Mentor Application - SmellyHippie

Mentor Application - SmellyHippie

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:

255229159788380161 (dad_lips)

Character Name(s):

Mack Darin

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I definitely enjoy teaching new players who’ve just woken up, in fact this is without a doubt the most enjoyable thing about CMSS13 for me. My main reason for wanting to become a Mentor is so that I can have access to SEA(and overhead LOOC) so that I can focus on teaching someone, instead of teaching while also being expected to do another role.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

I’m incredibly strong in REQ.
I’m great at Surgery, and Chem.
As an ancient MP main I understand Marine Law and SOP’s.
As for engineering, I’m familiar with cadeline theory, and how to repair an APC and Comms quickly.
Despite my hours in OT and Research being miniscule, I feel as though I have a great grasp at both.
I’m fine in command (I always feel as though I have nothing to add annoucements wise when given the pad.)
My weakest human roles are definitely CAS and Direct control of the mortar. I certainly understand how they both work, but I’ve made mistakes.

As for Xenos, I’m familiar with every caste. Not much else to say besides my post reset hours being low.

How often are to able to play CM?:

at least a round every day, if not more. 7-21 hours a week.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet Human. Xeno.,

Anything else you’d like to add?:

I understand there will be apprehensiveness towards my lower playtimes, and to that I’ll say that I wouldn’t be wasting anyone’s time here if I thought I wasn’t ready to be a Mentor. That being said, I’m for sure going to be playing some more Queen, Research, and OT rounds within the coming days to brush up on my appliable knowledge.

Please hit me with your most esoteric mentorhelp questions, and if you want to see me playing any job, just let me know and I’m there.


Superb player and always very helpful. One of the great requisition mains. I can vouch for their knowledge of medical and engineering in general. I even got to see how they handle training a newbie right before they put up this application. An easy +1 for me.


Knowledgeable, friendly, and overall a great community member! super easy +1 from me!


Like the 2 good fellows before I too will give a strong +1 here.
Here is why, while playing SEA Mack has been one of the best RPers I have seen, shown he cares about learning many of the several departments we have and even before the few times I myself join mid-round as SEA is teaching a new PVT or CT when req is slow or while doing his job. I for one can vouch for his skill overall and his character.
Yes I would like to see you play a bit more OT, Queen, and Researcher as yourself have said you aim to do. But its something I know I will see you play and give us all a chance to watch your skill there as well. Again like any mentor app or questions you have feel free to DM me on Discord or DM me here, its a open door.
Best of luck and hope to see you on the team.


Mack Darin you magnificent bastard. If Copper +1’s you I can as well. I have seen you run requisitions like a master. Do the corps proud.

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While I cant vouch for too much since I don’t really play that often during the hours that Mack plays, I CAN vouch for some stuff.

Mack is fantastic when it comes to everything req and its always been a joy to play in req with them there also.
And basically every time I’ve seen you play req with a newer player there too I have seen you help them out a ton. You also dont cause much if any trouble ruleswise IIRC so that stuff would make you pretty well suited to be a mentor.

The only thing that I do find a bit lacking is combat medical experience. Basically the non shipside medbay stuff. So you would probably want to get a few more hours there. But since I love doing questions in any sort of application I’ll just give you a couple for this one.

  1. You recieve a mentorhelp by a player who says its their first round as medic. They dont know how to fix IB and are asking you for help, what info do you give them?
  2. Someone mentorhelps the following “For some reason I cant CPR this person even though they are on orange line. What am I doing wrong?” How do you try to help them out?
  3. You’re a SEA that got deployed to FOB to boost morale and teach the bald bravo engineers how to build proper cades. While you’re standing around a medic walks up to you dragging a marine and says “SEA help”. The dead marine is on green line but has 150 units of tramadol in their system and died to toxin damage. How do you help the medic?

You’re right, I’ll get some more HM rounds in!

as for your potential questions: I’ll treat them like I’m answering a mentorhelp directly, short answers as to not cause confusion.

  1. To treat IB you should use the tools in your “surgical case”. The order is Scalpel, Hemostat, Retractor, and finish with your Suture Line twice. Alternatively, you can use a Knife twice, and then your Suture Line twice.

  2. To CPR someone make sure you are on the help intent, and that your hand is empty.
    (in reality I would try to check to see if this person is trying to defib someone, in that case I’d tell them to remove the person’s armor first to defib.)

  3. Firstly, I’d tell them to give them dylovine to buy some time. Then I’d ask them if they have NW pills (nitrogen water) if not, I’d tell them have the groundside doctor use the portable dialisys on them. If that isn’t possible I’d advise them to put them in a cryo bag, and either load them on the Dropship or have them med-evac’d.

Thanks for the questions!


Those answers seem correct! (Although if you can’t CPR someone they might also just be wearing a mask :P)

Although I’d still advise you to get some more combat medicine experience in it seems that you’re knowledgeable enough.
Fat +1. I’d love to see you as a mentor.


Here are my updated playtimes:

Big thanks to Leroy Webb and Ace Kiefer for teaching me virtually everything about research in a small amount of time. As far as Research goes the only thing I don’t know about is beyond surface level seed genetics, and the more robust uses for the centrifuge.

As for HM, something new I learned for IB is that sometimes marines will also have shrapnel, which requires an extra knife use to start off.

For OT: I’ve just become faster really, I had already known a lot about it since I messed around with it as CE before I made my app. Although I did get to play with some Researcher OT Chems recently.

In addition, I got to see Straub teach some new MP’s how to arrest someone. It never dawned on me that some people don’t even know arrest procedure. The new MP literally took out his taser and started firing widly, in Straub’s Training Scenario.

Lastly, Queen. I can’t say that I’d be able to teach someone when to do what as a Queen, but I at least know what all the ablities do, how to track leaders, and how to set up hive status for quick healing.

Pretty pleased with your application I believe I’m satisfied with it at this time. I must say your MP note is a bit odd given your description as an ‘Ancient MP Main’, but it’s a few months back now. Accepted.