Moonshanks - Commanding Officer Application

Moonshanks - Commanding Officer Application

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord ID?

What is your timezone in UTC?

Player Name You Use Most?
Mateo ‘Buckwild’ Martinez, Victor ‘Iron’ Mallard, Zabin Luar’ke

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:
Accepted Moonshanks - Yautja Application - Zabin Luar’ke

I haven’t provided my moderator application as it is over a year old, though I can on request.

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?

If so, why?

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?
I have a total around 50 hours in command roles.

19.3 hours in SO
32.5 hours in XO

Hours in XO:

Hours in SL:

Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?
Mateo ‘Buckwild’ Martinez worked extensively within auxiliary support departments. Specifically they worked for USCM intelligence as a field officer (IO) from 1st to 2nd LT.

During this time they were assigned a team in order to perform operations in the field, typically in information gathering but sometimes in strike missions behind enemy lines.

Mateo and their team were part of a strike team during the Canton Operation to eliminate AA defenses around key space-ports prior to the rival of the main USCM fleet. Though their team had heavy casualties, and they lost both dropships they came in on (needing to be extracted) they were successful for their mission, a feat that Mateo was awarded the rank of Captain for, and a mentorship under a major on an escort ship the USS Halsey, assigned to anti guerrilla operations in the Neroid Sector. Eventually after proving themselves in hit and run tactics Mateo was promoted to Major and put in charge of a retrofitted cargo vessel the USS Damocles.

The USS Damocles was designed to appear outwardly as a normal cargo vessel on all scanners, it’s primary mission was protecting haulage vessels against piracy both in and out of port. The reason for the USS Damocles’ concealment was one of psychological warfare. The thinking in the USCM at the time was that because the USCM didn’t have the fleet power to protect or patrol all cargo lanes, instead it could convince pirates that any cargo vessel could be armed. The USS Damocles was not a ship fit for conventional warfare, it was both under-armored and undergunned, however, as a vessel to perform stealth takedowns on pirate ships it was more than adequate, and its deployment in the Neroid Sector lowered piracy significantly.

The USS Damocles was finally damaged beyond the point of being worth repairing when it came into conflict with an unidentified pirate vessel, along with the TWE ship the HMS Beowulf, a much bigger warship in its own right that was unable to properly engage the pirates at the time due to sabotage onboard the vessel.

During this fight Mateo sustained injuries resulting in them being fitted with a prosthetic left arm. It was after the loss of the Damocles, and the subsequent loss of the Almayer’s CO during Operation Tychon Tackle that Mateo was assigned to the Almayer. They were picked to be the CO of the Almayer due to their experience in anti-piracy and guerrilla warfare, as well as their battle experience in the Neroid Sector. However, doubts have risen amongst the upper brass about Mateo’s ability to lead a vessel as big as the Almayer, since both the USS Halsey, and USS Damocles had significantly smaller crews.

How did your character attain the position of CO?
Mateo obtained the rank of CO through dedicated and specified work in informational warfare, and guerilla fighting/deep operations.

While they weren’t picked initially for a commanding role due to their tendency to fly off the handle (hence the nickname buckwild), they proved themselves useful in the new age of warfare that the USCM found themselves in.

Assigning Mateo to the Almayer is a gable by HC but the hope is that their experience in dealing with asymmetric warfare, as well as their extensive knowledge of the Neroid Sector, will assist Mateo in wiping out any CLF threat that arises once more.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?
Pardons are a useful but rarely utilized tool in a COs arsenal. I do not intend to change this.

A pardon should only be used if the following conditions are met:

  • I am confident the person/s will not commit another crime for the duration of the operation. I cannot pardon someone twice and I can be held liable for crimes they commit after they are pardoned. As far as I am concerned, the Commander (meaning the person commanding the ship) is the most important person in maintaining a smooth operation (second only to the synth in certain situations). There is no personnel that are worth being arrested over releasing.

  • The person/s who have been arrested have been arrested lawfully and for due cause. If there is anything fishy about their arrest I will fax HC and or ticket it. There is no reason to pardon someone who shouldn’t have been arrested as that is both an OOC and IC issue.

  • The person/s who have been arrested have not been LRP in the current round. Linking back to the first condition, there is no reason for a CO to pardon someone who will get them arrested. If someone is behaving weirdly, acting insane, or otherwise being LRP it does not matter who they are, I would not pardon them.

  • The person/s who have been arrested are key to the operation, such as being the only doctor, the XO, a key combat operative (they’d have to be the ONLY SL with inactive aSLs or the ONLY specialist who’d picked a really key role, but even then I’m unlikely to pardon combat roles).

  • The person/s who have been arrested committed the crime out of necessity or for the betterment of the mission. Crimes which are committed for: revenge, out of malice, fun, or otherwise don’t serve a purpose which assists the mission are not worth pardoning someone for, and are an indicator that they will commit another crime. An example of this could be the ONLY researcher who is on the breakthrough of greenos but didn’t ask for permission for creating them and was subsequently arrested. Or an XO who gave an illegal suicide order for a marine to laz/target a key position and was arrested for the order being carried out (NoD, Manslaughter)

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.

I would not use a pardon if:

  • The person committed a violent crime for fun, like assault

  • The person was being LRP in game and using netspeak or RPing being insane

  • The person was a replaceable role such as a medic, an SL, a specialist, an SO, e.c.t.

  • The person had been unlawfully arrested (fax HC and ahelp instead of pardon)

  • The person had committed crimes on more than one occasion.

Examples for when I would have been given above.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?
Battlefield executions are only to be used:

  • When your life or others lives in your immediate vicinity are in immediate danger. An example of this would be if a marine was aiming a gun at another marine and had shouted a threat or had fired a shot.

  • When someone is inhibiting your operations/harassing you after being warned. An example of this could be a CL repeatedly pulling you out of the command bubble and shoving you for refusing to sign a document, once they had been warned to stop assaulting you and let you continue your announcements (with the threat of BE apparent such as drawing your sidearm, or saying you will execute them), they would be BE’d if they refused to stop.

  • Someone is attempting to overthrow you or the command structure. A prime example of this would be an SL returning to the ship to enact revenge on CIC.

  • Someone destroying key areas of the ship such as planting explosives on key consoles (like the navigations console if it’s in the round :wink: )

Though I believe this question is best answered by an explanation and some more detailed examples.

As for an explanation of when I believe it is appropriate to BE someone.

A BE is appropriate when the threat presented is either too fast, or too dangerous for normal reactions such as stunning, arresting, or de-escalating. If there has been every attempt to resolve a slower situation without a BE and this has failed to resolve it then a BE is also appropriate.

With this in mind a BE is never really appropriate when other options present itself, such as a nearby MP, an MP who can respond in time, marines nearby who are assisting in detaining, or if the threat can be dealt with non lethally (it might be wise to carry pepper spray as a CO).

With recent updates (not reflected on the wiki yet) you may now also BE if someone is LRP. Though I would prefer to ahelp the situation unless someone is repeatedly interrupting CIC or a briefing with egregious netspeak, or is acting sexually weird towards my CO (I’ve had this happen as synth :frowning: )

Though the above answer has been given at least 100 times and is pretty textbook, so below In the question below I will set up a unique scenario not listed where I think it is appropriate to give a BE.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.
As mentioned earlier BEs are least appropriate where:

  • alternative non-lethal methods such as a pepper spray

  • MPs are present in any capacity (so long as they are not the threat themselves or ignoring orders)

  • I have not given adequate warning for a BE - for a non lethal threat/non-immediate threat.

Here is a situation where I would hand out a BE.

A marine has signed a contract with the CL without permission and is refusing to deploy. I have warned them that doing so would be desertion and that I have dispatched the MPs. The MPs are unable to capture the MP and one is put in critical by the marine shooting them down. If there is a low number of MPs and my post permits it, I would briefly search for the dangerous individual and authorise lethal force on them. If I were to arrive at the scene without MPs I would BE the individual due to their violent nature, the threat they posed to the MPs and their undermining of the command structure of the ship. I would not BE them if MPs arrived first, or arrested them, but I may use a weapon to lethally take them down for revival, should I be unable to non-lethally do so.

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See attached related to the story but didn’t fit nicely in the google doc.

A negative print taken from the black box of the Damocles, of the fleet movements leading up to, and involving, the attack on the Blue Kovak

Edits were due to issues with the google docs. Turns out publishing it just removes the cool background image which is frustrating.

Er, just one thing.

I would not use a pardon if:
The person committed a violent crime for fun, like assault
The person was being LRP in game and using netspeak or RPing being insane
The person was a replaceable role such as a medic, an SL, a specialist, an SO, e.c.t.
The person had been unlawfully arrested (fax HC and ahelp instead of pardon)
The person had committed crimes on more than one occasion.

Spec, Medic, SO, etc…? Those are not replaceable roles. They are vital to operations!

Other than that, +1

I havent seen much of Mateo, ingame as a groundside marine or command. The only memorable moment of Mateo i had was yesterday, when he self-reported himself to the MPs and brigged himself. Cause he accidentally gave an order that conflicted with Nasoki Chen’s orders, wich might’ve caused more problem since Chen then has to go up, but idk what was going on in command’s comms. So i wont make a vote yet.

But i just wanna say that the story was really good and i enjoyed reading it. It’s probably the best CO story i’ve read yet, alot of love was clearly put into it. Its not just a generic, random unnamed CO dies, leaving the protagonist in charge- type of story :smile:

Thank you!

The point I was attempting to get across is these roles can or cannot be vital depending on the numbers. Either way as a personal choice there would have to be a very specific reason for me to pardon a specialist. The worst outcome is the CO being arrested for pardoning a spec.

Thanks the story must have taken me around… 8-16 hours of various bits of work, I really enjoyed writing it.

As for the command mixup yesterday. Morrow (Rickard Boar) issued a hold order on the ground via command comms which I missed due to an MP in CIC talking to me about a forecons ID.

I then issued the order to retreat due to the force being surrounded on all sides. The order conflicted leading to a half retreat.

The CO at the time (though I was only aware of this afterwards) was waiting for us to get a HE OB so that he could use it to cover their retreat.

I recinded the order in the next avalible announcement and on comms as I had realised my mistake.

By that point I’d already technically comitted Major Insub, which the CO ordered my arrest for, so when the MPs came to pick me up I walked to the brig without resisting or a need for cuffs.

Morrow and I had a laugh about it after the round but yeah, just unfortunate timing.

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When I play XO, and I am asked to do an appeal, I always take into consideration if the role is going to be vital or not. Especially during lowpop when engineers and medics are vital. MPs can sometimes arrest for minor crimes and make a big deal about it!

as a bit of advice (from my CMP hours and from dealing with ML as staff) Appeals should only be handed out where someone has been wrongfully arrested.

You could be arrested by the MP for messing up an appeal/appealing on unlawful grounds such as:

  • They are worthwhile to the operation (pardon not appeal)
  • The MP arresting them broke arrest procedure in a way that wasn’t entrapment (in that situation the persons appeal is still denied but the MP is charged with the crime fitting their procedure break)
  • You do not agree with the MPs enforcement of the minor crime (it is a crime to appeal on the grounds that “they shouldn’t be arrested for this” if they have comitted a crime).

Appeal ML is a minefield of fuckups just waiting to happen, the ONLY time an officer can appeal a sentance to remove charges is when the accused is not guilty of the charges placed upon them.

And even then, you have to appeal it charge by charge, so if someone is not guilty of assault but is guilty of tresspassing. They still have to serve the time for tresspassing after you’ve appealed the assault.

Yea, its a whole mess!

Aight, lets hit the pros first.

You most certainly couldn’t call this application low effort. While I’ve definitely got some issues with punctuation, capitalization, and grammar stuff, its dwarfed by the sheer volume of quality writing you’ve brought to us. While I personally would’ve preferred you write 10 pages and put twice as much effort into each one, but you have a good sense of your character and how to convey it, a unique structural idea, and I admit I’m a sucker for stuff that just plain looks cool.

Your responses to the pardon questions, while I personally disagree with some of your reasons on a character motivation level, they aren’t wrong, and are at least internally coherent. They’ll probably start a riot at some point, but they ain’t wrong.

BE answers are solid, and remind me of my own way back when. And, especially for the newest COs, I tend to advise being conservative with the Mateba until you get a feel for how it is to be used.

ML questions that were asked you seem to have no trouble answering, that inspires confidence in me. All looks good and it seems like you could handle yourself well with edge cases.

Point is, you app is solid on its own, and while you prolly should’ve run your app and your story through spellcheck first (gamble, and promotions are the wrong way around), lord knows we all make a slip here and there, just try to double check command announcements and we’ll be alright.

Okay, time to talk cons.

Honestly, it’s really just gonna come down to hours. Firstly, the fact that you don’t see SL as a command role is concerning to me, and shows a misunderstanding of what that job is about, perhaps unsurprising given the low playtime.

Your XO and SO time is a little better, and while all of these are above the bare minimum, it ain’t by a whole lot. And add on to the fact that I have literally never heard of the character you wish to make a CO before this app. I’ve seen Victor (Viktor?) maybe a half dozen times as an unga dunga, but not in a serious command role, and even if I had, you aren’t applying with that character.

I know we made the choice to give it to Andy despite his low hours, and I fear that may have set a difficult precedent to navigate. If it were up to me, we’d pump up the hour reqs significantly, but it ain’t up to me, so I’ll keep this here. The reason he got it, is because despite his low hours he was exceedingly competent and formed very solid relationships with COs before and during his application period.

I’m not gonna post a negative vote on poor hours alone, nor a positive vote on good app alone, so let me simply say, if you want CO, you need to be absolutely grinding out XO and SL right now. Get your name out there as much as you possibly can, cause while we know you as staff, we don’t know you as just a player.

Thanks for the feedback, I have enough experience in command that I feel competent with it. Perhaps a solution is for you to pass judgement on my skill after we play a round or two together in command roles?

As for the spelling and grammar, I am dyslexic and dyspraxic, so I made sure to put my story through two separate word processors to try and catch errors but they aren’t perfect.

I believe the errors are minor but minor errors in spelling and grammar aren’t something I will ever get rid of, put simply, I just won’t see them, so if a word processor doesn’t pick them up, then I don’t tend to either. My trick is to put it through TTS machines but they struggle with homophones and cause other issues. I think I’ve proved my understanding of English is detailed and broad, I had a higher education qualification in English literature. But sadly spelling mistakes are always going to be part of who I am in online spaces:

If there are errors in my grammar in characters speaking (which I 100% know that there are in that story) I’ll flip the question on it’s head and ask. Do you think that’s intentional?

I like to make my characters speak with poor grammar to appear more realistic and natural. As for poor grammar in other places, perhaps I could’ve spotted it before uploading but I did check for issues at least three different ways.

I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for ya in game, what timezone and hours are you most likely to be XO on? If I see you up then I’ll try to grab SO or CO (I’ll take a backseat) so I can watch you work.

For the spelling stuff, ehh I wouldn’t sweat it too too much. So long as what you are saying is clear and your orders are understood it’ll be fine.

As for the intent, when in dialogue its absolutely fine, and I personally find slang or intentional misspelling to add a great deal to characterization, especially in a game like ours.

Take a look at page four of your story though. I really dig the line where you say “Shit hoss…”, definitely sells the sound of your voice. But I have a hard time believing the apostrophe instead of a period at the end of the line is intentional. As for the underuse of commas or the apostrophe in aces… ehhh? Maybe it is to show an odd emphasis or speaking quickly, but I don’t know how much I buy that.

At this point I’m mostly just nitpicking, as I said, you shouldn’t sweat it too much. But if you don’t get it this time and re-apply later, feel free to send this my way and I’ll be more than happy to take a look! Text editing is something I have a lot of experience with and I’m always happy to help, especially for CO applicants.

You might know that i am not really active on CM anymore so i can’t really speak to any recent rounds with Mateo as XO. However i feel that i should still give a few thoughts on the app.

The app itself is fine, i have a few nitpicks here and there (such as the fact that 2nd LT is a lower rank than 1st LT) but the story shows effort put into it and the answers on pardons and BEs have no glaring mistakes imo. Anything negative i could say will easily be learned in time as CO.

As i mentioned i can’t really speak to Moonshanks ability as XO as my time in CIC with him was limited and i mostly know his MP/CMP character Victor Mallard. However during the few rounds we did share the CIC he performed well as both SO and XO. What i would like to point out as a huge bonus (and the reason i came here to offer my thoughs) is the RP aspect of the role. I know for a fact that Moonshanks puts a lot of effort into events he runs on CM and these events from my experience are about as close to HRP as CM can reasonably get. They are fun, they are though out and make sense and they are believable in terms of CM marine roleplay.

This combined with his actions as a player during normal gameplay and/or events, in my opinion, shows a great potential for some very good CO roleplay.

Overall i would sum up my thoughts as “little to loose, a lot to gain” when it comes to this application. Even tho we didn’t OOCly seen eye to eye, my OOC reservations aside, i think what’s there deserves a +1.

(such as the fact that 2nd LT is a lower rank than 1st LT)

NOOOOOOOOOO I wish I hadn’t made that silly mistake…

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Got my rounds with you under the belt and very much liked what I say. Ya got a character quirk that’s identifiable, but not impossible to pull off consistently, and I never had any complaints with believability in round. You did a good job of expressing character and maintaining clear leadership and communication. Keep grinding those hours and playin XO even when no-one is there to watch ya, and you’ll be right as rain. Solid +1 in my book.

Thanks for the support! :heart:

I had several rounds with Moonshanks, great RP and knowledge of command, knowing ML is also a bonus. +1 from me.

Their rep sank due to them doing their job as staff but I’ve seen them trying to turn it around. They’ve put in the effort and are competent

Thanks for the kind message :slight_smile: