Mentor Application - Peepeepeeter

Mentor Application - Peepeepeeter

Byond CKEY:

Discord ID:
Murphy’s Law#0077

Character Name(s):
Murphy ‘Murphs’ Major
Jimmy ‘Runner’ Platoon

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:
I like helping out new players, i’ve played many rounds as MT, CE, MP, or RFN where i sometimes would encounter new players. If they are willing to learn, then its fun teaching them and then seeing them RP getting scared by the big xenos or as an MT, teach the newbloods how to build and some dirty tricks like bolting or shocking doors.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:
I think i’m pretty good at command and engineering, but i dont know much about medical and playing xeno

How often are to able to play CM?:
2-4 hours per day

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet,

Anything else you’d like to add?:
I have 3-4 years of experience and i enjoy RP, but i might be abit of a goober with my history of notes and bans.


I have known you for a while now, you do have a history of notes and I see you LRPing every now and then. Though I am confident that you will have no problem being a mentor. I myself haven’t had any bad interactions with you and the “bad” things you do are generally not harmful to others. You just have to keep in mind that mentors are held to a higher standard than the rest of the community. Before making a decision though I want to ask a question.

You see a new guy as a SEA, you talk to them but they don’t talk to you, seemingly just moving in circles, what do you do?


First thing i would do is use LOOC to teach the guy how to speak in game, newbies running around randomly and not speaking is a sympthom of not knowing the game’s control and thus not knowing how to speak.

If he responds and he wants to learn, then i’d teach him. But if he doesnt respond or just start being rude, i’d not teach him, because i can’t really do much if the other party is unwilling :sweat_smile:

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I like people applying for mentor. It aligns with my philosophy of improving your standing on the server while doing great work. Murphy is a rock solid MT and constantly trying to improve. I can +1 this.

Solid hours and solid standing, I would love to see you as a mentor in the coming days. +1

First of all, you’re clearly well-seasoned player in terms of knowledge. However, you are generally LRP player and sometimes griefer, toxic especially when you’re playing MT.

I saw you today shoving and welding me, as a CMP, inside the lockers and shit-talking on LOOC for no reason. Therefore, I don’t think that you should be the first face toddlers have to experience on their round.
You should not act like this after applying for Mentor.

-1, I hope you’ll improve your roleplaying abilities.

Damn thats crazy, i dont think you should play CMP too if you dont know how to stun people and enforce marine law properly.

-1 to your provost app, i hope you you’ll improve your skills and understanding in enforcing marine law


I’m not gonna lie, despite Frost’s comment to your “standing” I was very much concerned about your behavior as a player. Now that someone has commented on it you immediately snapped back at them in an incredibly rude way, actually just proving their point. I’m probably gonna deny this, but I’m interested in your response.

Very childish.
I’ve seen you as XO many times but I don’t think that you are ready to join our team.

That’s a pretty toxic demeanor we’ve just been shown. In the future I hope you understand that this is both a public forum and application, where all people are encouraged to judge you by not just your knowledge of the game, but your behavior in and out of game as well.

In this regard… I wish you all the luck.

I’m new to mentor, as such I haven’t really dialed in what the metrics are across all meaningful considerations. But I will use one of my own here, and that is: Are you someone I think could be trusted to be left unsupervised with a small amount of authority to do what the mission dictated without fear of having to deal with the consequences of your actions later?

Right now I can’t say I feel that way about you just based on your reactions in the earlier mentioned incident, but mostly based on this thread.

I understand your impatience with Nessie and why you reacted in such a way. But if you failed to recognize how a correction could have been issued and followed through with someone who’s willing to listen and learn, how are you going to handle either issuing or receiving corrections with someone who may not be willing to do either? This by itself is a critical life skill.

You’ll have my support when you can demonstrate this. I’d suggest in your next application or reapplication to include examples of this growth and progress through logs where you show patience, compassion, and restraint when dealing with people struggling to learn, or taking corrections on their behavior.


Robotic, Kitsunemitsu, Mal, and Ethan have covered the recent event in question, so I wont touch too much on it, but rather other things. I have seen you loads of times in game, and I have to say most of what I have seen is you LRPing, PRs going back to the old CM forums about such behavior and what not. Not only that but I can see you talk about power gaming almost server rules to the point just to fuck with MPs by breaking IE sever rules so you can kill them or anyone for that matter under “self-defense”. While that context from what I can tell a few days ago was related to hostile survivors and such, to wanting to find ways to break sever rules just so one can have their way leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Please understand a few thing, IF you get mentor you and every post by you both past and any future post will be tagged under mentor, your gonna end up saying or doing something at some point based on this app, and the event that was already mentioned that will look not only you look bad but the rest of us all well. While I fully trust our overseer to handle those things as they come, if I feel it can be outright avoided then I will voice my 2 cents while I can. Right now with your current behavior and temper I really worry how you will be around new players join our server. You need to be VERY patient with them, and be tolerant of the mistakes they can and will make. Based how how you are with some community members this is my biggest concern.
-1 from me, prove me wrong and my vote can be changed, your not doomed forever.

I’m gonna withdraw this app, because: i still feel painfully stubborn about this whole situation, i want to rethink things, and also because i’ve had a streak of bad luck irl right after making that response.

I think this comes down to player expectations within the game. When i play i expect horrible shit could possibly happen to my character (Brigged as MT, get stunlocked and capped as marine, get robbed by a crowd of marines as MP, get perma’ed and mutilated as CLF by the marines, tortured by the UPP as XO, etc) and when it does happen, i prefer to settle the problem IC and even if it is unresolved, i just let it go, rather than bringing it OOC (Like PR and Ahelps), unless there is a big blatant rulebreak happening, and i’ve generally disliked it when people just start making loads of PRs rather than settling things IC because i feel they are taking things way too seriously for a 2D spaceman game and are bringing unneccesary drama into the community.

And yes i understand that my behaviour in the discord is abit wild sometimes, i promise to filter my mouth if i ever get mentor or CO. I’ll try and be more sensitive to people’s feelings and their playstyle.

Also i’d like to clear this up, unless i missed a few things, but i looked back on the old forums and i didnt find a single PR made agaisnt me except for one from 2020, for metagaming and maybe you can also count that one time i told the CO to promote my IC youtube channel in command announcement after killing the queen, wich the CO did and got the CO in question PRed.

I appreciate all the comments and criticism, i like it when people are completely truthful about what they think of me even if it maybe abit hurtful to hear.


Man well I don’t disagree with your point, its really low to say things like this in third person.

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Application is denied.

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