Minor things you want to see changed.

Straight fax, I would love to see the marines actually stay on and repair the ship if they deal with the alien threat, highly unlikely, but cool all the same.

I wouldn’t mind seeing xeno autopsies, like an extra tech point or something from doing an autopsy on each type of xeno with some cool non-cannon lore stuff about the organs or whatever

Staff Officers actually having useful equipment to begin with.

You have engineering skill and medic skill, you can revive people; but you have to spend 20 minutes trying to find medical gear and tools, let alone anything that might be useful for self defence.

For Gods’ sake you don’t even spawn with actual boots or a knife. It’s like someone uniquely hated Staff Officers and tried to make playing them suck as much as possible.

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There is a vendor you know… in the Officers Quarters. For SO’s, to get their gear. Right next to where you spawn at the start of a round.

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Whatever in the seven hells makes this happen.

As an example: after going to the officer rooms, and grabbing boots with a knife (which you should frankly spawn with), and a lifesaver belt, I then have to find 2 brute packs, 3 burn packs, 2 dexalin injectors, a health scanner, a medical hud, a defib, 3 splints, and finally 2 MRE’s - just to have the basics of medical stuff covered.

Then I have to go and find a toolbelt and welding goggles.
Oh and I can’t get any attachments for my pistol unless I hit up req additionally.

Since you don’t start with any of these things, you have to find them, and that means sometimes someone else grabs the one you were thinking about first.

So you can end up spending the entire first 20-30 minutes of the round literally just walking around trying to find the necessary gear to not completely waste all of your skills as a staff officer. To put this in perspective I can be ready as just about any other job in less than 5 minutes.

It’s nice that SO’s have vendors, but they’re entirely an afterthought, lack most of the gear you want to use, and have none of their own special gear. If you want to be competent and prepared you have to give up on any pre-deployment RP just to get ready.

The job is just not in a good place when it comes to gearing up.

SO’s primary Job is Overwatch in CIC. Everything else is secondary.

As Duke says. You’re not expected to be a medic and a technician. You’re an Officer, you’re meant to have normal shoes logically at the start on code green. The vendor gives you 1 MRE, why do you need 2? What the hell are you preparing for, a drop? You’re an SO, not an SL. Your job is to be in CIC and sitting on your ass, possibly checking and loading the OB.

Gyro shotgun gyro shotgun pfc++ SO complaining about not starting with a full engi++ and medic++ kit? Just allow SOs to grab a spec-like kit with special weapons, in the direction of the admin-spawn only minigun, the chimp pistol, the 4000 damage per hit katana, or a drum-fed buckshot machineshotgun with 5000 RPM.

make changing belt mode alt+click makes life so easy

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Welding goggles in helmets/hats should be able to flip down and protect vision, similarly as NVG’s can be flipped down to provide night vision

alt click on movable/rotatable objects should rotate them the same as it does for marine constructed barricades

It sounds like you just don’t think SO’s should have these skills to begin with.

If they have these skills, they should also have the tools to make use of the skills. Staff Officers can, and do, do a lot more than just sit in CIC sipping coffee playing observer+

For example, if you wish to send an SO down to the surface to help out - getting the basic functional gear to perform the same as an SL (who also has most of the same medic/engineering skills) will still take 20 minutes. The equipment available to SO’s is not designed in mind with their skillset and this is the problem I’m saying should be addressed.

It would not take very much to simply add tools, welding goggles, and medical gear to the SO vendor, nor would it take much to alternatively remove their additional skills because they “are supposed to be overwatch” and not do anything else.

It sounds and looks like they are in a half-way space where it can’t be decided if they should have these skills or not. Right now they have them but it’s completely overlooked and not embraced as a core part of the job.

So basically:

  1. We should embrace the fact they have these skills an enable gearing up as an SO to be a quickly done thing
  2. We should decide SO’s shouldn’t have these skills and remove them

I don’t think the job should be in this place where they have the skills BUT you’re forced to go on an easter egg hunt for all the stuff to make use of your skills.

This was intended to be a ‘quick fix’ suggestion because I did not honestly expect anyone to have a problem with SO’s having proper gear to fit their skillset lol

tbh other lieutenants also lack skills. “Every marine is a rifleman”, yet docs and the like lack even 1 point of weapon skills - what exactly differentiates pencil-pushing desk jockeys from the hard working medical personnel? Want to get a full toolbelt? Take a 2 minute step into maints where the MTs will have busted a dozen barrels with a full toolbelt. A medhud? Ask the nearest doc or researcher/threaten them. Boots and knife? Ask a PVT or PFC you see in the corridor - most will pass those over then go fetch themselves a replacement. On the note of pencil jockeys - why can yall do fireman carries when the average rifleman carries more in armor and weaponry on the regular than you donut eating bastards? It feels like the ability pyramid is inverted on the physicality level.

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To answer why thye cannot do firearm carry. The answer is because riflemen need to have there guns. But other people don’t. I do still find it weird that the mess tech gets a gun but the ot’s do not. They don’t even have one in the red alert cabinet.

What your saying is that Squad Leader doesn’t need a weapon? But a Rifleman does.

Makes zero sense. Every marine should be able to do a fireman carry.

Are you Blake Thompson?

Squad leaders are allowed to carry weapons. I thought you where talking about things like cmo or wardens.

Also a squad leader is a sergeant but the point still stands.

Make SO helmets look more like they’re used for communication like their hats do

Let people add their medical/whatever HUDs to their helmet/hat in case they don’t want it to cover their eyes but still want to use it

Or maybe just so a slot can be freed up so you can wear a HUD in the hat AND sunglasses on eyes AND smoke