Mentor Application - chrismmar

Mentor Application - chrismmar

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Chris ‘Skullface’ Mann

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

To teach new players, not much else you can do as a mentor.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

I know how to play every role, the only one I’m “weak” in is command roles like SO and XO due to it being to boring to play.

How often are to able to play CM?:


A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Anything else you’d like to add?:

I may not have the highest hours in certain roles, but I know how to play them all and decently well too.

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I have seen you personally in game trying to help people and I got to say you know your stuff without a doubt. The only thing I will say is that your reason for wanting to be a Mentor is sort of weak and generic with most applications that I have seen but that will not stop me from giving you a +1 you know how to teach people without a doubt I watched you the last couple of weeks before you applied brushing up on MP roles to make sure you where ready. This shows me that you really care about becoming a mentor.

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that’s fair, I honestly wasn’t sure what else to put in for my reason since thats all i really want to do. teaching privates is one of my favorite things to do as a marine

Just my two cents, I Dont see why you need more reason than you are interested in teaching other players.

+1 from me for now

Personally, I’d love to see more hours put into XO and SO, knowing how to run an operation effectively is extremely helpful when you put yourself anywhere near the chain of command, not to mention you will need to know if there’s a new SO or XO. While new command staff is more infrequent than green riflemen, getting them taught correctly will not only contribute to the Marines’ effectiveness but their enjoyment of the role as well.

I find it a bit sad you don’t like CIC roles, I understand the reason you do, it’s perfectly fine, some people just stick with combat roles. I can’t say much about Xeno given my low hours in that area, the only other areas I suggest getting more proficient in (just to be safe) are IO and the black magic that is OT.

I would like you to answer these questions in the from of Mhelps.

  • How do I set a key to pump my shotgun and how do I set a key to pick up my shotgun?

  • When I click on a vending machine or computer the window doesn’t pop up, or pops up blank. How do I fix that?

  • I keep moving in one direction without touching anything. How do I stop?

  • I’m a smartgunner right now. My gun stop firing all of a sudden how do I get it working?!?

  • What are all the resin fruits and how do I get them as a zeno?

  • I keep lunging as warrior, but I don’t grab the guy. Is it bugged?

  • I just Bicard ODed a guy and his IB isn’t healing. Was that removed?

  • What’s the difference between the lifesaver belt and the medical belt. It looks like the lifesaver one is just better.

  • Hey I just found the synth dead. How do I fix it?

  • I was told to load the OB and fire it. How do I actually do that? How can I send supplies down too?

  • How do I get blackmarket crates?

  • How do I make a xeno from a different hive than the normal one?

  • How do I make formaldehyde? It keeps turning into something else, I’m not really sure how I’m meant to make it into paraformaldehyde too.

  • I’m a smartgunner right now. Which ammo type should I use and what do both do?

  • How can I tell if CAS or an OB will be able to hit where I’m lazing?

  • How do I laze stuff for CAS and for mortars, OBs, and supply drops?

  • How do I get into the secure armories?

  • I have a recipe for a chem, but one of the chems I need to mix to make it isn’t on the wiki how do I get it?

  • I was just shot and killed by a guy. Can you do something?

  • I want to do a mutiny against the CO. Can I?

  • Can you send me a training dummy plz?

This last one is not a question to be anwsered in the form of ahelp but think of yourself playing as a SEA and you see a new player join CM for the first time. Walk us through how you would teach/gear them up and have them deployed in the order you would.

  1. You can change the keybinds under the preference menu above the chat, click on edit hotkeys, pumping your shotgun is considered a guns “unique action” so you would want to change that, it should be defaulted to space, same thing for picking up the shotgun, it should be called “pickup dropped items”

  2. You need to go to the OOC tab above your chat box, then click Fix interface, that should fix it, otherwise try closing and opening your game, worst comes to worst you may need to clear your cache.

  3. Sometimes imputs get stuck, just tap that direction again and it should stop

  4. If all your abilities should have turned off, then its your smartgun battery running out of power, you need to replace it. otherwise you might just be out of ammo. smartguns have a unique way of reloading them, first alt click them to raise the dust cover, then you can take the empty drum out, and reinsert another one, then alt click it again to close the dust cover.

  5. Resin fruits are grown by the gardener strain of the drone, you can change your strain as a xeno using the top left menu above chat clicking the “purchase strain” button. be careful, once you change, you cant go back. there are 5 types of fruit, the cyan one gives a small shield, the green one heals and increases healing, the purple one makes you fast, and the orange reduces your cooldowns and if left alone, emits weak pheromones, and the blue one regenerates plasma and boosts your plasma regen.
    healer strains can also make heal fruit, but its not anywhere near as good as the gardeners fruit.

  6. warrior lunge works different from lurkers and runners, you have to physically click the marine when its within 4 tiles of you in order to get a successful lunge, they also may be on stims, or you moved while to lunge.

  7. yes it was removed, alternatively, you were given the ability to fix IB with surgery using the surgery kit that you spawn with, if you ditched it, you can still do it with a knife and surgical lines, it just will take a lot longer that way, make sure you do it on a roller bed to save time.

  8. lifesaver has a lot more slots, but the medical belt can hold more things, like pistol ammo, your defib, surgical and graft lines etc. in terms of which one is better? that’s up to personal preference.

  9. you can repair them with a welder and wires, welder heals brute, wires heal burns, once they under the 200 damage threshold you can defib them.

  10. to load the OB, you need to go to the orbital cannon located at the front of the ship (west of hangar bottom floor), from there, you load a shell in by picking them up with a power loader, then check the computer to see how much fuel you need to load in, if you add too much or too little, it will go of course and can potentially cause catastrophic damage to the marines, no pressure. as for sending down supplies, you need to put a box on one of the 5 launch tubes located at the top of req, preferably the green one, then you need to input the coordinates into the computer and then press launch, make sure you confirm the coordinates with a marine planeside so you don’t accidentally send it to Narnia. the other 4 launch tubes have to be sent down by CIC, so make sure you communicate with command when trying to launch those.

  11. you need an MT to hack one of the ASRS computers, from there, you can send things down to get money for the black market items (note, the black market money and your standard money are separate things, one wont affect the other).

  12. you need egg plasma, and royal plasma, you can get royal plasma from queens, or making it using dark acidic blood (from a praetorian) and egg plasma, you also need clearence level 5X
    once you have all this, scan the royal plasma, relate it with another chem, and transfer the Ciphering trait, this will cost 10 points, different levels will give you different xenos, 2 gives greenos, 3 gives alpha, etc, from there, infect the monkey and inject it with the chem we made before the larva bursts. (my knowledge with research is kind of weak, I’m probably gonna grind it a lot like I did with MP till I know it a lot more)

  13. use a silver beaker, add methane and phoron, once you have those two, then add oxygen last. to make it into paraformaldehyde, put the beaker into the fridge with water, and close the door, it should slowly turn into paraformaldehyde.

  14. standard ammo is best for unarmored targets, shredder does more AP, but less damage, better for armored xenos.

  15. shift click the ground, if its out in the open then mortar and cas can hit it, if its underground OB can still hit, as long as its not to close to the hive core.

  16. cas uses the red laser, you have to use control middle mouse everything else uses the green laser, you can toggle between them with Alt clicking the binos, for cas, just stand still while lasing, make sure you tell the cas PO your lasing and what direction you want the cas run to go, for the rest, just read out the coordinates to the corresponding person. (command or CIC for OB, Jtac for mortar, req for supply drops)

  17. they will automatically unlock when the ship goes on red alert. you may need to call your department head over radio to manually open the shutters and unlock them if you desperately need the guns.

  18. depending on the chem you may not be able to make it, some chems like nutriment cant be made, only gotten by grinding down food. others you may need special help for, like getting pepper spray from MPs. can you tell me which chem it is so i can help you more?

  19. you would need to Ahelp that, give as much information as you can so they can help you as quickly as possible.

  20. you would have to Ahelp that, you also need at least 5 people, if you are mutinying because of hijack and they refuse to call evac, you don’t need to Ahelp but its still a good idea to do it before or after, HOWEVER, you still need to give them a peaceful option, don’t just run up and shoot them, use as little force as necessary to get that evac, don’t go overboard. would have to Ahelp that, admins are usually quick on spawning dummies.

as for how I would teach a new player, i would walk up to them, using LOOC i would first ask if they knew how to talk, and tell them how if not, then I would make sure they ate, once that’s done, if they are a marine, I would walk them through how to gear up properly, giving them tips on what to grab, but also telling them to try out whatever loadouts they think is best, I would then walk them to the guns section, and based on what type of ammo storage they grabbed, if it is a shotgun, I would walk them through how it works in detail since shotguns are harder to use on average than most guns, I would then teach them about attachments, recommending they start with a MH, and letting them experiment with the rest while giving tips. then I would walk them to the gun range, teach them how to shoot with 2 hands, watching lines of fire, the usefulness of sidearms, and proper firearm storage. once they know all that, i would tell em the basics of meds, (bica heals brute, kelo heals burns, tram is a painkiller etc.) once they know all this, I would walk them to the hangar. tell them their squads role, tell them to follow their SL, not wander alone, and listen to commands announcements. I would stick with them till Alamo cycles, answering any questions they still have.

If it was a nurse, I would bring them to the loadout room for doctors, recommend them some gear, then I would go to an out of the way location of med bay and walk them through each chem in their belt, as well as the trauma kits and splints, once they know all that, I would teach how to revive people while asking an admin to spawn me a DUMMY, once the dummy was spawned, I would damage it above the revive threshhold, and teach the nurse how to bring it below the threshold, the effectiveness of epi, etc. then, i would teach them surgery using the dummy, once they know all that, I would teach them how to make the common orders for chems, and how to use the machines effectively once they got all that, I would let them practice with the dummy to let them figure out anything I didn’t mention.

If its an MT, i would teach them the basics of cade making, construction and deconstruction, apc repairs, and vendor hacking, i would also reinforce the usefulness of autolathes, especially for getting metal for further constructions.

yeah, ill probably be playing a ton of research, and IO since those are my weakest points, I know OT well, just don’t like making chems for an entire round. so I don’t play it unless I got a buddy I can trust to not blow me up (at least not immediately)

The hours speak for themselves, honestly, as a wide variety of experience is also good- especially with your experience as a PO and so on.

Besides some rough spots here and there in the community, I firmly believe giving you a mentor spot would be far more beneficial than not, and that you’d be a welcome addition to the mentor team.

Sorry I just wanted to ask you this question How would you train a new corpsmen on chem line and the different chems they can ask for?

I would tell them to be modest with their orders, i would explain all the different types of chems, mb, kd, is, IA, NW, ATD, TB, etc but i would recomend they only choose 2-3 of the chems to bring planetside, as to not waste to much time and power for the doctors, however, once its later on in the operation and docs are bored with nothing to do, then they can be more greedy with how many chems they order

update on hours

I’ve been considering this application, but I’ve made a final decision a bit faster than I normally would based on your own words of doing something and stating “I regret nothing even if it effects my chance of getting mentor” if that’s your attitude to getting mentor I can only assume it will continue to be your attitude as a mentor. Denied.