Minor things you want to see changed.

Im a little surprised this kind of page does not exist already.

anyway ClF3 should at least be a OXS 10 and a FUL 6 in making burn chems. It i think a better oxidizer then oxygen however that works. The way to balance it make it way more dangerous to make. Make it to where if you don’t have the beaker full of pure fluorine it will melt and catch everything on fire.

Fire actually hurt xenos.


I would like the CO’s office to once again be positioned on the north hull above CIC so that they have a window to see into outer space from. What degenerate would make the CO’s office a box, robbing them from staring out into the vast emptiness beyond, cold, alone… the dark and dead clasping tightness- oh god

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I would love to see the old uniform/armor lock removed ( if you wear things like a CT uniform you can’t put any of the M3 armor on :skull::skull:)


I would like to see more chem equipment in science. We only have two dispensers and that is not enough some times. Especially if the cmo or a syth is in there. Also od levels for the research chems should not drop below a 15u or at least be able to be changed.

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I would like infinite Xeno spawns on the hijack scenarios to politely yet firmly leave.


Really it makes sense from a security standpoint, as rooms against the hull are most prone to depressurization, especially with portholes.

Plus, who wants those sneaky frogmen peering through the window!

Just add space like in that spessman game we removed all cool things from and then gave everyone guns. Tators MTs getting chased through space by shitsec MPs after breaking into the caps office COs office and stealing the hand tele and the laser gun jones would be cool.

Being able to not fear warriors when you see them cause you know if he lands it its over.

Fire no longer being able to be pat out

Sadar actually being able to inflick damage on ravangers. And longer stun for ravangers.

Bring back warrior boxer strain

CL actually being able to change the round flow. (more objects in the briefcase plez)

More admins doin faxes! (give some love to CC and CL!)

Mess tech being useful!

Thats all.


Xenos really do need to stop being able to do that. If marines can’t get rid of the acid goop they use to burn through cades and walls, there’s no reason the Xenos should be able to with fire.

While we’re at it, have fire hurt all xenos. Please and thank you.


CMP’s office has a window into space. Many a monologue has been said. I approve :+1:

The window was placed there by MTs. So the CMP would die first (if in his room) when the brig is hit :smiling_imp:

Drink your hateraid man, hull glass can’t be broken

Let prisoners buy ciggies and snacks again.

Also move the locker from perma window.


Let marines export squad vendor loadouts and save them locally on their client so I can just click a numbered list for the loadout I feel like so I have more time to break windows and throw things at people shipshide before we deploy.

Like on TGMC? On TGMC, that is needed because everyone throws himself at the benos with two shotguns and respawns within two minutes, here it is not.

Same deal here, but the difference is the meta is to rush drop, ergo less time for shipstuff before we’re locked for 2 hours groundside unless we need the medical roombas to fix an RNG booboo.

Don’t forsake decent QoL stuff because the polished weeb version CM does it.

Autopsies on perma corpses contributing to tech points would be cool, give medical something to do when there is downtime and help get people more proficient at surgeries. Also give marines tech points if IOS die.


That is a great idea. Good thinking.

Even better have a depository that goes to cargo like the OT workshop in the morgue. Encourage stripping of bodies for supples and maybe even add a mortician option for doctor to focus on that role. Also make it so CL can submit a form for deceased colonists to get more tech point when recovering a Weyland Yutani employee’s ID.