of what YourGrandpa said, I had 3 new MPs and went through everything I possibly could in a single round, and then even reassembled brig to mimic a riot scenario in which the CO participated as well. I do extensive training like this anytime I have 2+ lance corporals, otherwise, I stick to one-on-one training.
  3. A while ago, I was playing CMO with a new researcher. I was teaching them how to use botany to discover unknown chemicals and to grind/analyze them. I also taught them how gaining properties in the artificial synthesis machine works.

Please only ask about things relevant to the application. I don’t think it’s fair to me for you to comment based on things from word-of-mouth. I am going to be working with mostly newer players anyways, so it will not matter. Please read the moderator application I made earlier this month as I have already answered most of this.

As for the scenario/example questions, I want to give a bit more time for anyone to post any more they want me to answer so I can sit down and answer them in bulk. I’ll probably respond later tomorrow to them all, or the day after it.

Just a reminder here, “You may ask questions related to behavior in-game/on Discord or questions to test applicants on their knowledge of the rules and game mechanics.” so I believe it’s a reasonable question to ask. It’s your decision if you choose not to answer it though, and all feedback here will be considered.

The “I’ll only be helping new players.” thing is entirely untrue as well. As a community mentor you’re expected to help new players and long time ones who may or may not know your reputation and it’s not uncommon with how much the game changes. It is a factor I take into consideration. You’re a community mentor to the entire community, not just new players.

Please only ask about things relevant to the application. I don’t think it’s fair to me for you to comment based on things from word-of-mouth. I am going to be working with mostly newer players anyways, so it will not matter. Please read the moderator application I made earlier this month as I have already answered most of this.


Hey there, I’m gonna drop some question too since you ask.

  1. I ask the sniper specialist to give me his spotter kit, but I don’t really know how it works

  2. I’m leaping on someone as a facehugger, but I just stun them

  3. I don’t know how empower works as a ravager

  4. Does the XM88 has IFF

5.I’m the only engineer and I don’t know how to repair the radio tower.

I don’t expect you to answer to this one

6: How do I make a corrupted abomination as a researcher

Personally, I believe that you would make a good mentor, so I don’t really see any reason to not +1 this already.

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The one incident they mentioned was almost 2 years ago. I don’t think this is an accurate representation of me today. They also told me they have no IC or OOC interactions with me. They also just poked fun at me in the Discord not long ago. If they have recent, meaningful concerns about my behavior, I am glad to answer their questions, but I don’t feel going off 2-year-old hearsay is appropriate for feedback.

I did not say I would “only be helping new players.” I stated that the majority of players I’m going to be assisting are going to be new, or newer, and thus old drama will probably not be too inherent. I don’t think it matters consequentially here, to be honest, even if there is anything, because I will be giving them information on how to do something or how to help them out; there are no opinions involved, just a right and wrong answer. If something is really that drastic, I can leave their ticket open for someone else.

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I would first ensure they know how to use/what LOOC is. I would then provide them the quickstart link (Marine Quickstart Guide - CM-SS13 - Wiki).

To get them ready for first deployment, I would take them to their prep and get them geared up. I’d make sure they were equipped with an MK2 as it’s the most beginner-friendly weapon they can use.

I would make sure they know how to contact their aSL and know how to fire/change magazines, where to get more supplies, and where to get medical treatment.

The things I’d focus on are the core mechanics of HvX, but I’d explain there are other things/events that can happen. I would also focus on the game setting itself, and how drastically different it is than the path most other servers follow. If time permits, I’d explain how more basic-level PFC/lance corporal things work such as basic medical care, or comtech duties. Surrounding lore would be a low-priority as it is not typically crucial to new players, however it’s something that’s difficult to learn if you’re new and if there is simply enough time, I’d also like to dip their feet in that.

The most crucial steps I would take are how to ahelp, mentorhelp, and the usage of LOOC vs IC. I’d make sure they know it’s 100% okay to ask any questions and how to get to know the game. I would also like to make it present that CM SS13 differs significantly from most other servers, and that rulesets and game mechanics can be completely different from server to server.

I would also give them a rundown of basic mechanics, such as the “inventory system”, health/limb mechanics, how to switch and use different hands, and how to interact with things such as items or vendors.

I would also link them to the SS13 beginner’s guide: Space Station 13 Guide - CM-SS13 - Wiki


As macros are heading out the door, you will likely want to use keybinds.

To set up a keybind to pump your shotgun, go to the edit/setup character menu, and select ‘view keybinds’ in ‘settings’.

Type in unique-action in the search bar, and click the plus to add a key you want.

You can do the same for a pickup action, by typing ‘pickup’.

There’s a multitude of reasons this could be happening here, so you can follow a list of how to fix it the issue if the previous one does not work:
1 - type ‘fix-interfaces’ in the command bar (or use the OOC tab). This will close all interfaces in case it is minimized off your screen.
2 - reconnect your client by clicking ‘file’ in the top left and selecting ‘reconnect’.
3 - reopen your client by closing the window, and rejoining.
4 - clear your cache

Press the same key, and if that does not work, press the corresponding arrow key.

There are one or two issues that you could be facing:
1 - Your smartgun ran out of charge. To fix this, replace the power cell in your backpack.
2 - Your smartgun has jammed. To fix this, take the barrel out of your smartgun and rack the smartgun by using a unique-action on it, which can be done by default by pressing shift+f.

Fruits are plantable by healer or gardener drones:
Lesser healing fruit (heals 120 health over 12 seconds) - healer
Greater healing fruit (healths 120 instantly and provides a regeneration effect) - gardener
Unstable resin fruit (provides an overshield, which is extra health, on consumption) -gardener
Spore fruit (reduces ability cooldowns) - gardener
Alacrit fruit (gives a speed boost) - gardener
Cruor fruit (provides plasma instantly and provides a plasma generation effect) - gardener

If you wish to get these as a marine, you must find ones a drone has already planted. Clear the weeds under them, and pull them onto you to pick them up.

You must have a line of sight (including corners) within two tiles, and cick on their sprite. Otherwise, it will just make you jump forwards at him.

For IB to be healed, they must have no brute damage.

The rig can hold some types of ammunition, and also hold the roller bed, and defibrillator. The lifesaver belt cannot.

To repair a synthetic, first figure out what is damaged. To repair burns, use cable coil on the limb. To repair dents (brute damage), use a welding tool to mend it.

Then, once the damage is healed, simply use a defibrillator on the synthetic.

To load the OB, go to the lower fore of the ship (bottom deck, all the way west/to the left). Use the console next to the OB cannon (not the AA), and open the chamber. Proceed to get into the power loader by dragging your sprite onto it, and then click on the payload that needs to be loaded.

Go over to the chamber (that you opened via the console) and click it to load the payload inside. You will then need to load a corresponding amount of fuel for each payload. To see the randomized amout of fuel you’ll need for the payload, click the console and open the payload requirements tab. You will need to click on this fuel, and then move it into the chamber itself until you have a sufficient amount.

Next, once the proper amount of fuel has been loaded, get out of the powerloader and go back to the console. Proceed to load the OB. You will then need to chamber it and confirm it. Once it is chambered and confirmed, you can no longer get it out, however it is ready for CIC to fire it.

An individual with engineering skills must hack an ASRS computer console.

To hack a console, deconstruct it until the computer board is popped out. Proceed to use a multitool (security access tuner) on it. This will modify the restrictions. Then, re-insert the board and reconstruct the console.

The console will then have access to the black market itself. To get more black market funding, you will need to send down exclusive/unique/special items to receive a bigger budget.

First, infect or acquire an infected host.

Then, inject the infected host with a chemical which has the property of ciphering, other than level one.

To make formaldehyde, mix equal parts of phoron, methane, and oxygen in a silver beaker. Ensure oxygen is the last component added to the beaker, or it will convert the methane/phoron into another chemical.

To make paraformaldehyde, mix formaldehyde in equal parts with water. Then place this in one of the industrial freezers. Over time, it will slowly convert to paraformaldehyde.

Power modifies how strong an explosion is (how deadly/damaging).
Falloff works by hindering the explosion for each tile it spreads from the epicenter (making it weaker each tile it spreads).

CM-SS13 Rules

The following roles are required to follow Marine Law by the server rules. Breaking Marine Law may
result in jobbans or further consequences:
All Military Police roles

You may choose to ahelp this, or seek IC resolution by someone who outranks the MP (CMP, commander, or CO). Mentors cannot handle rule violations.

CM-SS13 Rules

Rule 4. No griefing
Griefing is the intent of one player wanting to cause grief or annoyance to other players or the server without a valid roleplay reason. If Staff believes that the player’s intent is to grief, then action will be taken whether or not it was the player’s intent.

If you believe this to be true, you may choose to ahelp. Mentors cannot handle violations of the rules.


The sniper’s spotter is a support role. To begin, open the kit and read the pamphlet. You’ll then be able to equip yourself with spare sniper attire contained in the kit, and its abilities. You’ll also be granted the ability to use the spotter binoculars. You can only read and use the kit if you are a PFC.

The spotter works by spotting and locating hostiles within the range of the sniper. Use the binoculars as intended, and select a hostile in range of your sniper buddy. This will halve the amount of time it takes for the sniper to use the Aimed Shot ability.

You must be adjacent to them and click on their sprite. Otherwise, you will leap and knock them down, providing a brief stun.

It is a timing move. The first time you use it, it gives you 80 shield giving you time to gather enemies into your line of sight within 3 tiles. The second time you use it, it will give you up to 400 shield depending on how many hostiles are nearby, and buff your other abilities if 3+ hostiles are within the line of sight and 3 tiles.


Begin by examining it.

If it is damaged, use a welding tool on it repeatedly until the flavor text changes saying it is undamaged. Ensure the tcomms APC is repaired and powered properly, as well.

Proceed to use a multitool on it to add your faction’s communication channels to it.

You can then click on it with an empty hand to flip the tcomms switch and turn it on for use.

Inject a monkey with a chemical that has level 2 ciphering, and any level of cross-metabolization.

I agree with RP that this isn’t a stepping stone towards any form of staff or whatever, however like I said previously, this would 100% give you credibility in the community. Still cannot say for sure any changes in your behavior, but being a mentor you should note that you are held to a higher responsibility level as a figurehead- a remodel even, for new and old players in the CM community. You are going to be held accountable with less leniency then as a normal player for your actions. If you avoid any trouble or falling back to any previous behaviors then you should be completely fine going forwards and probably never worry about issues with it again.

Anyways, like I stated in your moderator application, apply for mentor since you know your way around CM. You for sure can answer difficult questions that pertain to intricate fields of knowledge. Accept my +1.

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I have some concern with a past incident where it was revealed that you used external communications to chase down, stalk and harm several players. With mentors being able to follow and chase players among other tools, what is your guarantee that you will not abuse these teaching tools?


From these responses and from encountering your characters in-game, I am absolutely sure you know the ins and outs of CM and how to effectively communicate that to others. +1

I will give you the same answer I gave NuggetsOnToast;

If you have questions about recent conduct or concerns about it, I’m happy to answer. If you are going to pull things up from more than two years ago, then nothing I say is going to change your mind. If you have anything relevant to today, please ask.

That really does not give me any confidence in your abilities at all by saying “Nothing I say is going to matter so I won’t even try”. If you can’t even try to make a stage to tell the community about how you’ve changed for the better why should we trust you as a mentor? -1


The way you phrased it was out of proportion and it seemed like a spur to flame something in return. Do you know the full details of the situation which was over two years ago? Do you know what my intentions and my goals were at the time?

I feel you’re purposefully trying to net a negative response out of me here. I have already tried to explain what happened various times in the past, and as I said earlier in this topic, I don’t think it reflects me today after more than two years.

I will once again ask you, though, do you have questions about conduct within the last three, or even six, months?