Mentor Code of Conduct and Protocols

Community Mentor Role Overview

Community Mentor is a volunteer position that anyone in the community may apply for. You may expect a mentor application to take a minimum 2 weeks. As a Community Mentor you are not held to the standards of moderators but are still held to a higher standard than other players. If you are banned your mentorship can be revoked, getting notes while applying for mentor may increase your chance of application failure, but EORG bans may be overlooked when considering notes. If you are removed from Mentor you may reapply in six months, and if your application for is denied you may reapply in one month.

NOTE: SEAs can only be played by in-game mentors and moderator+. You can apply for mentor by accessing this link Mentor Application.

Team Structure:

Mentor Overseer:

The person or persons in-charge of the Mentor Team: a staff member who decides the policy and rules regarding the Mentor team and the Senior Enlisted Advisor role.

Legacy Mentor/Mentor:

Mentors are players in SS13 Colonial Marine that aid new players by the means of Mentorhelps, Discord, and in-character training as SEA. Senior mentor is a title with no further authority. Legacy Mentor it is a rank once given to mentors from the previous Mentor System; this role can also change the color of their OOC chat name.

Code of Conduct:

Expectations of Mentors:

A minimum amount of effort is expected. You may not need to be spending as much time in-game as answering MHelps can be offset by other contributions to the community such as assisting players in Discord. If you need to leave for an extended time, contact the Mentor Overseer.


As a member of the Mentor Team you represent the server to our community. You are not staff and will never be expected to act anything more than casual. In the event another member of the Mentor Team breaks protocol or abuses their power take it directly to the Mentor Overseer. Do not file reports on other members of the team for breaking protocol, but if a Mentor breaks a server rule that would usually warrant a player report the report should still be filed.


Discord is mandatory for Mentors. Much of the information regarding CM will be circulating on the platform and is an essential tool for communication and the relaying of new guidelines and changes.

Mentors have the privilege of explaining the game in our Discord voice channel as long as they avoid metagaming.
For example: Telling a player in voice chat what the next surgery tool is, is ok. Whereas telling them to go to Lambda Labs because that is where the hive is, isn’t permitted even if this info could have been obtained by them normally. This right may be revoked.

Further Clarifications on Discord:
• If in doubt ask. You have other mentors and staff to ask if you can reveal something.
• It is ok to teach multiple people or to have others in the channel, extra care should be taken in such situations.
• If you have to reveal something that can help others do so in private.
• Other mentors can assist you in voice chat.
• Take extra care if others are in the round on the other side.
• There is a private mentor text channel. In this channel follow the general rules set and the rules in the topic of said channel. It is considered semi-formal but the rules still apply here.

Relation to Staff:

Relation to Staff In-Game:

Mentors are not staff members or an authority on the rules, and if you receive a Mentorhelp regarding an issue with the rules inform the player to Adminhelp. You may quote the rules and link the rules to players, but if a staff member instructs you not to do something or suggests avoiding some course of action out of concern with the rules listen to them.

Relation to Staff in Discord:

See the above section for guidelines with the exception that discord moderators are always a higher authority than normal moderators regardless of their in-game rank. The gameplay help channel is in-part moderated by the Mentor Team; what that means is that mentors can pin comments in the channel and delete messages. Do not use these permissions without good reason and do not abuse them for unrelated manners.

Senior Enlisted Advisor Guidelines:

The SEA’s Purpose

The SEA’s purpose is to be available for new players so that the SEA can directly coach and assist them. The SEA does this with a mix of IC and OOC methods, namely use of LOOC and Mhelps should they overlap. Otherwise, the SEA is meant to act as an enlisted adjutant to the Commanding Officer, to counsel enlisted personnel, and handle disciplinary matters that aren’t the concern of Marine Law.

Roleplay Standards:

SEAs are considered a high roleplay role and is held to a higher standard. When playing the role do not act in an LRP manner. SEAs are not above officers and normally should show respect to them. Furthermore, when handling new players do not act derogatorily; you’re here to assist new players and should be exceptionally patient when helping them.

Marine Law:

SEAs are expected to have a good knowledge of Marine Law, must follow Marine Law and may not commit any crimes. SEAs cannot be deputized to perform policing duties and only in emergencies with no MPs on the server should they detain a marine. Otherwise, SEAs are allowed to issue NJPs to marines if it complies with Marine Law. Furthermore, the SEA is not allowed to partake in mutinies, but they are allowed to protect the Captain or any CIC staff member in the event there is a mutiny.

Assisting Departments:

SEAs are allowed to train and monitor departments to varying degrees. They can do this by physically showing them how to perform an action or by using LOOC to link to the wiki and/or further explain things an SEA can’t do mechanically or for roleplay purposes. The SEA is allowed to perform the duties of a department if no other person can do them and it is round critical. You may not perform: Military Police duties, overwatch duty, research, and ordnance construction. You may: organize supply drops in Requisitions, perform transport piloting duties, or assisting medical with the basic treatment of wounded.


SEAs are allowed to deploy at their own discretion but are limited to the FOB’s boundaries. Your role groundside can be either to assist with morale or to teach engineers and medics; while on the ground you may provide medical assistance if no medic is in the FOB but you should never perform surgery groundside. SEAs cannot be ordered to deploy against their will. If the FOB becomes threatened or the SEA is needed on the ship you are to return immediately.

Skills and Equipment:

SEAs are allowed to carry a sidearm as well as a primary weapon of their choice, they are also allowed to use their personal fax machine at their own discretion. Rubber ammunition provided in the SeaTech vendor is only to be used in the ship’s firing ranges and may not to be distributed for use outside of the Almayer’s firing ranges.

The SEA’s skill set is close to a generation one synthetic, but they are to not abuse any of the skills the role would not realistically know. Examples: surgery, research, chemistry, and ordnance construction. However, in a situation where critical personnel are lacking, the SEA has the skills necessary to assist, and can do so without neglecting their duty to train new players they may help preserve the integrity and enjoyment of the round.

Usage of Imaginary Friend:

  • You should only use the Imaginary Friend ability to help players, not for playing, chatting, or messing with friends/players even should they request it.

  • You may use Imaginary Friend to assist players both on the ground and shipside.

  • You should use the appropriate faction appearance as imaginary friendnd. Human for humans and xenos for xenos.

  • If you’re using Imaginary Friend unprompted by the player in question, most likely scenario being that you see someone who needs help who hasn’t mentorhelped it, the first question you should be asking them is if they need help. If at any time a player asks you to stop or that they don’t need help you’re expected to immediately stop being their Imaginary Friend.

  • Imaginary Friend is a quasi-IC/OOC role. By this merit you may discuss OOC concepts related to assisting players but it’s preferred if you can keep it somewhat in-character as a memory, or hivemind knowledge for a xenomorph.

  • As an Imaginary Friend you shouldn’t provide any round specific info but instead try to guide players on how to obtain it themselves if they’re unaware. An example of this would be someone asking where the fighting is, Solaris Ridge being the example. Instead of saying “The fighting is at/usually at Filtration.” you should say “You can use your radio to ask your squad where fighting is at.” If from this point they’re trying to find directions to Filtration you can assist them in that regard by providing directions.
    Another example would be assisting a Medic; if you notice someone is in crit/dying hidden under a body you should not be pointing it out to them, should the Medic ask about it you may mention they may be hidden under a body/something else.

A version of this will be available on the wiki; however this document is to be the primary referral point regarding Community Mentor Guidelines.